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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Superkick to spear (without selling) mid-match then a superkick to spear-attempt to superkick to end. Throw in a failed opportunity on working Jimmy's neck (which should have been done noting the two vicious drops) and a peppering of selling throughout (nothing seemingly lasted - especially Jimmy's neck, which was beautiful for all of two minutes then went to shit) makes me question if the match had read "Davey Richards Vs Eddie Edwards" whether this match would have gotten the same review score. That or this show is so pathetically bad I've lost all possibility of enjoying something good.

Still, superkick = the end. Gone are the golden days where simple moves are seen as devastating, sure, but don't illegitamise the finishers we're left with. If a big move isn't made to be believable, then how can the audience accept it in future? I can understand re-using your finisher to put away a resilient opponent but that's hardly what happens in the indies anymore. It's just finisher spam and it's the very reason why we have the Edwards/Richards type of bullshit today. They throw 100 things at once because if you're no selling the shit out of your opponent's work then you kind of have to to create a "believable" fall.

I wouldn't say it was that OTT or that the match was bad by any means but just no. This isn't the Jimmy Jacobs from 7 years ago and that end spot was something beautiful ruined by "BECAUSE KICKS, BREH!" mentality.

Anyway, I'm halfway through Elgin/Rhino, atm, and I'll throw up a very short review of the event once it's done.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by blink_41sum_182 View Post
Yeah I marked for that. I kinda wished he would have stayed down and sold it better but it was still epic.

*** 3/4 for me too.

Gonna watch the Briscoes/Wolves match now.
Selling wasn't exactly perfect, but at least the match was substantial enough considering the back and forth nature of the bout. If guys are going to work an exuberant competitive bout, I'd prefer it done in the manner that they did it. I'm sure elsewhere or another rematch in ROH could be worked in a different manner and giving us another really good match.

4 Superkicks didn't pester me. Cole used them to try and shift the momentum for him at the end and it eventually worked -> leading into the Florida Key ftw. It was acceptable.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Crusade View Post
I have not seen any Jacobs matches from before he came back to ROH in 2011 so I'm sure there are better matches he's had. It's just the best match that I've seen from him myself. I haven't bothered going back to visit his other matches pre-2011 that is all.
You're missing out on so much greatness then. Baffling that ROH have him signed and just use him as a glorified lackey.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

It's on Dailymotion? How about Defy or Deny II?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Haven't seen Defy or Deny II anywhere yet, not even download.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG - The Many Adventures Of El Generico (Disc One):

1) vs. Kevin Steen (Free Admission..., ***3/4)
2) w/ Quicksilver vs. Scott Lost & Chris Bosh (Beyond the Thunderdome, ****)
3) vs. CIMA (BOLA 2006, ***3/4)
4) vs. Pac (ASW4, ****1/4)
5) Steenerico vs. Pac & Roderick Strong (Giant-Size Annual #4, ***3/4)
6) vs. Bryan Danielson (Giant-Size Annual #4, ****)
7) vs. Nigel McGuinness (BOLA 2007, ***1/2)
8) vs. Kenny Omega (Express Written Consent, ****)
9) w/ Human Tornado vs. Young Bucks (Threemendous II, ****1/4)

- Everything here ranges from very good to incredible, which is a testament to what a consistently superb & versatile performer Generico has been over the past eight years plus. It's amazing just how polished Generico and a virtually unrecognisable (young & skinny) Steen already are in their PWG debut. From there it's a succession of hits with a variety of opponents, all of which showcase the greatest babyface of the 21st century and his immaculate timing, execution & body language.

The only disappointment here is that matches 2-6 already appeared on PWG Sells Out 1&2 - surely there are other Generico gems from this era that deserve a re-airing.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Crusade View Post
Haven't seen Defy or Deny II anywhere yet, not even download.
Yeah, wonder what gives with that. Was hoping it was going to be up at the same time.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Erick Stevens vs. Roderick Strong, FIP (2/16/08)

For the most part a great match built on some brilliant storytelling and development of a mid match angle and Strong heel turn. I'll get the minor quibble out of the way first. Sterling's point about the matwork being a bit too co-operative and lacking in any real struggle mirrors my thoughts with the surfboard trading sticking out as the most glaringly obvious transition that felt lazy. Still, it progressed the 50/50 story with both men lacking any real control so whilst it wasn't high end matwork it was serviceable in setting us up for the transition to strikes after both men seemingly agree they've reached a stalemate, which I had no problem with. Best part here is that the strikes are ferocious yet frantic and short so that the pace doesn't drag and it feels like two violent strikers trying to land the telling blow to seize the initiative: Strong's full force chop directly into the face of Stevens was tremendously timed as the decisive strike after back and forth shots and it sets up a brief control segment which builds to the big spot of the match were Strong 'inadvertantly' blasts Stevens in the face with the belt and leads to a tremendous bladejob from Stevens. It didn't come off as 'unplanned' as they tried to put over, but I appreciate the difficulty in doing a spot with the aim of opening a significant cut on Stevens and making it look unstaged and Strong really sold the initial fear of a DQ tremendously whilst showing sincere concern for a lifeless Stevens who was bleeding like a pig.

Final stage of the match is really great with Strong checking on Stevens before unleashing an onslaught to capture the title and Stevens sells the desire to hang in long enough to make a comeback in spite of his predicament remarkably well. Dug the brunt of his final desperation comeback although I felt a couple parts of his offence felt a bit too 'grand' for a supposedly limited wrestler suffering from severe blood loss. Strong pulling the referee into the lariat before taking advantage and blasting Stevens with a chair on the outside and reviving the ref long enough to secure a countout and win the belt due to FIP's differing rules vis a vis winning a title on countout was a great dastardly finish, though its strange the commentators didn't sell it as passionately as one would expect from a screwjob title change.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That series, man. Proof positive that Roderick Strong once was capable of having some special moments, imo.

The only negative I could say about their matches was I didn't find their Dog Collar blow-off to be too special + I HATED the aftermath of the match. Which doesn't reflect either man's work and it's on the booking department, so in short I'm basically calling their program damn near great the majority of the way through. They were warriors. Slaughtered each other every time they locked up. How Stevens could lose his luster for the sport will forever be a mystery to me. He had so much passion in these matches.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Open the Ultimate Gate 2012

Fox/Swann ***
Fish and Dreamer/Scene *3/4
Hulk/Callihan **3/4
Davis and Sabu/DUF *1/2
Mochizuki/Tozawa ****
del Sol/Vandal *
Low Ki/PAC ****
Yoshino and Ricochet/Ronin ****

Really good show. 3 matches that clock in right at 4 stars. The only downside was when the ECW old guys were brought in. The Dreamer match and the Sabu matches both brought down the show. Maybe it worked for ECW nostalgia fans, but not me. Sucks CIMA couldn't work, but Yoshino stepping in was not a step down in any way. Good show that led in nicely to the next night's show.
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