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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Damn it'll be great to see Gargano back. I hope he didn't rush through his recovery. I'm" sure he's going to light it up Wrestlemania weekend and in Toronto.

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just Listed some stuff

ROH - Southern Hostility (Nigel McGuiness vs Jerry Lynn//Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson)

ROH - Wrestling At The Gateway (Nigel & Claudio vs Danielson & Lynn//Aries vs Black)

ROH - Survival of the Fittest 2006 (SOTF Elimination Match//Joe vs Danielson)

PWG DDT4 2009 (DDT4 Finals//Chris Hero vs Joey Ryan)

PWG Threemendous II (Chris Hero vs Joey Ryan//Young Bucks vs Generico & Tornado)

ROH Trios Tournament 2005 (Trios Tournament Finals//John Walters vs Jay Lethal)
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Homecoming 2012:

"Gateway To Honor" Rematch: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly) - ***1/4
Haas looks very good.

Four Corner Survival: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Andy "Right Leg" Ridge

Steve Corino Promo: Very good, Steen was awesome as always. ****1/4

Kevin Steen vs. Kenny King: ***1/4
How Steen is so... amazing?

Chris Hero vs. Michael Elgin: ***1/2

No Holds Barred Match: Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole: ***3/4

Proving Ground Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Jigsaw & Hallowicked: ***1/2

ROH World Title Match- Champion Vs. Champion: ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs. World TV Champion Jay Lethal: ****1/4

Overall Rating: 8.5
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

CZW DVD June 11, 2011 "Prelude To Violence" - Philadelphia, PA

2 weeks before Tournament Of Death 2011 CZW held their second Prelude To Violence event to set up a couple matches for TOD and to further storylines.

1. Robert Anthony Interview
"The Ego" is awesome, as he showed here, this interview also included The Ego squashing Kit Osbourne.

2. The RunAways vs. The BLKOUT

3. Akuma vs. Ty Hagen vs. Ricky Reyes vs. Ryan Eagles vs. VSK vs. Ryan McBride

4. Sami Callihan vs. Jake Crist

5. Little Mondo vs. DJ Hyde

6. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Matt Tremont
I cant stand Pinkie, so seeing The Bulldozer demolish him was great.

7. tHURTeen vs. Danny Havoc
Larry Legend fell of the ring apron after the introductions lol. tHURTeen doesn't really look like he belongs in deathmatches, decent match though.

8. Jonathan Gresham vs. Adam Cole
Jonathan Gresham is hella boring, Adam Cole was fine in this match.

9. Sumie Sakai vs. Kyoko Inoue

10. AR Fox vs. Drew Gulak
AR Fox carried this match imo, Drew Gulak is pretty terrible, and he needs knee pads/elbow pads/wrist bands or any combination of that.

11. Azrieal & Bandido Jr. vs. Joker & Sabian

12. Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match: Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz
The second match in their trilogy. The winner of this match got a spot in TOD 10. Fun match with some brutal spots, the crowd wasn't really into it though.

Overal a decent show, nothing really stood out though.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Dragon Gate UK: SHINGO vs Yokosuka 3

BxB Hulk vs Lion Kid - ***1/2
~ I kinda hate Lion Kid's gimmick but there's no denying he's a good talent and that was very evident here. They had some great exchanges in the 6-man the previous night, and they gelled very well as opponents here. Can't ask for more from an opener.

Naoki Tanizaki vs Akira Tozawa - ***3/4
~ Yeah this was just great. Bit of comedy to start and then shit got real.

Naruki Doi vs Masato Yoshino - ***1/2
~ I actually enjoyed this a lot more on DVD than in person. Some great sequences of reversals which you'd expect from two who know each other so well.

CIMA & Gamma vs Mark Haskins & Marty Scurll - ***1/2
~ OK this was pretty damn good, but not the MOTYC I've seen people tout it as. Maybe that's due to my hatred of Mark Haskins (Hometown: Blandsville), but there you go. Plus, referee Chris Roberts once again tries to ruin this weekend, when Gamma uses the kendo stick in FULL VIEW and Roberts does absolutely nothing. How does this ref still have a job?! Aside from that and Haskins not adding anything to the match, I enjoyed the work of all three others. Scurll has a very bright future ahead of him indeed.

PAC vs Dragon Kid - ****1/4
~ Here we have two of the premier high-flyers in the world going toe to toe and it doesn't disappoint. Infinitely better than their match in Japan earlier last year, this is an exhibition of one-upmanship and incredible feats of athleticism. Both men receive a standing ovation and rightly so.

SHINGO vs Susumu Yokosuka - ****3/4
~ They set the bar incredibly highly in their previous two matches on UK shores, but somehow they managed to surpass both of them. The epic third instalment of the SHINGO-Yokosuka trilogy was just glorious from start to finish. SHINGO sells his injured knees like there's no tomorrow. A fantastic example is when SHINGO pulls off a simple knee drop, and then rolls around on the mat in agony, clearly regretting his ill-judged offense. Both men hit pretty stiffly making for a few cringe moments, and the epic sense of the battle is clear throughout. Also there's no denying the rabid crowd helps the proceedings immensely, they are absolutely molten by the end. A fantastic end to a stellar show.

Overall: 9/10

What a show. It's right up there with PWG BOLA 2011 for Show of the Year. Not a bad match in sight, and a fantastic double-main event; you really should go out of your way to see this.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I've never seen a DGUK event, which is fucked up because I'm a huge DGUSA fan. Shame on me.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I have the second SHINGO vs Yokosuka from Dragon Gate UK on dvd.. It's a pretty fun event.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just Listed these 2

ROH Night of the Butcher II (Danielson & Aries vs Nigel & Claudio//Erick Stevens vs Chris Hero)

ROH Civil Warfare (Kevin Steen vs Christopher Daniels//Roderick Strong vs Erick Stevens)


PWG All Star Weekend 6 (Both Nights) (Bryan Danielson vs Low Ki//Bryan Danielson vs CIMA)

ROH Do Or Die IV (Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe//Kevin Steen vs B-Boy)

ROH Dethroned (Briscoes vs Joe & Homicide//Davey Richards vs Austin Aries)

ROH Survival of the Fittest 2010 + Bonus Best of Nigel McGuiness DVD

St.Louis Anarchy - Gateway To Anarchy (Rachel Summerlyn vs Robert Evans (Archibald Peck// Gerald James vs Akira Tozawa//Davey Vega vs Davey Richards//Arik Cannon vs Kyle O'Reilly)

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Watched some of ROH Homecoming. The one thing that really got to me was the ending to Lethal/Richards, Lethal takes two or three kicks to the head.. full on emotion says "DAVEY" like he's gonna have to kill him to beat and then just sits there and takes to more kicks and gets pinned. If the guy has enough in him to hulk up and scream at davey he sure as hell has enough in him to duck the damn kick, like what the hell. I'm beyond done with Davey's reign and the lame ass finishing kicks he uses.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

CZW - Super Saturday

8-Man School Of Roc Showcase
Shane Strickland, Vu, Hollywood Dream & Kyle Maverick vs. Remi Wilkins, Tripp Cassidy, Sue Jackson & Dale Patricks - DUD

Best Of The Best Qualifier
Alex Colon vs. Aaron McCormick - **1/4

Drake Younger vs. Greg Excellent - **

Nevaeh vs. Kimber Lee - *1/2

AR Fox vs. Samuray Del Sol - **3/4

No Disqualification
Sami Callihan vs. Tommy Dreamer - **

Dave Crist & Rickey Shane Page vs. Jake Crist & BJ Whitmer - **1/2

CZW World Heavyweight Title - Elimination
Devon Moore vs. Scotty Vortekz vs. DJ Hyde - **

UltraViolent Rules
Danny Havoc vs. Matt Tremont - **

Once again CZW slips into itís early season slump with another boring show. The 8 man opener was an advertisement to never go to Billy Rocís wrestling school, Greg Excellent showed why heís a one-note comedy guy that probably shouldnít be booked on every show, most of the other matches were just there and at best the title change was a lateral move from one bland mediocre guy to another.

CZW - 13th Anniversary Show

Greg Excellent vs. Niles Young - **

Alex Colon vs. Kimber Lee - N/A

CZW World Tag Team Ttiles
Azriel & Bandito Jr. vs. The RunAways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater) - **

Drake Younger vs. Adam Cole - ***

DJ Hyde vs. Sami Callihan - **3/4

Deathmatch Trial
Danny Havoc vs. Rory Mondo - *1/2

AR Fox, Jake Crist & Lucky tHURTeen vs. Dave Crist, Chuck Taylor & Mr. Tofiga - **

Street Fight
Homicide vs. Sabian - *

#1 Contenders Match - CZW World Heavyweight Title
MASADA vs. Robert Anthony vs. Devon Moore - N/R

CZW World Heavyweight Title
Scotty Vortekz vs. Drew Gulak - *

From top to bottom at the most a below average show. While Cole/Younger and amazingly enough Hyde/Callihan were the highlights of the undercard Homicide looked like he didn't care at all, Rory Mondo is terrible in whatever match he's in, the finish of the semi-main was so stupid that there's no point in even rating it and the main event was utterly boring on every level.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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