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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by heggland0 View Post
Shimmer champion is "Madsion" Eagles?
That might be the first time I've ever seen a mistake like that on a SHIMMER cover. It's usually ROH that makes fuck-ups on covers. I'm guessing, unlike ROH, it won't get released with the typo intact.

Anyway, there's a lot of interesting stuff on that card. I really wanna see the fresh faces.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

I like the cover. Prazak has said the error of Madison's name will be fixed by the time ROH gets the DVD's.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Looking for to seeing alot of those matches. Did Ayumi have a match on that volume?

Thanks to CJ for the avy.
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

I need to see that Main Event match. Mercedes' build up to it has been nothing short of epic.
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Scamp View Post
Looking for to seeing alot of those matches. Did Ayumi have a match on that volume?
She only had 2 matches on the last taping.

volume 38: against Ayako Hamada
volume 40: against Nicole Matthews
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

[SHIMMER STUFF - May 2011]

It's time for a belated round-up of odds and ends from the month of May.

WARNING: This post may contain SPOILERZ.

You can also read previous updates, by clicking on your chosen month, below.



> 'SHIMMER: Volume 37' is due to be released in the next couple of weeks. The show is headlined by a classic “unstoppable force meets immovable object” collision between SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles and “Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez.

> As always, you can see the whole range of SHIMMER DVDs that are currently available, at the Ring of Honor Store.

> In a related note, ROH's 'Honor Takes Center Stage' DVDs are now in stock. The two events showcased SHIMMER talents Sara Del Rey, Serena Deeb, Daizee Haze, Tomoka Nakagawa, Ayumi Kurihara and Hiroyo Matsumoto, alongside the finest male wrestlers that the U.S. indies have to offer. 'Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter 1' and 'Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter 2' were two of ROH's most memorable events to date.

> [May 3rd] In addition to her appearance on Chapter 1 of ROH's Wrestlemania weekend shows, Serena Deeb's match with Kana, from the SMASH 17 event that took place in Tokyo's Koruaken Hall, is highly recommended and well worth tracking down. You can see the awesome hype video below (complete with Funaki cameo)...

Spoiler for Serena-Kana:

> [May 15th] Speaking of Japan, SHIMMER stars Hiroyo Matsumoto and Mia Yim faced off in the REINA promotion, this month. The full match was recently uploaded to Mia Yim's Youtube channel.

> In a random titbit from an American indy promotion, I recently discovered an interested blogging project that Detroit-area group CLASH Wrestling has launched, centring on CLASH and SHIMMER prospect Mena Libra. You can see the polaroid-based 'Chain Wrestling' blog here.

> [May 20th] Dirty Dirty Sheets posted a great interview with Portia Perez, where she talks hatred, commentary and the expansion of SHIMMER's tag ranks. You can see the in-depth piece here.

> [May 27th] The filming of the video for the Smashing Pumpkins song 'Owata' took place at the home of SHIMMER, the Berwyn Eagles Club. Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan is a long-time fan and supporter of wrestling, in all of it's forms. The video will feature Cheerleader Melissa, Shelly Martinez and Raven performing in a match situation.

> [May 30th] The original SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey sat down with, for an audio interview. She gave her thoughts on the ROH takeover, her mentor Bryan Danielson and the state of women's wrestling in WWE and TNA. You can stream or download the podcast by following this link

> [May 30th] The momentum of SHIMMER legend Amazing Kong's “Kharma” character, on WWE TV, was came to an abrupt halt, as the month was closing. Following a bizarre nervous breakdown angle, on the previous week's Raw, Kong was given the opportunity to break kayfabe and explain the surprising change of direction. Kong announced that she will be forced out of action, for an indefinite period of time, due to the fact that she is now “with child”. You can see the heartfelt promo, in full, below...
Spoiler for Kong Promo:

> [May 31st] Women Athletes Nicole Matthews and Tenille Tayla have been immortalised in the latest edition of Botchamania. They can be seen at around the 4:22 mark of Maffew's 174th compilation of wrestling cock-ups. Click here to view on Youtube.

> Finally, Front Row tickets for the upcoming October tapings are now sold out. However, you can still purchase General Admission tickets from The taping of Volumes 41-44 will take place at the Berwyn Eagles Club, on the weekend of October 1st & 2nd.

> Thanks for reading. I'm aiming to have the June edition of this round-up posted just before ROH's Hammerstein show (rather than after the month has ended ). Here's hoping that a Women of Honor match will find it's way onto that particular card.


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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Temporarily out of stock DVDs at ROH

Just a quick note for everyone concerning some of the more recent SHIMMER DVD releases that aren't currently listed on the ROH web site due to being temporarily out of stock.

As most of you know, ROH recently underwent an ownership change, and as part of that process, their method of purchasing and then distributing non-ROH merchandise is also potentially changing. During the transition period (for now anyway), they aren't immediately buying additional cases of SHIMMER DVDs, so some of the volumes may become unavailable to purchase through ROH until they get re-stocked (right now that includes Vol. 23 and Vol. 26).

During this time, you can still purchase select previous releases from or alternately get them directly from SHIMMER. If you are interested in purchasing any SHIMMER DVDs directly from us during this transition period, E-mail with what you are interested in, and we will send you an order total, as well as payment instructions.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Prazak said that SHIMMER wouldn't be affected by the ROH takeover. I hope he was right.

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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Well i doubt they would burn there bridge with Prazak considering his connections with female wrestlers across the globe...
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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Allison Danger throws down the freakin' gauntlet.

The time has come where I take this term “womanist” and make it my own. Not just for my sake but for the sake of women wrestlers and the fans who know that change MUST happen now.

Female wrestlers-how sick and tired are you of men in suits in their offices telling us “Oh, yeah, you are great but you need to surgery/weight loss/look like every other female on the roster to really be considered”? Notice how the terms “train harder at practice” or “improve your in-ring skills” are not a part of this. Why do fans walk out during our matches? Why should we be the popcorn or piss break? Because for too long now we have been told our looks are the only thing people want to see. And history has proved my theory. We as wrestlers have become complacent. Why work harder when some fake hair and a crash diet are all we need to succeed? This is simply not good enough anymore. And if you think it is good enough, then this revolution is not for you. Be prepared to get out of my way and the way of those who are ready to fight for change.

Now don’t misconstrue this as an “anti-plastic surgery” rant. You want something larger/smaller/completely different then go on with your bad self. I am not here to judge and I will openly admit that I nearly went down that path myself. But never let anything overshadow your passion for wrestling. Never let it take down your desire to improve, to grow, to be the best WRESTLER you can be. Do not let it make you lazy. Do not rest your laurels simply on your cup size.

It is time we show offices and fans alike that looking different makes us special, not unemployable. But at the end of the day, what is most important is our performance. Are you not sick of being told “eh, you are ok for a girl”? I am. But I can’t potentially change a mind without looking at myself, seeing where I need improvement and actually DOING IT. I feel fortunate that there are women in this business who are leading by example. Despite their years in wrestling they have not once stopped trying to be better. Without knowing it, they are my inspiration. Despite the cattiness people assume when females are involved, I am happy for the successes of these peers and will continue to cheer them on. I would rather delight in some healthy competition and try to rise to their level than attempt to discredit them or hold them back to my level or lower. Ladies, let us delight in the successes of hardworking peers and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Bookers/Writers- When did pride stop being a reason for a match? Why, when woman are involved, must it be about “bitch, you stole my man” or “I can’t believe she is wearing my/that outfit” or “everyone is just jealous of my beauty”? Until you start booking female wrestlers under 17 how about we keep that high school booking out of it? Why, in certain promotions, must every female be associated with a male wrestler (usually in a sexual context) to be considered worthy of tv or ring time? A women’s division should be just that: a division of female wrestlers. Make it about pride, about sport, about who is the best wrestler, about gold. Please stop turning this into a silly catfight that undermines both the talent and the fans. A possible rule of thumb: If Maury Povich would have a show on it then maybe its not meant for a wrestling storyline.

If your females are drawing the best ratings don’t cut their time and segments. Why punish them for being successful? Maybe tighten up YOUR work and give everyone better storylines. There is so much tremendous talent, contracted and not, but EVERYONE within a promotion and company pull their weight for the better of the product. From the music guy to the ring crew to the wrestlers to the promoters/owners-we all have to pull together and work as a cohesive to take all of professional wrestling to another level.

Fans-Just as there are different genres of wrestling, they are different genres of fans. For those who see female wrestling simply as fodder for your tissue soiling, please know deep down you are not and never will be my motivation as a wrestler. What you and your genitalia do on your own time has nothing to do with me and my performance. For the fans who simply hate women in wrestling and have permanently closed your mind to the possibility, best wishes to you. You are as hopeless a cause to me as I am to you. This revolution is for those who love us/hate us/indifferent to us but whose hearts open to the potential of what women’s wrestling can be. You have a voice. Use it proactively. If you hate what is on television then shut it off! Find what you do like and respect and support them. If you hate American female wrestling, don’t punish the Joshi scene, give it a shot. If there are 32 flavors of ice cream, why limit yourself to vanilla or chocolate? Have a favorite female independent wrestler, especially one who does not fit the “mold”? Show your support. Follow them on Twitter, come to indy shows they are on, rock their shirts. But please show your support in a respectful manner. Emailing powers that be with “you are an idiot if you don’t hire XYZ” will just fall on deaf ears. Posting on message boards that “Wrestler XYZ is the greatest ever nuf said” then sticking your fingers in your ears will fail you every time.

If everyone does their part we can, as a whole, bring female wrestling to a whole other level. We can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Let us take back female wrestling and show that, if done right, 32 flavors can be incredible.

I am aware that in past years, I have sinned against what I am preaching now. But by fronting this revolution, I accept my mistakes, I accept my responsibilities and I pledge to give 100% to changing the future. My signature below is my promise to the Womanist Revolution.

I am Allison Danger and I am your Feminist Icon.


Marking for: Asuka
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