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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by highspots facebook
Now thru Monday April 9th we are offering a STORE-WIDE 28% off sale to commemorate the 28th anniversary of Wrestlemania. Use Coupon Code WM28 at checkout. Not valid on wrestling ring items and custom gear.
Just ordered Shimmer Vol 38 and 39. Thanks for the heads up Seabs. Wanted to get them for a while, might as well get them during a sale.

You know you remember this.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

$5 Wrestling: This Many

I wanted to get some DVDs while in Miami but I was on a tight budget and this was the only one I could afford. Here we go I guess...

Dick Foley vs. "War Dawg" Rick Havok

Why does this company have their own Tough Enough and why is there a Mick Foley impersonator? Match starts with some terrible chain wrestling and some super weak chops and slaps. Foley also hit 3 clotheslines in a row where he made no contact at all with War Dawg. Everything was sloppy, nothing looked good, the gimmick was stupid, there is still no fucking crowd at all for the show, and neither guy gave me the impression that they knew what they were doing. That being said it's probably one of the better matches that this company has had.

Raider Rock vs. Storm Maverick

I think both guys might be retarded. It was rather amazing how they managed to botch every single move they did. Literally every single spot was botched which was rather impressive in how terrible it was. I think you could put two random guys into the ring (and I mean guys and not wrestlers) and they would be able to do a better job than this shit. One of the worst matches I've ever seen from a technical standpoint. At least they tried to tell a story where Raider Rock just beat the shit out of Storm but all of the moves looked stupid and terrible. This was embarassing to watch.

The Shiek and Grease Monkey vs. The Cruel Connection

This kids in the crowd actually seemed to enjoy the match. Or at least they found something entertaining to do while the match was going on. Also why the fuck is Sheik working as a face? He's literally been the only guy that appears to have any wrestling ability in the whole company and was a solid heel with his very generic gimmick. And turning him face made no sense. Also are we supposed to think the Cruel Connection members are identical? They have the same gear and made some illegal switches but the ref didn't seem to notice the obvious switches. Ending was insanely stupid as well, one of the worst roll-ups ever and the tights were held right in front of the ref but he counted to 3 anyway. Everything about this was bad. I still don't understand why The Sheik was a face and why he lost in his first match as a face.

America's Team: American Idiot and Dyn-O-Mite vs. The Un-Americans: Jeff Hart and Johnny N.

Johnny N. apparently hates the extreme racial discrimination so he has defected to Canada and decided to team with Hart, who is obviously a Canadian. I just don't believe that he's a real Hart though. Jeff Hart never got in the ring and the Americans just beat up Johhny N. for almost the entire time. I was left wondering what the point of all of this was. Highlight of the match was a shoulder tackle, and that's all that really needs to be said.

$5 Wrestling Championship:

Freight Train(c) vs. Wolfman

Fuck, what this awful. Freight Train seems to know how to do a bodyslam and a shoulder block. Yet this guy is their champion. He doesn't sell anything and just looks stupid most of the time. Never have I seen a wrestler in some type of submission start clapping himself to get the crowd going. His comeback consisted of Wolfman running into the corner and Freight Train hitting him with this super weak elbow. How is this the main event of any type of show? I am baffled as to why the main event was just so terrible. Nothing good to say about this match.

I don't know why I expected anything different. I wish I had $10 so I could have purchased a PWG DVD or just something that didn't totally suck like this DVD did. Avoid at all costs.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Platt View Post

Highspots are running a very rare sale.

EDIT: I just pre-ordered PWG World's Finest and for some reason it gave me free shipping so with the discount it only cost $10.79 shipped to the UK
I did the same and got free shipping. Pretty fantastic.

Just listed these

ROH - The Tokyo Summit

ROH - Rising Above 2008

ROH - Death Before Dishonor VII (Night 1 & 2)

Chikara - Maiden Flight of the Great Condor

1. Kodama vs Ophidian

2. Archibald Peck vs Marion Fontaine

3. The Roughnecks vs 3.0 vs The Colony vs The Batiri

4. Jigsaw vs Eddie Edwards

5. Tim Donst vs Green Ant

6. 12 Large Summit
Vin Gerard vs Eddie Kingston

7. Campeonatos de Parejas
F.I.S.T. vs The Throwbacks

8. Sara Del Rey vs Tursas

9. Hallowicked & UltraMantis Black vs Jakob Hammermeier & Delirious

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Aww man. I got the $10.79 PWG World's Finest deal too, but just received an email from Highspots giving me a full refund as I "didn't choose a delivery option." Which is lame as it's their fault; the only option was for free delivery. Oh well...
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Groovemachine View Post
Aww man. I got the $10.79 PWG World's Finest deal too, but just received an email from Highspots giving me a full refund as I "didn't choose a delivery option." Which is lame as it's their fault; the only option was for free delivery. Oh well...
email them back and tell them the situation. I haven't received that email yet though.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

They just refunded mine as well, shame but it was worth a try.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Rise & Prove 2012 Review:

1. Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin - **3/4

2. Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament- Match #1: Shiloh Jones & Rudy Switchblade vs. Sean Casey & Chris Silvio - **1/2

3. Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament- Match #2: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls vs. Alabama Attitude - **3/4

4. No Holds Barred Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong - ***1/2
Great match, good spots.

5. Mike Mondo vs. Samson Walker - *1/4

6. Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament- Finals: Winners Match #1 vs. Winners Match #2 - ***

7. Proving Ground Match: World TV Champion Jay Lethal vs. BJ Whitmer - ***
Great to see BJ again, and he looks in good shape.

8. World Tag Team Title Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly - ****1/4-****1/2

Overall Rating: Great arena, very good crowd. The ME was really great (spot-fest, but still awesome), others was like good-ok-weak. too many OVW guys. I Will give it... 7.0, could be better if Samson-Mondo wasn't in the card.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Dragon Gate USA - Open The Ultimate Gate 2012 iPPV

Rich Swann vs. A.R. Fox - ***1/2

Tommy Dreamer & Bobby Fish vs. The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed) - **

Sami Callihan vs. BxB Hulk - ***

Street Fight
D.U.F. (Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon) vs. Sabu & Jon Davis - **

Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Akira Tozawa - ****

Samuray Del Sol vs. Johnny Vandal - *

Low Ki vs. PAC - ***3/4

Open The United Gate Titles

Ronin (Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor) vs. Ricochet & Masato Yoshino - ****

Dragon Gate USA - Mercury Rising 2012 iPPV

Jon Davis vs. Bobby Fish - **1/2

Arik Cannon vs. A.R. Fox - **3/4

Anything Goes
Sabu vs. Sami Callihan - **

Chuck Taylor Invitational
Chuck Taylor vs. Lince Dorado vs. Samuray Del Sol vs. Rich Swann vs. CIMA vs. El Generico - ***3/4

The Scene vs. Los Ben Dejos (Ben Dejo & Cruz) - **

Open The Freedom Gate
Johnny Gargano vs. Masato Yoshino - ****1/4

Akira Tozawa, Low Ki & BxB Hulk vs. Ricochet, PAC & Masaaki Mochizuki - ****

Another good weekend from DGUSA, El Generico’s debut was great and the crowd loved it, Chuck Taylor fell perfectly into his role as a heel, Mochizuki & Tozawa had another great match & Gargano came back from the EVOLVE injury with two fine matches. Only things that were below par were the finality (hopefully) of the Sabu & Fox/D.U.F. feud and anything involving The Scene.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Hi. Longtime Chikara and indy wrestling fan. I've gotten out of wrestling entirely and have been selling off my collection. I've bought and sold on Ebay for years with perfect feedback. I still have quite a few ROH and PWG DVDs to sell, so I'm posting the list here. Most of the ROH are from 2004-2006 and are OOP. Virtually everything I have is in "like new" condition.

Payment is accepted through PayPal. Shipping will be via priority mail with a tracking number provided. I'll ship next business day after payment is received.

Here's the list:
ROH $10 each
ROH Night of Champions 3/22/03
ROH Round Robin Challenge 4/26/03
ROH/FWA Frontiers of Honor 5/17/03 (RF Video ROH version)
ROH Night of Grudges 6/14/03
ROH Wrestlerave ’03 6/28/03
ROH Death Before Dishonor 7/19/03
ROH 2nd Year Anniversary Show 2/14/04
ROH At Our Best 3/13/04
ROH Reborn – Stage One 4/23/04
ROH Reborn – Stage Two 4/24/04
ROH Round Robin Challenge III 5/15/04
ROH Survival of the Fittest 6/24/04
ROH Reborn – Completion 7/17/04
ROH Scramble Cage Melee 8/28/04
ROH Glory by Honor 3 9/11/04-
ROH All Star Extravaganza 2 12/14/04
ROH Final Battle 2004 12/26/04
ROH Do or Die IV 2/19/05
ROH Trios Tournament 3/5/05
ROH Best of American Super Juniors Tournament 4/2/05
ROH Stalemate 4/16/05
ROH The Final Showdown 5/13/05
ROH The Future is Now 6/12/05
ROH Redemption 8/12/05
ROH Survival of the Fittest 9/24/05
ROH Unforgettable 10/2/05
ROH Enter the Dragon 10/14/05
ROH Buffalo Stampede 10/15/05
ROH This Means War 10/29/05
ROH Showdown in Motown 11/4/05
ROH Steel Cage Warfare 12/3/05
ROH Hell Freezes Over 1/14/06
ROH Tag Wars 2006 1/27/06
ROH Dissention 1/28/06
ROH Unscripted 2/11/06
ROH Fourth Anniversary Show 2/25/06
ROH Arena Warfare 3/11/06
ROH Dragon Gate Challenge 3/30/06
ROH Supercard of Honort 3/31/06
ROH Better than Our Best 4/1/06
ROH The 100th Show 4/22/06
ROH Weekend of Champions – Night 1 4/28/06
ROH Weekend of Champions – Night Two 4/29/06
ROH Destiny 6/3/06
ROH Throwdown 6/23/06
ROH Chi-Town Struggle 6/24/06
ROH Generation Now 7/29/06
ROH Time to Man Up 8/4/06
ROH Unified 8/12/06
ROH Anarchy in the UK 8/13/06
ROH Epic Encounter II 8/25/06
ROH Gut Check 8/26/06
ROH Glory by Honor V – Night 1 9/15/06
ROH Glory by Honor V – Night 2 9/16/06
ROH Survival of the Fittest 10/6/06
ROH Motor City Madness 10/7/06
ROH Suffocation 10/27/06
ROH Honor Reclaims Boston 11/3/06
ROH The Bitter End 11/4/06
ROH Black Friday Fallout 11/24/06
ROH Dethroned 11/25/06
ROH The Chicago Spectacular – Night One 12/8/06
ROH The Chicago Spectacular – Night Two 12/9/06
ROH Dedicated 1/26/07
ROH Fifth Year Festival – 2/24/07
ROH Fifth Year Festival –Liverpool 3/3/07
ROH Fifth Year Festival – Finale 3/4/07
ROH Supercard of Honor II 3/31/07
ROPH Fighting Spirit 4/14/07
ROH The Battle of St. Paul 4/27/07
ROH Domination 6/9/07
ROH Undeniable 10/6/07
ROH The Tokyo Summit 9/14/08
ROH Injustice II 1/17/09
ROH Motor City Madness 1/30/09
ROH Proving Ground 2009 – Night One 2/6/09
ROH Proving Ground 2009 – Night Two 2/7/09

PWG $4 each
PWG Taste the Radness 2/22/04
PWG 88 Miles Per Hour 3/7/04
PWG The Musical 4/17/04
PWG Kee_ the _ee Our of Our _ool 4/27/04
PWG 44 Ways to Kill You With a Pimento 5/22/04
PWG The Next Show 9/3/04
PWG Use Your Illusion III 10/9/04
PWG Use Your Illusion IV 10/23/04
PWG Free Admission 11/13/04
PWG Uncanny X-Mas 12/18/04
PWG Card Subject to Change 1/22/05
PWG All Nude Review 2/12/05
PWG Ernest P. Worrell Memorial 3/12/05
PWG Jason Takes PWG 5/13/05
PWG 2nd Annual PWG Bicentennial Birthday Extravaganza – Night One 7/9/05
PWG 2nd Annual PWG Bicentennial Birthday Extravaganza – Night Two 7/10/05
PWG Zombies Shouldn’t Run 8/6/05
PWG Smells Like Steen Spirit 8/19/05 After School Special 10/1/05
PWG Straight to DVD 10/14/05
PWG All Star Weekend 2 – Night One 11/18/05
PWG All Star Weekend 2 – Night Two 11/19/05
PWG Chanukah Chaos 12/3/05
PWG Astonishing X-Mas 12/16/05
PWG Cruisin’ for a Brusin’ 1/7/06
PWG Teen Outreach Summit 1/21/06
PWG Permanent Vacation/Card Subject to Change 2 2/4/06
PWG Hollywood Globetrotters 3/4/06
PWG Beyond the Thunderdome 3/18/06
PWG (Please Don’t Call It) The OC 5/6/06
PWG Enchantment Under the Sea 5/20/06
PWG Fear of a Black Planet 6/3/06
PWG From Parts Well Known 6/24/06
PWG Self-Titled 10/6/06
PWG Horror Business 10/21/06
PWG Passive Hostility 12/2/06
PWG True Stories 1/13/07
PWG Guitarmageddon II – Amoryageddon 2/10/07
PWG Holy Diver Down 2/24/07
PWG Album of the Year 3/10/07
PWG Roger Dorn Night 6/10/07
PWG Schadenfreude 10/14/07
PWG The High Cost of Doing Business 11/11/07
PWG Pearl Habra 1/27/08
PWG Dia De Los Dangerous! 2/24/08
PWG 1.21 Gigawatts 3/21/08
PWG /it’s A Gift…. And /A Curse 4/5/08
PWG It’s It (What Is It?) 6/8/08
PWG Life During Wartime 7/6/08
PWG Threemendous II 7/31/09

Thanks. If you're interested in anything or have questions, please PM me.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Does anyone have a Ringside Membership on the ROH site? A friend and I went halves on an annual membership and it is well and truly worth it. There's a heap of matches which slipped between the cracks for me (MCMG vs Briscoes at GTGM for example) and now they're all there waiting to be watched

Here's a link to all of the shows/matches -
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