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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

jeez, that ROH World title sure is the pertiest looking belt in wrestling today, no?

Every time I see it, I just think, "that's what a wrestling championship should look like".

ROH seems utterly directionless right now, but at least they're putting on some fresh match-ups. I'll never understand why Eddie Kingston doesn't work for them.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by peachchaos View Post
jeez, that ROH World title sure is the pertiest looking belt in wrestling today, no?

Every time I see it, I just think, "that's what a wrestling championship should look like".

ROH seems utterly directionless right now, but at least they're putting on some fresh match-ups. I'll never understand why Eddie Kingston doesn't work for them.
Directionless? You don´t watch ROH TV or iPPV, do you?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

My sentiments exactly about Kingston not being in ROH. When they got the TV deal and people were tossing around names who should ROH sign , Kingston was the top of my list. Kingston would of made the perfect transition to TV.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Sold all the ROH I listed earlier.

All my PWG probably sold, awaiting payment.

Have some odds and ends to sell off. $4.50/DVD + a little for shipping for anything on this list. If interested, pm me or send an email to

1PW All or Nothing – Night 1 3/4/06 (Highspots)

AAA Guerra de Titanes 2007 11/20/07 (commercial tape not sold in US) (clipped)
AAA Verano de Escándalo 2008 9/14/08 (commercial tape not sold in US) (clipped)
AAA XI Guerra de Titanes 2008 12/6/08 (commercial tape not sold in US) (clipped)
AAA Guerra de Titanes 2009 12/11/09 (commercial tape not sold in US) (clipped)

Blood Sweat & Ears X-Treme X-Mas 12/4/05
Blood Sweat Ears Behind Bars 6/3/06
Blood Sweat & Ears 1/19/08

CMLL 76th Anniversary Show 9/18/09 (Highspots)

CZW High Stakes – Always Bet on Black (afternoon show) 9/11/04
CZW Night of Infamy 11/14/04
CZW Cage of Death 6 12/11/04
CZW Violent by Design 6/11/05
CZW Déjà Vu – Wired 8/13/05
CZW Down With the Sickness 4Ever (Chri$ Ca$h tribute) 9/10/05
CZW Cage of Death 7 12/10/05
CZW An Afternoon of Main Events/Who’s the Boss 1/14/06 & 8/11/01
CZW When 2 Worlds Collide 3/11/06
CZW Trapped/ War at Station 44 8/12/06 & 3/10/01
CZW 2nd Annual Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show – Down With the Sickness 4ever 9/9/06

Elite Pro Wrestling ETV – Volume 5 (4 episodes of Elite Pro’s tv show)
Elite Pro Wrestling ETV – Volume 6

Epic Pro Wrestling War Spotlight on the Surburban Commandoes (compilation)

FIP Violence is the Answer 4/23/05
FIP X-Factor 10/7/05
FIP Strong vs. Evans 1/7/06
FIP Impact of Honor 6/10/06
FIP Fallout 2006 10/13/06

GSW Night in Motion 4 – The Golden Challenge 3/29/04 (Video Vegas edition)
German Stampede Wrestling /International Impact V 4/19/08
GSW Night in Motion XII – Sold Out 7/19/08
GSW Night in Motion XIII – Lucky 13 8/30/08

IWA MS One More Time 6/11/04
IWA MS Spring Heat 2005 4/8/05
IWA MS Revenge Served Cold 4/29/05
IWA Mid South No Blood, No Guts, No Glory 2005 7/2/05
IWA MS No Retreat, No Surrender 1/21/06

IWA Puerto Rico Summer Attitude 2

MLW Revolutions 5/9/03
MLW Rise of the Renegades 7/26/03

NWA Anarchy Hostile Environment 7/30/05

Pro Wrestling Riot (Fla) 11/16/07
Pro Wrestling Riot It’s Personal 4/12/08
Pro Wrestling Riot The Ties That Bind 8/30/08

Stars of wXw: Doug Williams

wXw 16 Carat Gold 2008 – Day 1 3/7/08
wXw 16 Carat Gold 2008 – Day 2 3/8/08
wXw 16 Carat Gold 2008 – Day 3 3/9/08

World League Wrestling (Harley Race training academy) 106 & 107 10/13/07
WLW 108 & 109 10/27/07
WLW 112 & 113 11/17/07

WWF Shawn Michaels’ Boyhood Dream (early compilation)

Wrestling Society X (box set)
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Shimmer Vol. 39
Courtney Rush vs. Kellie Skater-2.5/5
LuFisto vs. Sassy Stephie w/ Mademoiselle Rachelle-2.5/5
Rachel Summerlyn vs. Mena Libra-2.25/5
SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Hiroyo Matsumoto & Misaki Ohata vs. Nikki Roxx & Ariel-2.75/5
Mercedes Martinez vs. Britani Knight w/ Rebecca Knox-2/5
Mia Yim & Jamilia Craft vs. Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa-2/5
Jessica James vs. Athena-2.75/5
MsChif vs. Saraya Knight w/ Rebecca Knox-2.5/5
Rematch From Vol. 35: Serena Deeb vs. Portia Perez-2.25/5
Two out of Three Falls: Jessie McKay vs. Nicole Matthews-3/5
Cheerleader Melissa & Ayako Hamada vs. Madison Eagles & Sara Del Rey-3.5/5
Favorite Gimmicks and Characters
Kellie Skater
Britani Knight
Daizee Haze
Ref. Brian Gordy
Saraya Knight-"Don't make me beat you in front of your children."
Portia Perez
Ranking the Shimmer dvds I've seen so far.
1. Vol.37
2. Vol. 35
3. Vol. 28
4. Vol. 38
5. Vol. 36
6. Vol. 39

You know you remember this.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

SMV Best On The Indies: Queen Of Wrestling - The Sara Del Rey Story

IWA-MS 2/15/04
Sara Del Rey vs. MsChif vs. Daizee Haze vs. Mickie Knuckles vs. Ariel vs. Cheerleader Melissa - **1/4

Shimmer 11/6/05
Sara Del Rey vs Mercedes Martinez - ***1/2

AAW 10/21/06
Sara Del Rey & Allison Danger vs. Nattie Neidhart & Cheerleader Melissa - **3/4

Shimmer 10/22/06
Sara Del Rey vs. Nattie Neidhart - ***1/4

Shimmer 4/7/07

Sara Del Rey vs. Cheerleader Melissa - ***1/2

Shimmer 6/2/07
Sara Del Rey vs. Sarah Stock - ***3/4

Chikara 8/5/07
Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze - ***1/4

Shimmer 10/13/07
Sara Del Rey vs. Amazing Kong - ***3/4

Chikara 11/16/07
Sara Del Rey vs. Portia Perez - **

IWA-MS 9/27/08
Sara Del Rey vs. Claudio Castagnoli - ***

C*4 1/17/09
Sara Del Rey vs. Misty Haven - **3/4

LWA 3/09
Sara Del Rey vs. MsChif - ***

AIW 10/10/09
Sara Del Rey vs. Hailey Hatred - **1/2

ACW 6/27/10
Sara Del Rey vs. Jessica James - ***

Chikara 7/25/10
Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze vs. vs. Amazing Kong & Raisha Saeed - ***

Chikara 9/19/10
Sara Del Rey & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Manami Toyota & Mike Quackenbush - ****1/4

Remix Pro 10/2/10
Sara Del Rey vs. Daffney - **

Chikara 2/20/11
Sara Del Rey vs. Madison Eagles - ***

Chikara 3/13/11
Sara Del Rey vs. Toshie Uematsu - ***1/4

Chikara 6/24/11
Sara Del Rey vs. Icarus - ***

Chikara 7/31/11
Sara Del Rey vs. Claudio Castagnoli - ***3/4

Chikara 10/7/11
Sara Del Rey vs. Mike Quackenbush - ***3/4

Chikara 10/8/11
Sara Del Rey vs. Kana - ****

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

IWA Mid-South June 11, 2005 "Something To Prove" - Philadelphia, PA

This was the first show in the CZW/IWA-MS doubleheader on June 11th 2005. It features the infamous Joe vs Necro match. It's crazy how Necro was able to do a second show on this day for CZW's Violent By Design (a Falls Count Anywhere match w/ Toby Klein vs H8 Club)

I'd call this, top to bottom, one the best indy shows of 2005. It has literally every type of wrestling. Strong hard hitting style with Necro Butcher and Samoa Joe (and you'd be hard pressed to find ANY stiffer match that isn't an MMA fight), hardcore with the Bad Breed 6 man tag and the tables gauntlet.
When CM Punk vs. Homicide is match TWO, you know the card is stacked. Pretty much every match on this card could main event any show in the country at this time.
CZW did a show in 2006 called "An Afternoon of Main Events" but this was a true Afternoon of Main Events. for anyone who trashes IWA-MS as never being good, I point to this show with "I disagree strongly sir"

1. IWA Mid-South Documentary
A short documentary showing a couple of IWA wrestlers (Punk, Jacobs, Rotten and more) talking about what IWA is, and why they wrestle there. The same documentary is also on YouTube (

2. Delirious vs. Josh Abercrombie
Dave Prazak says a little later in the show Delirious broke his nose in this match.

3. CM Punk vs. Homicide
I think this is one of Punk's last IWA-MS appearences. Ian Rotten comes out after the match and says they'll see him next month or next week (for his last match I think). Ian Rotten thanks Punk for all he's done for IWA.

4. MsChif vs. Allison Danger vs. Mickie Knuckles

5. Tracy Smothers vs. Claudio Castagnoli with Jade Chung
Tracy Smothers is awesome.

6. Tables Match - Eric Priest & Chad Austin vs. Davey Andrews & Shane Hagadorn vs. Eddie Kingston & BJ Whitmer vs. Ryan Boz & Trik Davis vs. B-Boy & Brandon Thomaselli vs. Sal & Vito Thomaselli

7. Bad Breed (Ian & Axl Rotten) & Nate Webb vs. Toby Klein, Mad Man Pondo & JC Bailey
Short shoot promo before the match. Apparently Balls Mahoney was scheduled to team up with Bad Breed. Ian says "because Vince McMahon gave him a 1-night only contract, his head got so big he wanted 3 times the money he agreed on." Axl Rotten: "My ass is on the PPV and I'm right here in IW-fucking-A.". So they bring out Nate Webb who gets a big pop, he dances around the crowd and he even gets Axl & Ian to dance in the ring.

8. Gauntlet Match featuring Arik Cannon, Danny Daniels, Chris Hero & Jimmy Jacobs

9. Samoa Joe vs. Necro Butcher
Sick and brutal match. The suplex of the ring apron to the floor legit made me cringe. Awesome, awesome match and definitely recommended if you haven't seen it already.

The dvd also has 2 bonus match but I haven't watched those yet, only quickly skimmed through them to see the venue etc..:
10. Bonus Match 8/1/03 - Necro Butcher vs. Toby Klein
11. Bonus Match 5/4/02 - Ian Rotten vs. Chris Hero (I watched Ian's post match comments and he once again says Chris Hero will become one of the biggest in this business, let's hope that comes true now that he's in FCW).
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

EVOLVE 11 - Finlay vs Callihan

Super Smash Brothers vs Jake Manning & Drew Gulak
Nice lengthy opener (for EVOLVE standards anyway) with a strong face/heel dynamic up until the hot tag. Things became alittle spotty after that, but the fans ate all of SSB's signature moves up nicely.

Josh Alexander vs MK McKinnan
McKinnan looked like any other indy kid; skinny? Check. Kickpads? You betcha. He sadly pocess the mannerisms of one too. He did a kick combo, enziguri, that stupid fucking Davey Richards spring-up kick to a wrestler on the top rope and almost botched in a Hayabusa-like manner. Alexander carried him to a sub-par match, it seems.

Mike Rollins vs Ashley Sixx
'Psycho' Mike is doing the old madman gimmick and it's one of the only highlights of the match. That and Rollin's great facial expressions after getting the taste slapped out of his mouth.

Alex Reynolds vs John Silver
Lasting just over 12 minutes, I felt like they gave them too much time for two unknowns, but the live crowd seemed to enjoy it.

Elimination Match
Chuck Taylor vs Johnny Gargano vs Samuray del Sol

Samuray was a spot monkey, but a good one atleast. Up to his elimination, the match was all highspots. When he was eliminated the focus was shifted to Taylor working on Gargano's back. The only problem is that during Gargano's comeback, he does plenty of spots that contradicted all the damage on his back and it all made no sense at all.

Caleb Konley vs Adam Page
Just something to cool us off for the main events.

Low-Ki vs El Generico
This was bloody fantastic. Low Ki's strong style background visually intimidated Generico. He flinched after Low-Ki attempted a strike and when Generico tried to return the favor, Low-Ki just stared at him like a motherfucker who then proceeds to beat the living crap out of Generico. Generico needs to find something to combat Low Ki's offense and he eventually does with his speed. This told a great story and ended at the right time, something a lot of EVOLVE matches struggle to do.

Dave 'Fit' Finlay vs Sami Callihan
Limbwork, stiff strikes and MANLINESS~! Both men bleed the hardway by headbutting each other. In a similar vein to their last match at EVOLVE, Finlay dishes out most of the beating. At the time, the spot where both men knock each other down with dueling kicks not once, not twice, but THREE times did annoy me, but when I look back on it now on how it made the closing minutes even more epic. The final counter was also fucking epic, but I'm not going to spoil that for you. As of now, this is my MOTY.

A two match show. Everything bar the two main events are skippable, but still enjoyable. The undercard feature plenty of unknowns but they keep all their matches relatively short.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just downloading that show, glad to hear Finlay/Sami was great again .
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Anyone have a link to the El Generico vs Sanshiro Takagi? Looks like one of the funnest matches ever. The cigarette , the skatebaord and the porn DVD. Probably the best turnbuckle brainbuster Generico ever did too.
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