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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Highspots are running a very rare sale.

EDIT: I just pre-ordered PWG World's Finest and for some reason it gave me free shipping so with the discount it only cost $10.79 shipped to the UK

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

WOW shipping has become so expensive.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Free match from ROH:

For those not aware this is the street fight, will watch later. Thanks ROH.

Whoa here's another match:

Thanks ROH! *Adds to 'watch later'.*

You know you remember this.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Another one:

A true bond of trust between a master and a pet must be deeper than the Sea of Japan and longer than Choshu's mullet
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

dont you get hit with custom fees when ordering from highspots to the UK?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I like the free matches is a way to say sorry to the fans
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

North East Wrestling Society (NEWS) - Anniversary Show, 27th May 2011

Well for once your not going to get from me i know very little about said promotion as North East Wrestling Society are my local promotion (well 26 miles away but that's local enough for me), so i know a bit about them. North East Wrestling Society are based in the North East of England and run their shows out of the Peterlee Leisure centre. I have attended about 5 shows and all of them i have really enjoyed, although the crowds are made up of a lot of children NEWS cater for all fans in the style of wrestling they put on, whether its technical wrestling, high-flying or an all out brawl (Iceman and Lowthian put on a brutal last man standing match at one of their shows last year,involving blood,thumbtacks and just general insanity) there is normally a great mix.

Anniversary Show marked NEWS first year in business and the main event of the evening was to conclude their year long tournament and crown their first ever North East Wrestling Society champion, so less of the chit chat and onto the review .....

Match 1 - Pac vs Bingo Ballance vs Lowthian [**3/4]

This match was originally meant to have been between 'The man that gravity forgot' Pac and Ireland's very own Bingo Ballance, a well known high flyer around Europe. Ive seen loads of Pac and for me the guy is world class wowing crowds all over the world from the UK to the US and Japan, its just a matter of time before he ends up in the WWE or TNA. This is my first time seeing Bingo Ballance, Pac and Ballance started the match off at a fast pace jockeying over position over an arm, until Lowthians music hit, accompanied by Julian Werther Chambers and got himself involved into the match up making it a three way. The action was really good and started with a beauty dive to the outside by Ballance onto Lowthian. When the action eventually got into the ring it was solid with Pac and Bingo Ballance bumping around for Lowthian, Ballance in particular took a nasty looking bump when he was thrown to the outside by Lowthian. Pac and Ballance got very little offense in, apart from a awesome Pac over the top rope moonsault type dive to the outside and a diamond cutter from Ballance onto Lowthian. Lowthian was made by Pac and Ballance to look like a superstar in the making and an absolute powerhouse. However, one gripe i had with this match was that it was more like a handicap match then a three way as when Lowthian became involved in the match up bar a brief sequence between Pac and Ballance which was on the money, it was them two fighting Lowthian instead together in a handicap type match feel, bar this minor niggle this match was good for what it was. I also thought the booking of this match was gutsy how many promoters would let a wrestler with only a years experience go over one internationally renowned wrestler and another European standout yet alone both together. This match played its purpose perfectly and it made Lowthian a major force in NEWS and look like a superstar.

After the match Julian Werther Chambers got on the mike and claimed that one of the particiapnts in tonights title match up had signed up to become his second client (Lowthian being his first) but wouldn't reveal who.

Match 2 - Fast and Furious (c) (AJ Anderson and Max Heat) vs Full Pack (Iain Robinson and Micky Long) for the NEWS Tag Team titles [***1/2]

This is Fast and Furious's first defence of their Tag Team titles against my favourite tag team in NEWS, Full Pack. Full Pack have a great gimmick, heal Prima Donner's wearing pink who fancy themselves, its a shame the DVD didn't show their entrance has generally its hilarious the way they interact with the fans and subsequently have massive heat as a result. The action in this match up was great there was high flying action with the speedster Max Heat hitting dives to the outside, saying that the other 3 guys in this match aren't no slouches either. The in ring action was exceptional as well, Full Pack really are a great tag team with some classy double team tactics and one in particular sublime double team maneuver which the commentator on commentary called as the 'dream sequence',one slight negative in this match was the prolonged beat down of Max Heat that went a little to long for my liking but the hot tag came along and AJ Anderson hit two on the finest spinebusters you will see in wrestling today, the win came when Max Heat got the roll up on Micky Long for the 3 count. The crowd in this match were also really loud and added to the match up. With all my praise of Full Pack, Fast and Furious are really good tag team as well and complement each other perfectly and are really over with the crowd and probably the companies top babyfaces only behind the massively popular El Ligero. Both teams have great chemistry and to this day are still feuding in NEWS and putting on really good match ups amongst one another. It's great to see local talent like these put on really good match between one another.

After the match up Gorilla Warfare (Jack Norton) and John Britton went on to attack Max Heat until AJ Anderson made the save.

Match 3 - Order of Chaos (Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen) vs Dragon Ryders (Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers & Robbie Ryder) [***]

Another really good match he has the young inexperienced but fast paced and high flying duo of Dragon Ryders were making their tag team debut together against the veterans of the British independent scene in Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen. The Dragon Ryders were exciting in this match up,exhibiting high flying wrestling whilst the experience of Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen held the match together and sold really well for their young opponents and using some great heal tag team tactics and wrestling to make a good match up here. Order of Chaos picked up the win here after the arrogant Prince Ameen clocked Robbie Ryder in the face with brass knucks when the refs back was turned and picking up the win for his team. Although they were on the losing end in this match the debuting Dragon Ryders came out this match looking really good which is a credit to the hard work to not only themselves but the hard work Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen done in this match up to make them look good.

Match 4 - Lance Thunder vs Andy Swan [***1/4]

When i looked at the card for this event i thought this match would be the sleeper match of the night so i went into this match not expecting much, but man was i wrong and i apologise to both wrestlers as in the time given they put on a corker of a little match up. Lance Thunder for his size is really agile and is an exceptional talent who showed some great technical wrestling against Andy Swan (both these guys are brothers in real life but this is never acknowledged in NEWS). Both these guys put on a very technical affair and Swan kept up move for both with the more superior Thunder. Swan picked up the win after taking everything Thunder had and rolled him up to pick up the surprise win. Again a really good performance from these two local talents and i hope to see both again in the future (am sure in the shows i have been to i haven't seen these two on the card). Lance Thunder in particular stood out and really impressed.

Match - El Ligero vs Martin Kirby to crown the first ever North East Wrestling Society champion [****]

To the main event of the night then, ive seen these two wrestle in a 30 min iron man match and a Mexican street fight at subsequent NEWS events and they were really good so i knew going into this match up what to expect goodness all round and i wasn't disappointed. By the way El Ligero is over massively with the NEWS crowd and rightfully so is their number 1 babyface. Theses two put on a classy performance two friends who know each others game inside out and it showed, as each other countered one anther's moves and had one another well scouted. This match had a little bit of everything,your high flying action, some nice technical wrestling and some really stiff action as well, which had a rapid crowd on the edge of their seats through out, in a great back and forth contest. Julian Werther Chambers and Lowthian took seats at ringside and got involved in this match on both guys behalf to keep the crowd guessing who had signed on to be Julian Werther Chambers's second client. The finish in this class match came when the ref was unintentionally knocked down and Julian Werther Chambers and Lowthian got involved clocking El Ligero over the head with the ring bell thus revealing it was Kirby who had signed with Julian Werther Chambers. Ligero kicked out just, and rolled Kirby up for the 3 after Kirby accidentally knocked Lowthian of the ring apron and Ligero hit Julian Werther Chambers with a superkick to become NEWS first ever champion in a fine match up to send the crowd into a frenzy.

Overall show thoughts - A great show everything was solid on the card with the opener being the only match to drop below ***. We had a really good tag title match with both teams really going at it and a classy main event which was supported with a really solid undercard. NEWS have alot of things going right for them at the moment they have in my opinion an excellent tag team division which this DVD highlighted and ive witnessed live at subsequent shows that have happened after this DVD. In Lowthian they have a superstar in the making and a massive heat magnet, he is hated by the NEWS crowd and comes up against the champ El Ligero at NEWS next show. Another thing which is pleasing is that a lot of local talent is shown in NEWS and are given their chance to shine which they do. Pick this DVD up now its a cracking show from top to bottom you won't be disappointed, also try get a long to a NEWS show for cracking nights entertainment and a great atmosphere which was shown on this show as the crowd were noisy throughout the night. Check out NEWS through their facebook page or visit their website at It's a shame NEWS don't produce more DVD's of their shows as their good and some really good matches happen, and only the crowd ever get to see them instead of a wider audience. However, that's not all the kind people at NEWS have included a bonus DVD with this release, of the Tag Team Tournament which happened at their February show in 2011, to crown the first ever Tag Team champs, so onto the action we go ......

Match 1 - Fast & Furious (AJ Anderson & Max Heat) vs Perfect Saints (Purdie & Saint) vs Order of Chaos (Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen) in a tag team gauntlet match semi final for the NEWS Tag Team Titles
Fast and Furious started out with the debuting team of the Perfect Saints, in all honesty i wasn't a fan of this match i found the pace slow and at times dull, and the beat down segement of Max Heat really slowed the pace of the match down until he hit the tag to AJ Anderson. However i totally understand the pacing of this match, to conserve energy due to the finals of the tag team tourney taking place on the same night and this match was a gauntlet and winners had a match coming right up, although i didn't like the match it made sense how it played out. AJ got the pin on Purdie after Max Heat hit him with the 619 [*1/4]

The team of Order of Chaos (Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen) now entered the gauntlet and things picked up, with the beating Max Heat took he didnt wrestle much of this one, with AJ taking on the veterans of Kraze and Ameen. As mentioned above i really dig the work of Cameron Kraze & Prince Ameen, some people may not find them spectacular in what they do in the ring but there work is really solid, they played the old school heal team to perfection. AJ Anderson picked up the win for his team pinning Prince Ameen after hitting him with a superkick after some previous near falls exchanged between the two teams. [**1/4]

Match 2 - Full Pack (Iain Robinson & Micky Long) vs The Minto Brothers vs Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby) n a tag team gauntlet match semi final for the NEWS Tag Team Titles
Full Pack and the debuting Minto Brothers started out and both teams went at it full tilt which i was rather surprised at. The Minto Brothers were impressive and I'd love to see them in a NEWS ring together. Both team showed some solid tag team wrestling and some nice tag team moves. The match gradually understandable slowed down in pace but this never came as an hindrance. Full Pack picked up the win when they took an arm each and lifted Shaun Minto in the air and hitting a powerbomb like double team move. [**1/2]

Project Lucha then hit the ring to enter the gauntlet match, a bit of comedy between Micky Long, El Ligero and the ref posing started of this match a wise move after Full Pack just wrestled in a highly competitive match up with the Minto Brothers. This one started slow but when it really hit its stride it was very good, Full Pack were there usual heal self while Kirby and Ligero brought their usual goodness. Good Tag teaming mixed in with some neat high flying stuff from ligero and kirby and this match was enjoyable, i wouldn't mind seeing these two teams go at it again and with Full Pack fresh, and not wrestling knowing they had to conserve energy for the finals of the tag tourney. [**3/4]

Match 3 - Ladder Match - Fast and Furious (AJ Anderson & Max Heat) vs Full Pack (Iain Robinson and Micky Long) to crown the first ever NEWS Tag Team Champions [*****]

Holy Shit !!! what a freaking match. Both teams wrestled 20 minutes at least in their respective semi final matches and then went all out busting their asses for around about 35 minutes in this classic match. There must have been about 5 legitimate times when i had me hands on my head shouting 'fucking hell' at some of the stuff these four men put themselves through, it was amazing,i was exhausted by the end of the match up. I'll try give a rundown of some of the stuff that happened in the match but forgive as ill probably miss some bits out there was that much going on. The match started off with both teams brawling around ringside , Micky Long falling on fans whilst getting beat upon by AJ, whilst Heat and Robinson went at hit around the venue. There was chairs, tables,broom sticks amongst other things used as weapons as chaos ensured throughout the match. The action got back to the ring and the in ring stuff was really great with no weapons at all being used for an extended period of time as both teams went at it full out, Full Pack hit their devastating dream sequence on Max Heat. Chaos again ensured around the arena with anything these 4 guys could get their hands on being used as weapons. After about 15 to 20 minutes the ladder came into play in the ring and the match really hit its stride some real stand out moments ill try do a rundown of some of these. After a steal chair was introduced, Micky Long proceeded to Tombstone Max Heat onto hit whilst it was in a seated position in a sick move. In what i thought was a very innovative sequence Robinson lodged the steal chair in the turnbuckle and AJ Anderson took advantage bulldogging Robinson right into it, as a result AJ's legs where lodged in the ropes and Micky Long from the vertical opposite turnbuckle delivered a leg drop onto a sitting duck which was AJ Anderson. You remember that beauty Spinebuster i said AJ delivers, he delivered it on Micky Long after running up the ladder after Long had previously turned round to fight him of slamming from the ladder straight onto the ring canvas. Max heat was hit by Robinson with a Rock Bottom type move of the ladder as well. A sick spot saw AJ Anderson pile driving Micky Long of the ring open through a table onto the floor. The big holy shit moment of the match was when Order of Chaos got involved in the match and the locker room spilled out with an all out brawl spilling out into the arena, Max Heat then, from what id say was a 25 foot balcony dived on to the fighting wrestlers blew him knocking them all down the, crazy lunatic. AJ Anderson captured the tag titles to win the match for his team when he flipped Robinson off the ladder when they were both going for the title, sending the crowd wild and the faces holstering him and Max Heat onto their shoulders in celebration and receiving a standing ovation from the fans. What a match,you guys need to see this, my write up here can't do it justice you guys need to see this with your own eyes.

Ive got to give major props to Iain Robinson, Micky Long, AJ Anderson and Max Heat, all four guys had wrestled semi final gauntlet matches previous to this ladder match in the same night and then and delivered a match like that, massive respect for that, they must have wrestled for nearly an hour in total all together through out the night.

Overall DVD thoughts- Buy this now !! you have a great main show and a bonus disc that contains a phenomenal ladder match that has to be seen what more can you guys ask for from £10 ? NEWS are a promotion as I've already said who are going places !
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Underground 2012 Review:

1. Kenny King vs. Andy "Right Leg" Ridge - **1/2

2. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett vs. Grizzly Redwood - Don't care about that.

3. Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen - ***1/2

4. World Tag Team Title Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander - ***

5. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. Team A1 - N/A

6. Proving Ground Match: World TV Champion Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa - ***1/4 - ***1/2

7. Winning Team Gets A World Tag Team Title Shot: Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly vs. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin - ****1/4
WOW, what a great match. The finish was weak, but yeah, that was REALLY good.

Post Match with H.O.T was good, it's looks like Roddy will leave them. I Wish someone like Kyle, good wrestler but awful with the mic will join them.

Overall Rating: I was interested in the show because of the crowd actually. But I really think the place looked good. It's looked like Chiakra show, but with more people in the crowd. I Liked it, don't know why ROH were so pissed about this. Overall pretty fun show, good matches and great ME. I Will give it.. 7.5.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by DarloKid View Post
dont you get hit with custom fees when ordering from highspots to the UK?
Shiping is like $20 for 3 DVDs for Canada.
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