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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by fredcatcheur View Post
Just finished watching vol 33.

Wasn't too impressed with the first hour, hour & 1/2 of the show. The new girls didn't make much of an impression on me (that said, Athena does have presence & attitude, contrary to her partner), and up until DelRey/Nevaeh, the action wasn't really memorable (Serena/Skater had potential, but was way too short at barely 7 minutes, and wasn't that great if you're neither a Skater or a Deeb mark).

I liked the Lebell Lock finish of SDR/Nevaeh (but then again, barely 5 minutes is unsufficient), Matthews/McKay II was very good, Daizee/Kurihara II was solid, Nakagawa/Hamada was great (but ultimately, it was nothing more than another special attraction match)... and the title match was once again somehow disappointing, as far as i'm concerned. Just like Shirley Crabtree, I really can't seem to really be invested in Eagles matches - even with CheerMel looking mighty fine. But at no point did I felt that Melissa could win the match and dethrone Eagles on her first title defense. Also, Eagles' finisher seems kinda weak.

So, all in all, would I recommand watching this volume ? Sure. Buying it ? Not so sure. Eleven matches (+ interviews & backstage segments) on a 176 min card still seems way too much, especially when most older volumes had 7-9 matches, tops, and globally much stronger cards.

(And the more I watch recent Shimmer volumes, the more I miss Jetta & the IHWC's mid-card comedy.)

I miss the Homewreckers too. And I actually agree with you quite a bit about this volume.

I like Athena, and a bunch of people in the matches before Del Rey's, but none of them were that great. Decent, but I wasn't too engaged.

I kinda liked the SDR match, Daizee's match was fun, Hamada's match was fantastic, and the title match was MsChif/Stock disappointing. Quite frankly, it seems like anytime you have a match after Hamada, it's bound to disappoint, whoever you are.

However, the match of the volume for me was Matthews vs McKay. It wasn't the most technically sound match (though it was good on that end too), but it was the most engaging to me. Much like their Vol 30 match, which I was able to watch recently, it was brutal and action packed. McKay is a great face in peril, and I'm not surprised she's moving up the card.

But honestly, I've been more impressed by Matthews. Similar to Cat Power earlier this year, she's had a string of pretty dang good matches, and she's getting better and better. However, the thing that makes me such a fan of her is that she's not only a good wrestler.

She's a great worker, something that SHIMMER has been losing since the Homewreckers left the promotion.

Marking for: Asuka
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

I don't mind short, sharp matches (in wrestling in general) as long as they're done well. Seven to ten minutes of crisp action can often be more entertaining than a long-winded slog.

There are, probably, too many matches on the average SHIMMER DVD though. I'm not sure whether the Volumes are deliberately designed to be dipped in and out of, rather than to be watched from start to finish.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Thing is, i've got no problems with short 5/7 min matches, as long as they give me some reason to get really involved. Whether they're only part of a feud, building up to something bigger later, or they're going at a frantic pace due to storyline reasons (a grudge match, a squash), or to make some room on the card for a longer main event, i'm okay with it.

But when it's a one-off match, without any build-up or follow-up, or any kind of great/memorable action, it invariably leaves me unsatisfied. And with its 11-12 matches per dvd, Shimmer has had quite a lot of those, on recent volumes.

Now, I don't really know why Prazak went from 8-9 matches per card to 11-12. Probably to help all the sparkle girls get some ring time and exposure, and give matches to all the puro wrestlers. Which is good in theory, but kinda weighs down the show in practice.

And I feel the company is in a state of flux : on one hand, they're trying to build up the next generation of Shimmer wrestlers, on the other, they're still trying to fit as much Shimmer veterans (Melissa, Kong, SDR, Danger, Ariel, Nikki, Mercedes, MsChif) on the card as possible, and on top of that, there's the puro girls, and the occasional returning wrestler (Serena, Sarah Stock). It makes for a very crowded roster, and kinda lacks direction. But hopefully it'll get better.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Diva Dirt's Christmas Women of Wrestling Podcast is up here. It features SHIMMERers Allison Danger and Kellie Skater.

The guys who do this podcast know their shit but have a tendency to talk about LayCool too much (I guess that's what pays the bills).

Danger has her own podcast on and I know the Women of Wrestling podcast had a decent interview with Dave Prazak a while back, if you look around the site.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Shimmer Volume 33

Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James vs Athena and Bonesaw **

-Decent opener, I actually quite enjoy the team of Rachel and Jessica. It was the first time I saw their opponents Bonesaw and Athena in action, they seem to be fairly good competitors for the little time I was able to see them in the ring. I possibly see Jessica and Rachel challenging for the tag titles in future shows.

Cat Power vs Jamilia Craft ***

-Once again a great match put on by my girl Cat Power, and Jamilia Craft is awesome as well. This was a short match but was very solid and I enjoyed, hoping we see them in a series because they work very well together in the ring.

Allison Danger vs Leva Bates ** 1/4

-A fun match, Danger still has it in her to deliver in the ring and she proved it with this one. Leva is definitely a future star in Shimmer and I still expect big things from Ally, she is one of the girls who are destined to hold the Shimmer Championship.

Melanie Cruise vs Taylor Made * 3/4

-This was sorta meh to me, No offense to Melanie but I enjoy her more when she is in tag team action with Annie Social, they should be the next heel team to hold the titles after someone takes the from The Ninjas.

Misaki Ohata vs Ariel *** 1/4

-I LOVED this match, Misaki is becoming one of my favorites and I seriously hope she continues with Shimmer because her matches are always fun to watch, This wasn’t quite as good as the one against Del Ray but still a very good match. The fairly lock ftw!

Serena vs Kellie Skater ** 3/4

-Happy to see Serena back in Shimmer competition, and picking up a win. Kellie is impressing me even more each volume and she will definitely be a big time player in the future of Shimmer.

Sara Del Ray vs Nevaeh ** 1/2

-As always, it is fun to watch Death Ray in action but I really wanted to see Nevaeh get the W here. I would like to see another encounter where Nev pulls out the upset and perhaps she goes on a winning streak until the eventual return of Lane when she loses the KO title in TNA so that they can have a match together I marked for the Crossface though lol I love that hold.

Jessie McKay vs Nicole Matthews *** 1/2

-As expected, this was an epic match and now that they are 1-1 I am hoping we get some gimmick match between the two (Have not looked at any of the future cards yet hehe, I like to be surprised for the most part) But I seriously want to see them go at it one more time or two because they work so well together, this was one of the best matches of the night hands down.

Daizee Haze vs Ayumi Kurihara ***

-Just like their last match on the previous volume this was very high paced action and all around awesome, Was glad they kept the winning streak of Kurihara in tact as it makes her upcoming match on Vol. 34 all the more interesting. (Again I do not read spoilers or look at cards for future shows past that of what is the next show)

Ayako Hamada vs Tomoka Nakagawa ***

-After seeing this match, I was saying to myself it would be one hell of a tag team if Hamada and Nakagawa joined forces because they are two of the world's finest cruiserweight style women's wrestlers and as a team they could go very far in SHIMMER, I feel. Great stuff with the water bottle, these two are another couple of women with great chemistry and putting them in a team will only be a good thing imo.

Madison Eagles © vs Cheerleader Melissa - SHIMMER Championship. *** 3/4

-Excellent main event, I am really behind both these girls and hope that when Eagles does lose the belt is to Melissa in some sort of gimmick match but for now I am greatly enjoying the reign of Maddie Eagles. This match was totally awesome, Eagles works extremely well for a big woman and I dare say she is the best "Big Woman" in women's wrestling, even better than Kong and even Death Ray who are both awesome in their own right. I love the emotion of Melissa and the storytelling it adds even more to this match as it is her first shot at the gold.

Once again another spectacular showing for Shimmer, definitely cannot wait to see what is next

Avy and Sig - CJ
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Just wanna post some of my favorite Shimmer wrestlers past and present.

Alexa Thatcher - I was becoming a big fan of hers, but then she just disappeared.
MSHWC(Lacey, Rain, Jetta) - Lacey is one of my favorite women wrestlers ever.
Tiana Ringer - Loved her in ring style.
Rebecca Knox - Just flat out great in the ring.

Cheerleader Melissa - My favorite women's wrestler of all time.
Ayumi Kurihara - Once saw her suplex Aja Kong in a Joshi match a year or so ago I became a fan.
Nicole Matthews
Jennifer Blake
Misaki Ohata
Sara Del Rey
Veronica Vice

Also these wrestlers who may be added to my favorites list once I see more of them are Athena and Taylor Made.

Toni Storm | Sasha Banks | Asuka | Io Shirai | Mandy Rose | Lacey Evans | Maryse | Hana Kimura | Nixon Newell | Priscilla Kelly
Thanks to CJ and RKO361 for the avy & gifs.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

LOL@the whining over wrestlers wrestling long matches...I'll tell you would of hated watching wrestling when I was coming up because that's the way it ALWAYS used to be. The Jumping Bomb Angels vs the Glamour Girls at the original Royal Rumble in a 2/3 Falls match for the WWF Women Tag titles was the definition of great wrestling and if you can't get hooked in by great wrestling or appreciate the craft, this is probably isn't for you and you should stick to the botch fests that someone like Melina puts out every week. Now...

Just finished watching Volume 33 yesterday...

Nicole Matthews continued her hot streak of watching her work. One of the fastet learners of ring psychology of the last 5 years, no question. Jessie McKay took a nice stiff slap to the face..she was a little off in those transitions but good work nonetheless.

Hamada put on another beautiful performance and even put over the heel post match. Not surprising. She loves getting everyone involved over.

Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James vs Athena and Bonesaw...timing was off a little in this match. OK match.

Jamila Croft vs Cat Power. Cat Power is deep in her character. Better in the ring than Croft.

Taylor Made vs Melanie Cruise...Taylor Made looks as animated as Jessie McKay in many ways but the right person went over.

Ohata vs Ariel....good match. Ohata needed a victory.

Serena vs Kellie Skater..she returned to a mighty reaction. Great to see her back and kicking ass. Nice match and it will be good to see her in the mix of things for the title.

Nevaeh vs Sara Del Ray. Now..I like Nevaeh for selfish reasons. She has a nice bubble ass but as usual, Ssra Del Ray went over but sold her ass off for when the kid did get some offense.

Ayumi Kurihara vs. Daizee Haze...good as expected. And it was good to see Kurihara go over. She's getting pretty damn over with the crowd.

Madison Eagles vs Cheerleader Melissa. Melissa came out to the pop of the night yet again and had huge chants...personally, I don't care if Eagles is the new champ or not, I thought that Melissa should of went over or at least loss unclean. As always, GREAT selling from Melissa, nice stiff strikes, smart ring awareness, fun submission wrestling..pulled the crowd in with the close falls. She's an absolute delight to favorite performer of the year alongside Chris Jericho himself.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Unfortunately, where I'm from I can't get SHIMMER DVDs And I don't have acredit card so i can't pre-order.

So I do the illegal thing and download torrents. So far Volume 31 is the latest up on the site.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Unfortunately, where I'm from I can't get SHIMMER DVDs And I don't have acredit card so i can't pre-order.

So I do the illegal thing and download torrents. So far Volume 31 is the latest up on the site. accepts paypal and moneyorders, I think. You can hook your paypal account up with your bank account and use your cash from your account to draw from for payments, if you don't have a credit card.
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Unfortunately, where I'm from I can't get SHIMMER DVDs And I don't have acredit card so i can't pre-order.

So I do the illegal thing and download torrents. So far Volume 31 is the latest up on the site.
Well I paid for mine and uploaded every recent one to this very site just a couple of forums away.
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