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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH on HDNet Volume 7

PWG Sells Out Volume 1 - OOP

PWG Sells Out Volume 2 - OOP
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
^ Keep up with the UK Indies reviews. They may not be the best scene in the world but it's cool to see it being discussed because it's so close to home. I posted a 4FW show review a few pages back too.

yeah am enjoying writing the reviews, have never really done it before. I think the British wrestling scene at the moment is thriving. Today alone there is a massive BritWres Fest event thats being promoted as putting British wrestling on the map so to speak,i think Alex Shane as something to do with it, the card looks great. From what i have seen of PCW's first couple of shows they have done, once they hit their stride their going to be a major player on the British indy scene. NGW look a great company as well that last show i reviewed was tremendous, apparently from what i have read their story lines are meant to be well thought of and really good.

Some promotions am yet to watch get great praise as well there is NBW Southside, they have a show today as well,plus a great looking one night tourney coming up at the end of the month called speed king featuring stand out wrestlers like PAC, Marty Scrull, El Ligero, Noam Dar, Mark Haskins, Kris Travis and Martin Kirby along with others which should be a cracking show.

Fight Club Pro is also meant to be really good and having working links with CZW and BJW, which resulted in a 3 event weekender,which am hopefully going to pick up on DVD soon.

GPW and FSW are again meant to be great i just got all 7 of last years FSW events for £25, am not sure if that offer is still on.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I'm watching CZW New Heights 2011 currently, and holy shit that Sami Callihan vs Necro Butcher sucked balls. I was expecting some brutally stiff action but it was pretty boring all around.. kinda dissapointed.
I'll give me star ratings with some added comments somewhere next week as I won't be going online 'till next week as I don't want WrestleMania 28 and the following Raw spoiled for me (I cant watch it until next week due to work and school exams)..
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

AIW - Battlebowl 2011

1. Joey The Snake & Dalton Castle vs Mr RBI & Maximo Suave

2. Bobby Beverly & Gregory Iron vs Hobo Joe & Ben Fruith

3. Chest Flexor & Shiima Xion vs AERO! & Shawn Blaze

4. The Duke & Colt Cabana vs K.Fernandez & Corey Winters

5. Luis Diamante & The Kombat Kidd vs Christian Faith & Facade

6. AIW Womens Title
Jessicka Havok vs Sera Feeny

7. El Generico vs Tim Donst

8. AIW Absolute Title
Johnny Gargano vs Jimmy Jacobs

9. Irish Airborne vs The Super Smash Brothers

10. Battlebowl
Shiima Xion vs The Duke vs Gregory Iron vs Facade vs Chest Flexor vs Bobby Beverly vs Colt Cabana vs Christian Faith vs Dalton Castle vs Joey The Snake
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Thank you to anyone who bought any DVDs from me! The following will soon be back up for auction:

Death Before Dishonor V Night 2
Death Before Dishonor VI
Final Battle 2007
Supercard Of Honor IV
Fifth Year Festival Finale

And also going up for the first time:
Manhattan Mayhem II
Supercard Of Honor III

Please let me know if any of these interest you.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

FutureShock 49 - Hero's Fall Part One, February 27th 2011

This is my first venture into FutureShock wrestling (FSW) based in Stockport in the North West of England, actually i tell a lie this dvd came as part of all of last years FutureShock events in a boxset for £25, and i just had to see the much raved about Jack Gallagher vs Davey Richards match (which does live up to the hype) which happens at FSW 52. From what i have heard FSW are one of the premier promotions in the North West of England along with NGW, GPW, XWA and the recently formed PCW, so without further a do lets get this review started.

Match 1 - Dangerous Damon Leigh vs Cyanide [*3/4]

I wasn't a fan of this match at all, what both guys did was okish, but the match its self just seemed like a run of the mill and both guys going through the motions, the crowd sounded none existent as well.

Match 2 - Team Gallagher (Jack Gallagher, Action Jackson, Jynkz and Evan Sarven) vs Blonde Jovi and High and Mighty [**1/4]
Ive seen Jack Gallagher a few times and the guys great, and there appears to be a buzz about the guy on the British Indy scene,in this match he was tagging with 3 XWA rookies and you could really tell. Action Jackson looked orite in what he did and the best out of the 3 rookies all be it a bit green but someone who could have a future, Jynkz did very little bar a top rope dive to the outside on the opposition team. Evan Sarven was the real weak link he looked awkward out of his depth and real sloppy. High & Mighty did little in this match, it was really Gallaghers interaction with the heel team of Blonde Jovi and in particular Axel Rage of Blonde Jovi. who look a real solid tag pairing, was on the money and made this match fairly decent, Gallagher got the win when Rage tapped to the armbar.

Match 3 - FutureShock Tag Team Championship match, The Models (c) (Delicious Danny Hope and Hot Stuff (Joey) Hayes) vs 101% Proof ( Jimmy O'Shea and Danny Boy Evans) [**]
Another match where it seemed both teams were just going through the motions and a quiet crowd didn't help.The Models who were accompanied to the ring by the 'It Girl' Melanie Price, look a really good tag team with a great prima donna Esq heal persona, ive seen Hayes before and he is classy wrestler and Hope looked decent as well. The problem i had in this match was all 101% proof did was throw punches and kicks. In all of the 14 min match they only did by my counting two wrestling moves all match a spinebuster twice (i know there gimmick was two drunks but two moves thats abit of a joke) by Danny Boy Evans who looked the better of two in 101% proof, The Models made the match watchable but that's about it and retained their titles.

Match 4 - Sean Daniels vs The Nordic Warrior [*1/2]
This was the pro-wrestling debut of FutureShock trainee Sean Daniels going up against the massive Nordic Warrior, i wouldn't even say Daniels looked half the size of the Nordic Warrior, more like a quarter the guys huge. For what it was, a squash it was rather entertaining, Daniels put up a valiant effort and rocked the big man but ended up on the wrong side of the 3 count. I couldn't understand the booking of this match, as i say this is my first viewing of FSW, and i presume the Nordic Warrior is their monster type wrestler but he was made to look anything but in this match with Daniels getting far to much offence in during the match.

Match 5 - The Blossom Twins (Hannah & Holly Blossom) vs Charlotte Quinn and The Artiste Formerly Known As Rebecca James [**1/2]

This match was apparently the birth of FutureShock's womens division and judging by this match up it has the potential to be really good. Quinn and James were making their FSW debuts,but it was The Blossom Twins who came out this match looking like stars, and a non existant crowd all night started to liven up as the Blossom Twins exhibited some good mat wrestling and some high - flying antics. Quinn wrestled most of this match for he team while she looked ok she looked nothing flash, Rebecca James in small glipse's looked good and has a good heel gimmick going for her. The Blossom Twins picked up the win in this one.

Match 6 - FutureShock Championship match - Raynaldo (c) vs Dave Rayne [**3/4]
This match was originally meant to be a 3 way including the Ascension Alex Shane,however he was not there as highlighted by his group of Greg Lambert and his minions, and cut for me a poor promo which was played on the TV screen for the fans, i guessed the big turn half way through the promo, which was Rayne turning heel and clocking Raynaldo over head with the belt and the match got under way, again i don't know if the crowd were in shock but there appeared little reaction from them and they were quiet through out the match. Also for a main event both guys were given very little time about 10 minutes, but what they did produce was solid enough, Raynaldo had the match won but Lambert pulled the ref out the ring allowing Rayne time to recover and hit a stranglehold face plant time move to pick up the win and the title.

Overall thoughts - Well for my first time watching FSW i was a little let down after the massive hype i had heard about them, this event might just have been a bad day at the office for them i hope. I can't really recommend this show, unless you get it as apart of the special £25 boxset of all FSW's 2011 events, the crowd as well sounded none existent throughout the event as well. Although the Negatives there are positives, Gallagher is a beast a superb wrestler from what i have seen ofhim. During this event he was award with with the 2010 Trophy that he won for winning FSW's yearly end of year tournament, and thus earning himself a title shot, for me if FSW build the company round Gallagher they can't go far wrong because he is that good. The introduction of the Women's division looks interesting and I'm intrigued to see where they take that, and Raynaldo and Rayne did well in the short time they had, one has to wonder if they had a bit more time then the match could have been really good.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

MECW - 18/9/10

Chuck Taylor vs Christopher Daniels
Far to long but amusing in parts..

PWS - Supercard 2012 (9/3/12)

1. Gauntlet Match
Nick Brubaker vs Bill Carr vs Justin Corino vs The Big O

- The whole Sid thing sounded a lot better then it was.

2. Balls Mahoney vs Marty Jannetty
Balls projectile Vomits afterwards... And yes thats negative **

3. Brett Gakiya vs CJ Esparza

4. Eddie Kingston vs Kevin Matthews

5. Alex Reynolds vs Tony Nese
Was good but lacked any selling and psychology. Both have amazing potential though.

6. Lestat & Cannonball Guerrero vs Mark Modest & Mike Mattixx vs Lawless & Graves vs Devious & Lucifer Darksyde
Not 100% on the names but i assume that RF has them correct on his site. Either way a lot of these guys should probably stop wrestling.

7. Jay Lethal vs Matt Hardy
Lethal was pretty great.

8. Devon Moore vs Samuray Del Sol vs Gran Akuma vs Brian XL vs AR Fox vs Amazing Red

9. Smith James vs One Warrior Nation
..... jesus this is fucking shite. Was waiting for commentary from Cabana & Derosa.

10. The Lone Rangers vs The Powers of Pain

11. Jerry Lynn vs Dan Maff
Maff was injured..

12. The Sheik vs MASADA
Far to long....

13. Brittney Savage vs Reby Sky vs Spyra Andover
If Reby didn't have a complete imbecile for a boyfriend, I'm pretty certain she'd get at least a developmental.

14. Colt Cabana vs Sami Callihan

Positives - Some Hot Chicks, Some cool music, Some good workers and a few that have good potential.

Negatives - Far too long (3 1/2 hours). Far to many guys who can't work and matches either going really badly for injury/illness or just going far to long for no reason. Definitely not a good product for DVD or iPPV.

Just listed these

ROH Champions vs All Stars plus Bonus Best of American Wolves

ROH on HDNet Volume 5

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Ring of Honor officials held a private press conference on Monday April 2nd in Baltimore and one of the major things that came out of it, something we are extremely excited to announce, is that negotiations have been finalized with one of the most respected wrestlers who has ever set foot in the ring, a near 40-year veteran of the ring wars, to make his ROH debut when we return to Toronto on May 12th!

After much fan demand, and weeks of back-and-forth talks, “The Belfast Bruiser” Fit Finlay comes to Ring of Honor just in time for “Border Wars” at The Ted Reeve Arena! One of the toughest men in the sport, Finlay is as world traveled a wrestler as you are likely to find, has competed against the best competition across decades, won championships everywhere, and now wants to come to ROH to fight the best of the best of today’s crop of athletes.

It has yet to be determined who Finlay will face on May 12th so keep an eye on as well as our official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for all the latest news about our live events. In the meantime, make sure you head to the ROH Store and pick up your tickets right here for our long awaited return to Toronto & the great Ted Reeve Arena!!!
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

A true bond of trust between a master and a pet must be deeper than the Sea of Japan and longer than Choshu's mullet
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Finlay vs. Elgin?

You know you remember this.
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