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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

CZW - Aerial Assault

1. Danny Havoc vs Alexander James

2. CZW Tag Titles
Azrieal & Bandido Jr vs Alex Colon & Ruckus vs The Runaways

3. Adam Cole vs MASADA

4. Philly's Most Wanted & Dave Crist vs Jake Crist, AR Fox & Chuck Taylor

5. TLC
Greg Excellent vs Mia Yim

6. Kit Osbourne vs AJ Evers

7. CZW Jr Heavyweight Title
Sami Callihan vs Drake Younger

8. CZW World Title
Devon Moore vs Scotty Vortekz vs DJ Hyde vs MASADA

9. Aerial Assault
Uhaa Nation vs Samuray Del Sol vs Ryan McBride vs Rory Mondo vs tHURTeen vs Niles Young vs Latin Dragon vs Shane Strickland

One of the better CZW shows in recent times
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Shingo needs to return to DGUSA.

Official Puroresu DVD Thoughts + Buyers Guide!
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Making James Ellsworth GET MY BAGS
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

CZW Best of the Best XI

1. MK McKinnan vs Trent7 vs Sami Callihan vs Drake Younger

2. Greg Excellent vs Alex Colon vs Willie Mack

3. Samuray Del Sol vs Chuck Taylor vs Johnny Gargano

4. AR Fox vs ACH vs Lince Dorado

5. CZW Wired Title
Jake Crist vs Dave Crist

6. Alex Colon vs Sami Callihan

7. AR Fox vs Samuray Del Sol

- skipped the bonus BJW match

8. Clint Margera vs Matt Tremont

9. Sami Callihan vs AR Fox

CZW Cinco De Mayo

1. Kyle Maverick vs Hy-Zaya

2. Alpha Breed vs DNA vs AW2 vs Northern Fight Club

3. Alex Colon vs AR Fox

4. Jake Crist vs Adam Cole

5. DJ Hyde vs BJ Whitmer

6. Ron Mathis vs Danny Havoc

7. Devon Moore vs Dave Crist

8. CZW Jr Heavyweight Title 2/3 Falls
Sami Callihan vs Drake Younger

9. CZW World Title
MASADA vs Michael Elgin

CZW - Proving Grounds 2012

1. Drake Younger vs Sabian

2. Ruckus vs tHURTeen

3. Alexander James vs Latin Dragon vs Shane Strickland

4. Matt Tremont vs Greg Excellent

5. CZW Wired Title
Dave Crist vs Jake Crist

6. CZW Tag Team Titles
Azrieal & Bandido Jr vs The Runaways

7. CZW World Title
MASADA vs Devon Moore

- yet again skipping the BJW match

8. No Ropes Barbed Wire
Danny Havoc vs Drew Gulak
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

No way the 4 way from BOTB should only be 2 stars.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
They don't run many shows in the United States and they have to stay consistent with what goes on in Japan. It pretty much ruins any chance of them being able to work long term story lines with the international guys. That's why they shifted so much of the focus to the Americans in the company because if a stable is a DGUSA only one they won't get split up in between shows.

If that November date is true they should be embarrassed. I have no desire to buy their iPPVs or watch their shows on demand. I want a hard copy of the DVD so I can watch it in much better quality and have the option to turn commentary on and off. I can't believe that I'm the only one that just wants to get their DVDs and not all the on demand stuff they have.
Originally Posted by mk92071 View Post
I'm the same exact way. The only iPPV I bought is the $2 show they did a while back. I just like having the physical DVD and being able to easily watch it on my TV.
Originally Posted by Bruce L View Post
Same here. I sometimes get the impression they're trying to actively discourage people who don't want to buy iPPVs from becoming fans.
Glad I'm not the only one, I have no interest whatsoever in iPPV.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Idk, I like VoD stuff, let's say I'm bored, want something to watch on my PC or laptop, I just go click-click-click, and I'm consuming some SHINGO, YAMATO and Tozawa.

- Johnny Gargano's Dragon Gate USA contract is set to expire this month. Gargano's contract ran two years and will expire just before the company's next shows, which are July 27th and 28th in Michigan and Chicago, respectively. Sources say that Gargano has been offered a new contract but hasn't yet signed it. His next title defense is the July 27th show, against Akira Tozawa.
Credit: PW Torch

It'll be interesting to see if WWE and TNA noticed his massive improvements from the last 18 months. He'd be a great fit to the X Division.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Where did you read this?
I didn't read it anywhere. It was an assumption based on tracking their DVD release schedules. At this moment, we're in the November tripleshot which leaves the Golden Gate and Wrestlemania shows + the EVOLVE shows, and at the pace they typically release their shows my guess would be November at minium for them to catch up to their most recent show(s). Which brings me to the heavy empahsis on VOD and iPPV model, which I think they believe serves as more of a convenience; reflected primarily through their double/triple shot pricing deals and merch deals for shows that usually take place a good span after the iPPVs and VOD of individual shows have already been released. Since they can't get DVDs out til months later, they'd figure a consumer is more likely to buy it in a deal with other old shows rather than full price. It was never my intention to state it as fact; just made an assumption based off of their recent trends and ventures.

I can understand and relate to the issue for those who aren't fans of iPPV/VOD. While I'm" personally not big on DVDs anymore, it has been a long standing method of consumption for the indies (roughly over a decade now). I guess it never really bothered me since I saved up and bought an Internet/Smart TV so I could watch my iPPVs/VOD shows on my TV either way.

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Gargano will end up in WWE one day. He'll probably have to work a few more years on the Indies though. He's still very young for someone with his amount of experience.

I don't buy VOD shows either. If I'm spending money on a show then I want a DVD of it. I do understand though how it's more efficient and cheaper for them to focus on the VOD side but the DVD side of their business is just embarrassing. It's not like that market is totally dead and they're losing that market with their incompetence. It's not that difficult to get a show out on DVD in less than 3 months. Especially when they don't run that many shows.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Despite being insanely far behind in my ROH and DGUSA collections I proved once again that I am addicted to buying DVDs as I could not pass up the current sales the two promotions have. I am now completely caught up with what they have released. This morning I purchased the following:

ROH Rise & Prove
ROH The Homecoming
ROH Battle of Richmond
ROH Border Wars
ROH Rising Above
ROH 10th Anniversary Show

Got these as my free DVDs:

ROH Unity
Nigel McGuinness Compilation
KENTA Compilation

Then got all these from DGUSA:

Uprising 2011
Enter the Dragon 2011
Untouchable 2011
Way of the Ronin 2011
REVOLT! 2011
Bushido 2011
Freedom Fight 2011
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

WWE is said to be wanting to sign Gargano, but it's very risky. Gargano has a lot of long-standing issues and recently had a major back injury which I'm sure wasn't 100% re healed when he returned.
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