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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That's the plan.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

AIW - The JT Lightning Invitational Tournament

Night One

Louis Lyndon vs. Mat Fitchett - **3/4

Bobby Beverly vs. Kodama - **1/2

Facade vs. Marion Fontaine - **1/2

Ophidian vs. Gregory Iron - *

Ethan Page vs. Willie Mack - ***1/4

Colin Delaney vs. Archibald Peck - **

Obariyon vs. Eric Ryan - ***

Colt Cabana vs. BJ Whitmer - **3/4

Tim Donst vs. Brian "Spanky" Kendrick - ***1/4

Davey Vega vs. ACH - ***1/2

Flip Kendrick vs. Rickey Shane Page - ***1/2

Josh Prohibition vs. Matt Cross - **3/4

Pre-Show Match
Team Michigan (Jack Verville, KJ Crush & Maserati Rick) vs. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelestico & Gary Jay) - **

Night Two

ACH vs. Willie Mack - ***

Colin Delaney vs. Marion Fontaine - *

Louis Lyndon vs. Brian "Spanky" Kendrick - **1/4

Bobby Beverly vs. BJ Whitmer - **

Ophidian vs. Josh Prohibition - **1/4

Eric Ryan vs. Rickey Shane Page - ***1/2

Colin Delaney vs. ACH - **

BJ Whitmer vs. Brian "Spanky" Kendrick - ***

Josh Prohibition vs. Eric Ryan - N/A

The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. The Sex Bob-Ombs (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) - ***

Non-Tournament - Falls Count Anywhere
Mad Man Pondo vs. John Thorne - *1/2

Tim Donst vs. Ethan Page vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Façade - ***

Non-Tournament - AIW Women’s Title
Allysin Kay vs. Jennifer Blake - **3/4

Tournament Finals - AIW Absolute Title - Elimination Rules
ACH vs. Eric Ryan vs. BJ Whitmer - ***1/4

Pre-Show Match
The Submission Squad vs. The Duke & Da Latin Crime Syndicate (K. Fernandez & Joey The Snake) - *

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

The AIW tounry was great but so fucking long.

Order EVOLVE 31, 32, 33, FIP Heatstroke, Youshoot with Matt Sydal, LXW Invasion of The Ubermenschen, and video on demand content at this link
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Pro Wrestling Superstars - Toronto

1. El Generico vs Michael Elgin - **3/4

2. Tito Santana vs Shawn Spears - N/A

3. The Super Smash Brothers vs The Great Outdoors vs Rhett Titus & Caleb Konley vs Adam Page & Asylum - ***1/4
Titus and Konley worked so much better than The Scene, Titus in the ATL's gimmick is a thing of beauty

4. Finlay vs Harry Smith - **1/2

5. Vader vs Necro Butcher - N/A

6. Dominic DeNucci & Shane Douglas vs Lord Zoltan & Shawn Blanchard
Didn't watched

7. LuFisto vs Kalamity - **3/4

8. Roderick Strong vs Jushin Liger - **3/4

9. Tommy Dreamer & Rhino vs Raven & CW Anderson - *1/2

TBH i enjoyed this for some reason.. nothing was very good but it wasn't unwatchable.. i kinda like PWS
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
RIP Rock Riddle.

Also, we're not spoiling BOLA or KOT, right?
I just ordered my tickets for KOT. I need somewhere I can talk/brag about how great the weekend is going to be.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

You can do that, just keep any results in the Chikara thread.

Also nobody better do what that one guy did last year and be all "well nothing interested me except the final so I skipped to that, here's what happened" because that's just as bad.

But yeah brag about going to KOT in here all you want until it actually happens.

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

DVD will be out in like a week so I think I can handle that.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

yeah it's more BOLA I'm worried about because that DVD will be out in like January

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Threemendous III

Famous B vs. Joey Ryan
Decent opener

TJ Perkins vs. Roderick Strong
Yet another piss-poor attempt at submissions by TJP. Many seem to have a gripe for Cena's inability to apply pressure during the STF but fuck even holding Strong's head, right, TJ? At least his flashiness in getting into the submissions looked better than his DTABM match, though.

The two mesh well and it got better the longer it went.

RockNES Monsters vs. Fightin' Taylor Boys
This wasn't meant to be good, it was just meant to be fun and judging by the crowd response it was. Either way, my care for this match is as great as it is for the RockNES Monsters (non-existent). Not terrible but not something I'd have willingly sat through if I wasn't writing this review.

Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards
Brian Cage is an effing machine! Everything he did here had purpose and all connected from start to finish.

Bringing Edwards down with a high-impact hit to the back, Cage focused on cutting off Eddie's oxygen supply initiating the vet's groggy state and thusly taking advantage of his semi-defencless state with some great limbwork. When Eddie would start coming to, Cage would re-initiate his entire deceptively brilliant strategy. Great psychology work there, frankly, with my personal favourite being the transition from a held/extended suplex for a lengthy twenty count (over-saturating Eddie's brain) followed by a strongly applied headlock/choke (cutting off his supply).

Eddie wasn't lacking, either, with some great moves interspersed amongst Cage's offence (a beautiful snap Nothern Lights suplex on a charging Cage being one readily coming to mind). But this match was all about Brian Effing Cage, it was his chance to show why he deserved a title shot and he did so here in convincingly putting away the former RoH world champion. It's a pity that his previous run-in with Steen wasn't as closely competed as I'd have hoped. Still, a few more events and Cage is ready for the title, imo (provided the rumours are not true and he isn't going to TNA).

Cage's post match promo was short but to the point, stating to whomever had the belt (be it Steen or anyone)that when it's his time, he's "coming for you, ....." and followed up the Booker T train with his own Spinaroonee. Beautiful.

PWG World Championship Match:
Kevin Steen(c) vs. Willie Mack
This fell flat after the interference (something I'd like to not have happened, either, as Willie Mack has been built so well in getting to this point). Surviving a few signatures and only being put away with a variant of the Psycho Driver Willie ended the match looking resilient but not championship material. I guess PWG bookers shared the sentiments of a few on here that Mack just isn't ready. Perhaps he isn't, but I'd have liked a cleaner fight.

This was heading to be something great (but not exceptional) but that interference, ref bump (extra points for Rick Knox selling like a bomb, though) and finishing stretch killed it for me.

B-Boy vs. Drake Younger
A very decent slugfest between two wrestlers no one seemed to give a shit about on this board. Some stiff drops from B-Boy on Younger and a sick crash to the outside that busted Drake hardway. Did B-Boy really drink Drake's blood off the floor or was I imagining things? What a sick fucker.

Selling issues towards the end (I have a feeling Drake's blood was causal to him "hulking up", though, so I won't lean too negatively on it) but otherwise a fun match that I won't mind sitting through again if these two square off one more time.

Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin
Slightly cookie-cutter Callihan in terms of his usual middle-finger while in peril shtick but a good smash-mouth, powerhouse brawl between the two, nonetheless. This was not at all hampered by the previous match or anything else, really, as EmbassyForever said in his review. I'm actually surprised he rated it so low, too, as it seems something more up his alley than anything else so far on the card.

Would have hoped that the arm-work done at the beginning of the match (in terms of the kicks they delivered in stopping their lariats) played more of a continuity role later on but that's possibly asking too much here. Decent leg-work by Callihan on Elgin's left knee, though.

Three-Way Ladder Match for the PWG World Championship:
Super Smash Bros.(c) vs. Future Shock vs. The Young Bucks


Average star rating: ***1/2
Show rating: 9/10

Overall: this was a great 9th anniversary card with a showing strong enough to portray why PWG is still my favourite promotion going. An event with 6 of the 8 matches being comfortably above the three-star level (with one being my current MotY) is seriously nothing to sneeze at. Nothing as humorously entertaining as their DTABM show but everything delivered in terms of the wrestling. Get your hands on this.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikara - Give Em The Axe

1. The Spectral Envoy vs Soldier Ant, combatANT & deviANT

2. Ophidian vs Sugar Dunkerton

3. The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger vs The Shard

4. 3.0 & Gran Akuma vs The Batiri

5. Icarus vs Sara Del Rey

6. Jakob Hammermeier vs Jigsaw

7. Los Ice Creams vs Green Ant & Steve Weiner

8. YLC X Quarter Final
Aaron Epic vs ACH vs JT Dunn vs Vinny Marseglia

9. Campeonatos de Parejas
The Young Bucks vs The Throwbacks

CZW - New Heights 2012

1. Core vs Shane Strickland

2. Alex Colon vs Devon Moore

3. Rory Mondo vs Niles Young vs Drew Gulak vs Latin Dragon vs Ruckus vs Joe Gacy vs Mia Yim vs Dustin Rayz

4. Greg Excellent & Jake Crist vs DJ Hyde & Dave Crist

5. Azrieal & Bandido Jr vs Danny Havoc & tHURTeen

6. MASADA vs AR Fox

7. Sami Callihan vs Drake Younger

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