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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Haven't seen it yet Bubz. Bogged down with assignments. I'm trying to treat myself to it tomorrow.

It's a massive shame that Jacobs will probably never make it in WWE now. It was a bit too early when he was first there which probably didn't help. Fantastic worker, tremendous range, incredible promo ability and one of the best character workers of the modern era.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Ah, fair enough. Got it downloading atm, just wondering what to expect from it. Pretty sure Bucks vs Generico & Omega has to be good.

I remember hearing something about how Eddie was really behind Jacobs after they had that match on Smackdown which is pretty awesome.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

His tag work is off the charts level good, imo. I think that should be highlighted along with his range of having some tremendous hard hitting bouts. 2008 for one year as an example proves it. Not even tossing him the work with Whitmer during 2005 - early 2006. But, that tandem with Black. Holy crap YES. vs Team Work from Respect is Earned II still blows me away to this day.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That RIE II match I remember being so fucking good. Must re-watch that soon.

Talking of ROH matches from around that era, I watched two yesterday. one being Davey/KENTA from SOH IV in 09. Man, I remember thinking this was incredible. It isn't really. It's actually good, but not great. Started immensely with the teacher/student format and KENTA getting the upper hand and having counters for everything, but it ended up being a strike fest by the end in the same vein as KENTA/Low Ki and I wasn't into it much. A few great moments, but it isn't the amazing classic I used to think it was a few years ago. Weird how your taste can change so much in that short a time. Davey still wasn't terrible by this point either, and he used to be really entertaining as a heel in control of a match imo.

Also watched Nigel/Steen from Norther Navigation (fucking awesome show top to bottom btw). this is still really great for the majority. A bit too long winded by the end with a few too many kickouts, but the work from Nigel and Steen's crazy bumping can't be ignored, as well as the story of Steen putting everything on the line in front of his home town fans. Nigel was just so fucking brilliant during his title run. Legit BITW material imo. he works a back just as well as he works the arm in this. Great stuff. After Steen's comeback is when I started to lose interest, but it's still a really great **** match. Planning on going through lots of stuff from that time period over the next few weeks or so.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts and shit .

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I bought it last year via the Black Friday sale

ROH in 2008 IMO.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Two more grab bags arrived from SMV I got

IPW Shocktoberfest
Beyond Wrestling Pop Culture
NWA F1 Big Trouble In Little Egg Harbor
NWA Insanity 6/26/09 & Insanity
WXW Back 2 The Roots VII
F1rst Face/Off

Pretty happy with those only slight annoyance is that the F1rst show is night one of a 2 night tournament so I'll probab;y end up buying the other night at full price.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Failure To Communicate

Joey Ryan vs. Ryan Taylor
Another Joey Ryan match = another bunch of nothingness. Seriously, Joey’s matches this year in PWG have been by far the least enjoyable stuff in the company, bar B-Boy. Watched 5 minutes and skipped the rest because Ryan Taylor is shit, and Joey has never done much for me, but this year is on a whole other level. These matches literally have nothing to them. Best thing about this was Steen and Excalibur talking about tv shows on commentary and paying no attention to the match.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin
I really liked the first two thirds of this, with Elgin having an answer for everything Eddie did and kind of controlling it. The thing is though Elgin is really dull in control, and the match got better once Eddie made a comeback. After that though it drifted off into moves, moves and more moves. Eddie is a guy who comes off as genuinely likeable imo, and that sometimes helps his matches, and that was the case here despite him having the tendency to get too movesy. Really couldn’t care less about Elgin and the last third of the match, but this was better than the Davey/Elgin PWG match

RockNESS Monsters vs. Famous B & B-Boy
Yeah, I skipped this. Have no intention of ever watching a B-Boy match ever again unless Kawada decides to wrestle in PWG and faces him because he’s genuinely abysmal. Don’t care for RockNESS either this year.

Sami Callihan vs. Davey Richards
Wow. Genuinely shocked at this. It was actually really good for the majority. Starts off with strikes as I expected, but then both guys start going after the legs and it’s really good. Davey actually sells the leg for a bit before getting the advantage back and then he starts going after the leg, and it’s only when he gets really cocky and into it with the fans that Callihan gets his comeback going. They start hitting strikes and stuff, but that’s expected because it’s what both guys do, and I’m fine with it as long as they don’t forget about the limb work, and they never completely forget about it here which surprised me so much. Callihan kept going for the stretch muffler and apart from one part where Davey randomly goes after an armbar for no reason after working the leg, he goes back to the leg on more than a couple of occasions. If both guys don’t sell it too well occasionally, at least they go back to the submissions. Some genuinely terrible moments in the finishing run aside (Davey completely no selling a backdrop suplex and a lariat was really cringe worthy, and if it wasn‘t for that I might even rate this higher), this was really enjoyable imo and the leg work played into the finish which really adds to any match it happens in for me. Maybe it‘s because I expected something really bad, but I liked this a lot. Great crowd by the end too, and Davey’s best match in a long time.

Roderick Strong vs. Rich Swann
First time seeing Swann since I don’t watch any of the DG products he’s on, and he seems pretty good. Strong is just great here though. He’s so fucking good in his current PWG veteran role. He destroys Swann’s back and mid section and batters him with chops all over the place and it really is so much fun to watch. Swann sells it really well and gets some comebacks and hope spots in but Strong is always there to cut him off. Some parts looked kind of sloppy, but nothing that could really take much away from the match. Sick finish and another great Roderick midcard match.

Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack
Cage looks fucking huge here. Anyway, match isn‘t good. Just two big guys hitting each other hard and with high impact moves, but neither of these guys (especially Cage) can have a good match without someone great in there with them, so it ends up just being two guys hitting random moves instead of a good ‘big man’ match. Callihan legit made me laugh a few times on commentary though so it was worth watching for that. Dull.

Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega & El Generico
So. Much. FUN! Loved this. Omega came off as so much fucking better than almost everyone on the roster btw, excluding guys like Bucks and Generico. It's the way he carries himself, his mannerisms as well as his fluidity in the ring and his ability to string a combination or sequence together so much better. His time in Japan really has done wonders for him because he came off as a superstar in the PWG roster that the fans were amazed to see back in the ring. Starts off comedy based, the arm wrestling thing was awesome. Great control segment on Generico by Bucks, as if anything else was ever possible. Transition into the hot tag ruled completely. Finishing run is absolutely fantastic, awesome sequences and transitions, great selling by Generico, Bucks getting cocky costing them, some really good near falls and it never goes into overkill and finishes just at the right time. Finish is awesome as hell to boot. Brilliant tag match, and the best of the year, liked it more than the ladder match and the Guerilla warfare match. Loved it!

Kevin Steen vs. Ricochet vs. Michael Elgin
Three guys hitting spots is really all this was and I didn’t care for it much. A few neat spots here and there mostly from Ricochet who was great as always. Why did Elgin have to wrestle twice? WHY? Steen/Ricochet match would have been so much better it’s unbelievable. This was just a bunch of meaningless stuff for the sake of it with nothing to elevate it. Steen didn’t even do any character stuff like he usually does and instead would just come in every once in a while and hit stuff. Same with the other two guys apart from the great start with Ricochet taking it to the big men after they pushed him aside.

Two great mid card matches and a brilliant tag semi main event aside, this was a weaker offering from PWG, but I still enjoyed myself when the matches were bad because, well, it’s PWG, and the crowd and commentary more often than not make up for it, so I can at least tolerate the matches and sit through them. But anyway, the tag match was superb, and we had another great Roderick veteran style match, with (imo) a great and surprising offering from Davey and Callihan (mostly Callihan). So, this show kind of made me like Callihan a little bit more if that counts for anything.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Dragon Gate USA - Bushido: Code of the Warrior

Four Way Freestyle
Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Arik Cannon vs. Ricochet - *** 1/2

Homicide vs. Rich Swann - **

Austin Aries vs. Masato Yoshino - *** 3/4+

I Quit Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley - *** 1/2

Akebono & Brodie Lee vs. The Osirian Portal - N/A (comedy squash)

CIMA & Genki Horiguchi vs. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa - ****

Open The Freedom Gate Championship
BxB Hulk (c) vs. Shingo - **** 1/4

Overall: 8.5/10

- The opener couldn't have been booked any better to both get the crowd pumped & to introduce a new audience to your company in your first ever iPPV. Balls to the wall action. Tons of fun. The seeds of Ronin are planted.

- Homicide/Swann was pretty average/sloppy since Homicide was shit at the time but the crowd REALLY got behind Swann, and that would continue throughout the entire night. Aries' promo & speech to Swann was great after the match.

- Aries/Yoshino was excellent. It's rare you see an opponent for Aries actually faster than him, so that was cool. Good selling from Aries on the arm & basically just a bunch of good shit. Great match.

- I feel like they could've really had something special in Jacobs/Moxley, but the match was paced far too quick for an I Quit Match. It was a little less than 13 minutes and they just kept bustin through moves & sequences like it was nothin. They told a good story & the emotion was there, but man I really wish they would've gone all out with tables & spots and all that cool shit. Slow it down & throw in some big spots and it's a classic for sure. For what it is, it's a good enough blowoff to their heated feud although the finish is kinda silly. Jacobs' bladejob on the other hand, RIDICULOUS. Pretty damn high on the Muta Scale for sure. He had to keep wiping the blood out of his eyes.

- Tag match is all kinds of goodness & tons of fun. Tozawa is just oozing with charisma & personality. Great finishing sequence that wasn't overdone with a bunch of ridiculous shit & wasn't wrestled at 900 mph, so that made me a happy camper. Long match, but I certainly enjoyed it. Postmatch features the birth of Ronin, which was building all night. The crowd loves Swann!

- Oh fuck yeah, Hulk/Shingo was an absolute war. Damn near 30 minutes of two guys hitting each other with everything they possibly had & the crowd totally ate it up in the last several minutes. I loved everything they did on the outside. I can see some people saying it tapped into overkill but damn those nearfalls kept me on my toes & REALLY made me want Shingo to win it. That superplex into an emerald fusion combo was as well as the finish. This match skyrocketed into one of my all time DGUSA favorites.

- As DGUSA's first ever iPPV, this was a huge success and a pretty underrated show imo. Top to bottom a really fun card with a ridiculously good main event. Hailsabin, add this one to your list.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

1. Ophidian vs. UltraMantis Black

Good opener, Ophidian was busting out some really cool and innovative moves, and the crowd was hot for UltraMantis. The finishing stretch was really good, but shit, they almost went into overkill, but luckily, they ended the match properly.


2. LOSER LEAVES TOWN: The Throwbacks vs. Colt Cabana & Archibald Peck (aka Mixed Martial Archie)

So entertaining, so colorful. The Throwbacks are such an awesome tag team, and what's even better Ė both guys are really good and underrated singles competitors. But Archie rules the world, seriously, that guy needs to be a sleeper WOTY on someone's list, I swear. He makes everything work. It's gonna be interesting between him and Angelosetti in 2013.


3. LADDER MATCH (for Gran Akumaís contract): Gran Akuma vs. Icarus

Jesus, this oneís even better on the re-watch. Itís almost impossible to imagine they pulled off a ladder match like this in Chikara, it wasnít whacky, it was all about business. Some really serious moves and spots right there. ICARUS dominates the world. Also, Iím not high on Akuma at all, but he was good here.


4. 3-on-2 HANDICAP: The Batiri vs. Sara Del Rey & Saturyne

While this mostly served as a showcase for Delirious and his agendas, it was also a nice little match, Sara and Saturyne were awesome here, especially Saturyne in paying her dues by getting her great piece of ass kicked.


5. LUCHA DE APUESTA (mask vs. hair): Hallowicked vs. Tim Donst

Good, heated, high octane grudge match, cool stuff. Donstís character work was strong, and Hallowicked is such a lovable babyface, it made for an awesome dynamics. But I didnít like the restart finish, because I hate restart finishes generally (is that a new match or what?). ChikaraSon was awesome on commentary.


6. GEKIDO vs. Eddie Kingston, Soldier Ant, Green Ant & QuackSaw

Well, itís common sense that Chikara busts out good/great multi-man matches regularly now. This one felt big, the crowd was on fire, and the work was awesome. Quack returned, and shit got real there. This match also makes me miss 17.


7. Campeonatos de Parejas: F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano) © vs. The Young Bucks

A proper main event. The MOTN, this was really good. Two rudo teams trying to outcheat each others, very cool stuff. Every fall got enough time to develop some strong stories, and the third fall was very exciting, of course. Nick Jackson is the most hilarious wrestler on the planet when he does his ďrock starĒ schtick/mockery.


One of the best non-PWG shows in America this year. Chikara knows how to create some magic, trust me.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Failure to Communicate - 10/27/12

Ryan Taylor vs. Joey Ryan
Fun and fast 8 minute bout.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin
Great balls to the walls action.

B-Boy and Famous B vs. The RockNES Monsters
Solid match that started to get good down the stretch, but was way to sloppy.

Sami Callihan vs. Davey Richards
Really really good with the exception of everything from the superplex to the next stretch muffler attempt which sucked. I'm glad the leg work came back into play.

Rich Swann vs. Roderick Strong
The control angle was slow and plodding but Swann was so good here.

Willie Mack vs. Brian Cage
Good but I felt like it was missing something.

Kenny Omega and El Generico vs. The Young Bucks
Jesus Christ. I can't put how amazing this was into words.

PWG Championship
Kevin Steen vs. Ricochet vs. Michael Elgin
Fun 15 minute sprint with great three man spots.
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