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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Jack Evans 187 View Post
ROH - Anarchy in the U.K.

BJ Whitmer vs. Go Shiozaki - *** 3/4

Spud vs. Jody Fleisch vs. Jonny Storm - ** 3/4

Nigel McGuinness, Colt Cabana, & Robbie Brookside vs. The Kings of Wrestling & Chad Collyer - *** 1/2

ROH World Title
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. SUWA - *** 1/2

Doug Williams vs. Jimmy Rave - *** 1/2

The Briscoes vs. Matt Sydal & Davey Richards - **** 1/4

ROH World Title
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Roderick Strong - **** 1/4

Overall: 9.25/10

- Really awesome opener. Nothin but two brutes hittin each other with big bombs for 15 minutes. Chops, clotheslines, & suplexes galore. One of the best openers in company history tbh. This crowd fucking ROCKS.

- The 3 way is a fun spotfest, Spud gets killed. It seamlessly transitions into the next match with KOW spoiling the party and once again murdering Spud... poor guy. So the faces appear and challenge the Kings, challenge accepted. Ultra fun match with tons of creative chants from the crowd. Formula was great and the finishing stretch was awesome. Seriously, this might be the best crowd I've ever seen.

- Earlier in the night, Aries declared he couldn't wrestle tonight because of broken ribs which lead to Roddy challenging Danielson for the belt. But on Danielson's way back to the locker room, SUWA ambushed him with a kendo stick and demanded a title shot, which of course he got. Really good brawl with Danielson getting a nasty cut on top of his head from a chair shot. The finish was absolutely perfect to keep SUWA's rep in tact. Super good 10 minute match.

- Williams/Rave was probably the sleeper match of the night. Got a ton of time (20 minutes plus). There was a lot of stalling and crowd play in the first few minutes but once you get past that there's some good wrestling and Nana adds some entertainment value to it, even though he should've been thrown out several times. I absolutely love his promo before the match while you see EVERYONE in the crowd getting their toilet paper ready. Hilarious.

- The tag match is all kinds of awesome. Bit of a slow build as the first half didn't have anything too special, basically a really long feeling out process, but once Sydal made the hot tag to Davey it was pure insanity. People flying all over the arena, getting dropped on their heads. Sydal looked like a million bucks here, either wooing the crowd with his athleticism or just getting killed by a Briscoe. The nearfall off the Doomsday reversal was fucking NUTS. Great match.

- It's Danielson vs. Strong IV, I shouldn't have to tell you how it went. Stiff, intense, physical, hard-hitting, etc. All those fancy words wrapped into one match, as these guys always deliver. Fantastic finishing stretch that teased the same ending from their Vendetta match. Major props go out to Danielson. By the end of this, the gash in his head was steady flowing, his mouth was busted open, and his chest was just obliterated by the countless number of chops he's taken from both guys. Awesome main event from a SERIOUSLY underrated show loaded with great wrestling and a red hot crowd from start to finish. If I ever end up making a list, I can guarantee this will end up being one of the Top 10 shows in company history. KingKicks was in attendance I believe, ask him how it went.

Just to bump all the Anarchy in the UK discussion, I was there live too and it was actually my first ever ROH event in person. Nowadays I always LOL at myself in the crowd going mental for everything. It was my first indy show as well so I'd never seen stuff like that in person before. Frickin' loved it, a great example of Gabe booking on the fly in the face of injury and pulling off a great card to appease the crowd and send them home happy.

This was right around the time Strong and Danielson were having their epic series of matches, and although not on the level of their Vendetta/SCOH encounters, this certainly held it's own. I kind of think of the contest as a 'greatest hits' of their earlier matches, playing off of spots, utilising new counters to stuff that worked previously. Contextually it also helps that Danielson has a gaping wound on his head from the SUWA match, so he just looks like a total champ the whole time.

The tag match is one of my favourite tags in company history, so I fully second all the love thrown its way. All four men were just ON it that night, everything was so crisp and clean.

Gotta admit I was a big fan of the opener too, even though I've seen many reviews where people HATE it. This was the start of Shiozaki's rise to stardom where he started proving to people that he could go with the best of them (er...and BJ Whitmer).

And yep, Williams/Rave is a total sleeper match, it gets so overlooked. Rave played a fantastic heel here, and the match built slowly and methodically until the crowd got really invested in it. Sometimes I kinda miss these guys in ROH.

Definite contender for Most Underrated ROH ever. With the spectacular double main event MOTYCs from Unified the night before, it's understandable (not to mention the fact that we got spoiled with ****+ matches on almost every 2006 ROH show) but it's certainly a shame.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Platt View Post
Be prepared for customs fees
Got caught with them too. Son of a bitch.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Platt View Post
Be prepared for customs fees

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Im glad mystery vortex comes off as great on dvd as it did in person....

Proud supporter of PWG, probably the best wrestling company in the universe. Probably.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Crusade View Post
PWG Mystery Vortex

This is my first experience with PWG and I got to say thus far I'm really impressed. This show has been so much fun to sit through thus far. I haven't watched all of it yet cos I'm tired as fuck and want to sleep but I'll watch the rest of it tomorrow. This is my review thus far:

Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards vs. The Young Bucks:

Opening match with great talent that I know. This was an awesome opener and so much fun to watch. Both teams have great chemistry together and some really crisp double team moves. I was really surprised by how well Eddie and Roddy worked as a team and how much team chemistry they have. Really enjoyable heat segment before going full on crazy upping the pace and spots in this match. This essentially had an ROH feel to it the way they clocked in the spots but unlike some ROH matches it didn't over stay its welcome and had the right amount of near falls and drama. Just an awesome opener, loved it. *** 3/4

Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger

I've seen some promos of Callihan but never seen him work and this was the first time I've seen Younger. This has mixed reviews for this but I felt like this was a really good match. Really liked the story of the match being about these two psychopath like characters (correct me if I'm wrong) both going full on at each other and just not quitting. Some of the strikes especially the headbutt were really stiff and made it a little uncomfortable to watch at times. Just a really brutal and hard hitting match. Good storytelling with Callihan working on Younger's leg which played a factor into the finish of the match. This had a really close near fall with Younger hitting the vertabrae on Callihan and I was convinced it was over. Really believable near fall. Finish made perfect sense and again this felt like it got just the right amount of time. Very good match. *** 1/2 - *** 3/4

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match:
Super Smash Bros.(c) vs. RockNES Monsters

Again another match featuring talent I've never seen before. This was a really entertaining tag match for the titles. The whole beginning was fucking hilarious. From the commentator saying that the tag belts are the ugliest belts in wrestling today to the antics from the super smash bros on the Monsters. Just great stuff. Just a really fun tag match to sit through with a great mixture of comedy, heat and great working. Great combination and tag team moves much like the opener. This match had some moves and spots that I didn't even think was possible. Great tease of a title change with the Monsters almost stealing one with a cheap move. Kept me on edge. The finish was really well done and the finishing double team move of SSB is sick! Very fun tag match, loved this. *** 1/2

Joey Ryan vs. Scorpio Sky

Ryan's farewell to PWG match. Worst match ive seen on the card thus far but it was a good match. It was short only getting about 12 mins I think. It was worked well with another talent TNA had a look at earlier in the year with Scorpio Sky. This was pretty everything I expected barring the sick mustache ride on to the chairs which was an awesome spot. Good solid match. Ryan gave a cool speech after the match which was worth listening to for the banter and honesty. ***

Four Way Match:
B-Boy vs. Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack vs. TJ Perkins

I don't rate this as highly some people but this was still a really good match. This was pretty much non stop action from the get go and did not let up that much at all. I liked how the commentators played up on the Mack/Cage rivalry and then immediately from the bell Mack and Cage were brawling all the way round the ring. Nice added touch to include the story of their feud. This had great pacing all around and some really cool and innovative spot. The one that stands out is perkins doing the deathlock and then a northern lights suplex which was really unique. I was highly impressed by Willie Mack in this match. He moves so well for a big man and is extremely athletic. Cage is also freaky strong and I can see why TNA wanted to sign him as he has a great look, has great conditioning and can work well. This was a lot of fun to watch and had a great ending which sort of made you feel sorry for Perkins in the end because he was so closing to beating the odds! *** 1/2

So far not a match under 3 stars. Super consistent card so far and its been a pleasure to sit through. Can't wait to see Generico's match and the main event but for now this gets a big thumbs up from me
To continue my review:

El Generico vs. Rich Swann:

Very good match right here. Yet another example of a match with Generico's great great storytelling this time playing more of a veteran heelish role getting frustrated by Swann not shaking his hand properly and pretty much causing Generico all sorts of problems before finally putting him away. First time seeing Swann and I'm seriously impressed. Great athleticism and high flyer. He needs to work on his psychology a bit but pairing him up with a guy like Generico did wonders for him in this match. Really good match, I've never seen Generico in a bad ever. The guy is just phenomenal. *** 1/2

Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards vs. Super Smash Bros

This was AWESOME. Short match compared to the other tag matches but this packed in a lot of action, great double team moves and combinations. Just really exciting to watch. This had some good psychology as because both teams had matches previously they tried put each other away early by going full throttle. You saw the masked guy from SSB (need to learn names) show fatigue and tiredness in the middle of the match to sell that aspect of the match which was a nice touch. Eddie and Roddy jumping the SSB before the bell was evident of that and them also using the heel tactics to try and get one over SSB is also evidence of it. Strange to see the Eddie/Roddy team play both faces and heels in the same PPV but they did really well playing the heels here. Anyway, awesome tag match, the best one of the night and second best match of the night. ****

Guerrilla Warfare Match for the PWG World Championship:
Kevin Steen(c) vs. Adam Cole

Excellent main event. Really brutal and violent. The commentators and Steen himself played up Steen's anger well as he beat the crap out of Adam Cole. Thrusting him into the steel post and powerbombing him on the apron several times for example. The gimmick was used well as there were a number of brutal weapon spots. Especially the big spot into the chair tower of doom as I'll call it . This match put over Cole as a tough SOB and had a great conclusion with Cole getting the win and becoming PWG World Champion. Awesome stuff. ****1/4

Overall this show deserves a 9/10. Amazing show, super consistent and so much fun to sit through. I'm definitely going to be keeping up to date with PWG as much as possible now.

**** <3 ****

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Looking forward to Mystery Vortex now .
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Has anyone seen or have a link for the DDT "Nasu Nature School Wrestling" between Generico, Kota Ibushi, HARASHIMA, Gota Ihashi, Batten Tamagawa and Takao Soma.

Flick through these pictures and tell me this doesn't look like the best match ever.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Mother of God...
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I don't care for DDT, but god damn, that looks really entertaining. Wouldn't that belong in the puro thread though?

How is the ROH El Generico DVD? and the Ring Of Hardcore DVD? I've never seen any of the matches because I'm not big on ROH, but they both interest me, and the Generico DVD will likely soon be sold out.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I've seen DDT's campsite wrestling and it was pretty amazing so I would imagine adding Generico to something like that would only make it more amazing.
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