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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikara - Deep Freeze

1. Kyle Matthews vs Ace Haven
wow.... Everyone needs to see a picture of Ace Haven

2. F.I.S.T. vs The Batiri

3. Saturyne vs Soldier Ant

4. Frightmare vs Kobald

5. The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger vs deviAnt

6. The Colony vs Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier

7. The Shard vs Gran Akuma

8. Los Ice Creams vs The Spectral Envoy

9. Young Lions Cup
Mr Touchdown vs Green Ant

Awfully Small Venue didn't help the show.. Everything felt so squashed in and it really felt like a B Show matchwise. Still fun like Chikara always is though.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
Just saw the Last of McGuinness and it was sad as fuck. I shed a few tears.
Mine got dispatched yesterday by Nigel. Can't wait until it gets here.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
I feel your pain. I have no idea why you bought it either. When I was first branching out and buying non-WWE stuff I bought shit like this. I have a couple of XPW DVDs and all sorts of other crap that I wish I never bought. However it was just buying random DVDs that I ended up discovering PWG so I guess it all wasn't a total waste of time.
I also bought that show at a time when i was branching out, got it when i saw the dvd cover in a magazine. i discovered japanese and deathmatch wrestling when i bought a nice 5 dvd set of fmw shows.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Mystery Vortex

This is my first experience with PWG and I got to say thus far I'm really impressed. This show has been so much fun to sit through thus far. I haven't watched all of it yet cos I'm tired as fuck and want to sleep but I'll watch the rest of it tomorrow. This is my review thus far:

Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards vs. The Young Bucks:

Opening match with great talent that I know. This was an awesome opener and so much fun to watch. Both teams have great chemistry together and some really crisp double team moves. I was really surprised by how well Eddie and Roddy worked as a team and how much team chemistry they have. Really enjoyable heat segment before going full on crazy upping the pace and spots in this match. This essentially had an ROH feel to it the way they clocked in the spots but unlike some ROH matches it didn't over stay its welcome and had the right amount of near falls and drama. Just an awesome opener, loved it. *** 3/4

Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger

I've seen some promos of Callihan but never seen him work and this was the first time I've seen Younger. This has mixed reviews for this but I felt like this was a really good match. Really liked the story of the match being about these two psychopath like characters (correct me if I'm wrong) both going full on at each other and just not quitting. Some of the strikes especially the headbutt were really stiff and made it a little uncomfortable to watch at times. Just a really brutal and hard hitting match. Good storytelling with Callihan working on Younger's leg which played a factor into the finish of the match. This had a really close near fall with Younger hitting the vertabrae on Callihan and I was convinced it was over. Really believable near fall. Finish made perfect sense and again this felt like it got just the right amount of time. Very good match. *** 1/2 - *** 3/4

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match:
Super Smash Bros.(c) vs. RockNES Monsters

Again another match featuring talent I've never seen before. This was a really entertaining tag match for the titles. The whole beginning was fucking hilarious. From the commentator saying that the tag belts are the ugliest belts in wrestling today to the antics from the super smash bros on the Monsters. Just great stuff. Just a really fun tag match to sit through with a great mixture of comedy, heat and great working. Great combination and tag team moves much like the opener. This match had some moves and spots that I didn't even think was possible. Great tease of a title change with the Monsters almost stealing one with a cheap move. Kept me on edge. The finish was really well done and the finishing double team move of SSB is sick! Very fun tag match, loved this. *** 1/2

Joey Ryan vs. Scorpio Sky

Ryan's farewell to PWG match. Worst match ive seen on the card thus far but it was a good match. It was short only getting about 12 mins I think. It was worked well with another talent TNA had a look at earlier in the year with Scorpio Sky. This was pretty everything I expected barring the sick mustache ride on to the chairs which was an awesome spot. Good solid match. Ryan gave a cool speech after the match which was worth listening to for the banter and honesty. ***

Four Way Match:
B-Boy vs. Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack vs. TJ Perkins

I don't rate this as highly some people but this was still a really good match. This was pretty much non stop action from the get go and did not let up that much at all. I liked how the commentators played up on the Mack/Cage rivalry and then immediately from the bell Mack and Cage were brawling all the way round the ring. Nice added touch to include the story of their feud. This had great pacing all around and some really cool and innovative spot. The one that stands out is perkins doing the deathlock and then a northern lights suplex which was really unique. I was highly impressed by Willie Mack in this match. He moves so well for a big man and is extremely athletic. Cage is also freaky strong and I can see why TNA wanted to sign him as he has a great look, has great conditioning and can work well. This was a lot of fun to watch and had a great ending which sort of made you feel sorry for Perkins in the end because he was so closing to beating the odds! *** 1/2

So far not a match under 3 stars. Super consistent card so far and its been a pleasure to sit through. Can't wait to see Generico's match and the main event but for now this gets a big thumbs up from me

**** <3 ****

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by X-Static View Post
Mine got dispatched yesterday by Nigel. Can't wait until it gets here.
Great to hear. Just be prepared to get depressed. Throughout the documentary I wanted people to convince him to get out of retirement, but in the end it seems like his mind is made up.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2012 Night 2

Callihan/Perkins ***1/4
Cole/Edwards ***1/2
Elgin/Cage ***1/4
Ricochet/Strong ***1/4
6-man tag 1 **3/4
Cole/Callihan ***1/4
Elgin/Ricochet ***3/4
6-man tag 2 ****
Cole/Elgin ***3/4

While Cole won the tournament, it was Elgin who stole the show. Just like how Richard/Elgin in Florida made Elgin in ROH, this tournament made Elgin in PWG. He was just awesome in this tournament. The first 6 man tag just didn't work for me (tried to be funny but it fell flat to me) but the second 6 man more than made up for it. That match was awesome. The story telling in that match was brilliant. I realize they wanted to push some younger guys, but another strong name in the tournament would have been nice (TJP out, some one else in)
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

So tempting with all the reviews to just download Mystery Vortex but I'll wait until it gets here.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by X-Static View Post
Mine got dispatched yesterday by Nigel. Can't wait until it gets here.
Be prepared for customs fees

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Watched Mystery Vortex two times already:

1. The DojoBros vs. The Young Bucks

Great stuff. The Bucks continue to DOMINATE the world of wrestling, and the new Roddy & Eddie tag team is awesome. They’ve become my favorites instantly, lol. Awesome, high octane and exciting match, with damn hot crowd and insane commentary. Probably the best opener of the year.


2. Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger

Yeah, this is a match people either love or fucking hate. And it’s crystal clear why, lol. I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Two crazy fuckers want to knock each other silly and die? Cool, where do I sign?! It’s their bloody choice, and who am I to judge? This match had no defense, like, at all. It was an all-out assault. RIDICULOUSLY stiff. I dare to say it reached the Joe/Necro levels of horrific insanity, only without weapons. Drake is the toughest motherfucker alive.


3. PWG World Tag Team Championship: The Super Smash Bros © vs. The RockNES Monsters

Liked this a lot. The Bros were immense, and the RNM didn’t bother me too much this time. Even Johnny Yuma was tolerable. Everyone did just fine, which resulted in a fairly good title match. Hopefully the RNM break up soon, because I want to see Johnny Goodtime going solo. He’s awesome.


4. Joey Ryan vs. Scorpio Sky

The “worst” match on the show, and yet it was good. Scorpio needs to be booked more often in PWG. This was Joey’s best match of the year. The Moustache Ride onto chairs was sick. Very nice post-match promo and send-off.


5. Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack vs. B-Boy vs. TJ Perkins

Fuuuck me, this was smashing. Fast paced, high octane, nonstop action. Cage was in the BEAST mode, great stuff. TJP was not far behind. I’d rate this even higher, but the finish was little awkward with TJP not knowing what to do, I guess.


6. Rich Swann vs. El Generico

Great storytelling with Generico getting the Ricochet flashbacks, and deciding to be a total dick to Swann because of it, in order to ground Swann, both physically and morally. Excellent contest. Swann is super over with Reseda already. Love it.


7. The DojoBros vs. The Super Smash Bros

Stupefied’s G.O.A.T. sequence!


8. GUERRILLA WARFARE for the PWG World Championship: Kevin Steen © vs. Adam Cole

Excalibur’s “Joey Ryan, this, is SERIOUS!” words describe this match beautifully. Absolutely amazing stuff. DAT SPOT = MIND BLOWN! Kevin and Adam, you magnificent bastards! Almost perfect.


Four good, and four great matches. Fantastic crowd and energy. The last hour was INSANE. American show of the year? Hard to disagree. PWG – the finest thing in life.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I got Mystery Vortex in the mail this morning so I'm pretty excited to watch it. I'm pretty positive I'll be part of the group who loves Callihan/Younger, going by the reviews here it's the type of match I'd really enjoy.

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