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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2011

Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins: ***

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jimmy Rave: **

Jay Lethal vs. El Generico vs. Mike Bennett: ***

Steve Corino vs. Kevin Steen: ****

The All Night Express vs. Future Shock vs. The Bravados vs. The Young Bucks vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander: ***

Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero: ***

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe: ***

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards: ****

PWG Steen Wolf

Peter Avalon, Freddy Bravo, & Ray Rosas vs. Famous B, Chris Kadillak, & Candice LeRae: ***

TJ Perkins vs. Rocky Romero: ***

Fightin' Taylor Boys vs. RockNES Monsters: ****

Willie Mack vs. Davey Richards: ****

The Dynasty vs. Los Luchas: ***

Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor: ***

The Young Bucks vs. Future Shock: ****

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico: ****

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Do people still buy ROH, PWG and other Indy DVDs? I want to sell all mine,
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Exclamation Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Jack Evans 187 View Post
He was being sarcastic, btw. Just fuckin around with people.
this is true. it wasn't good at all.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by HAYLEY AFICIONADO View Post
I actually thought the Super Dragon vs Kevin Steen Guerrilla Warfare had spots that went along with the feud nicely and the sheer torment that Dragon wanted to put Steen through.
Its a silly match but its one of the few Super Dragon matches i'll sit through.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I love it. That whole show owns, tbf.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2011

MATCH 01: Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins

Fun little match, good way to start the show. It was too short though.


MATCH 02: Jimmy Rave vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Good showing from both, nothing spectacular.


MATCH 03: Jay Lethal (c) vs. El Generico vs. Mike Bennett

Pretty funny crowd reactions towards Bennett and Maria. As far as the match is concerned, I thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately it was another triple threat where one guy is outside and two wrestle at a time. It didn't feel like it was using strategy, but rather for Bennett not to look to weak/exposed next to Lethal & Generico. Great finish though.


MATCH 04: Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino

Eh, whatever. Very underwhelming, but the crowd was hot for it. It accomplished what it needed to do, but really with little effort as possible. After match stuff was great though.


MATCH 05: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander vs. Future Shock vs. The All-Night Express vs. The Bravado Brothers vs. The Young Bucks

Entertaining, fun etc... It served it's purpose well. Things got increasingly better when the Bucks got in the match.


MATCH 06: Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong

So I was hoping it was either Super Dragon or Chris Hero. So I was extremely happy with Hero... and this is the match of the night, easily. The only thing that hurts this really good, solid match is the damn ending and the book spot a bit after the match starts. Right guy goes over. Really happy with this match.


MATCH 07: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. The Briscoes

Fucking mess, that's really all that needs to be said. Pre match stuff was tiresome at best and when the match got started they were just going through the motions. Best part of the match was WGTT fucking up their finisher and the crowd giving them heat for it. Hot fucking mess. Oh so close to being a DUD.


MATCH 08: Davey Richards (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Disappointment... Problem number one, I didn't see the "training" from Dan Severn transfer to the match, I think he went for the dragon sleeper once and never went back to it again, even though Davey tapped out to it on TV after a squabble. Other then that, it was the typical routine. Nigel indirectly summed it up best. At some point in the match Eddie Edwards hits a high risk move on Davey from the ring to the outside. Prior to this move, Nigel was saying the old Edwards would dive to the outside, lets see what the new one does. After he performs the move, this prompts Nigel to say...

" the new one did to "

That's because a new Edwards doesn't exist. It would have been so much better if he had been more efficient, gone outside and dragged him back into the ring, since you know, he was trained by an actual MMA fighter. Alas, he went for the dive spot anyway. Which goes into my second problem, the selling in this match was terrible. Just terrible. Eddie knocks his knee on the railing, grabs onto it to signal he's hurt but completely forgets about it for a very large portion of the match, the only time you're reminded again is when Davey punches it (probably by accident) and Nigel reminds us of what happened earlier in the match.

Damn man, if it wasn't going to be a factor in the match, why even grab it in the first place?

The overall consensus is that the match is patchy as fuck. There was a little bit of MMA, wrestling and some puro action, but it was all disjointed not smooth. Also the damn stalls in the match to show the emotional investment was not good. Just not a good idea, save that for after the match. You're in the middle of a fucking title bout.

The good points are that everything they do, are executed great and the match was really professional, no stupid shit like Davey having him in submission pointing one finger up. Some nice reversals/counters as well. I thought Davey did Davey above average and consistently but Eddie was inconsistent.

So in combination with the pointless MMA training, bad selling, patchy style meshing, pointless run in by the House of Truth during the match, we get a directionless, refurbished rematch. Every move was executed expertly, but because they were just kind of trading move for move but with no reason, it ended up just being an exhibition. Like going into training mode in a fighting game and practicing on each other.

This slightly edges the opener because the wrestling itself was better and the athletic effort involved for going over 40 minutes. I also would like to note, that I'm not happy with Daveys run right now and with Steen putting his two cents in after the match, just makes me want to see the belt on him more.

EDIT: Forgot to bring up the part where Davey goes for the running kick, but I guess they were out of sync coupled with the ref getting in way, which leads Edwards to have turn himself around to receive the kick. Confusing and terrible. Also Eddie hits a tiger suplex I think into the turnbuckles but Daveys head misses it barely. That's not the problem, the problem is that he SELLS IT!!! And I mean he sells it like he got KO'd...arrgggh, the one time he chooses to sell something, but his head only hit canvas. Even funnier Nigel goes on to say he missed the buckle, but I think he gets cutoff and then puts over the move like he actually hit his head... >_>


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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I honestly thought Final Battle was a complete disappointment. I have Steen/Corino at ***1/2 and Elgin/Perkins at *** but that's it. The main event was just forty-one minutes of moves for the sake of moves.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas everyone, you guys are amazing and help keep this little hobby of mine relevant and interesting. Thanks for all the laughs and great discussion.

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Originally Posted by Spartanlax View Post
Fuck ratings, enjoy wrestling.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2011

Elgin vs TJP

This was a pretty fun opener with some cool as hell spots. Elgin was really impressive again, especially when he caught TJP from the senton on the outside and the dive off the top rope into a suplex. There was a brief awkward part in the middle and some moves didn't look very impactful but it was still fun.

Ciampa vs Rave
Decent pop for Rave but the crowd didn't give two shits about this and neither did I despite being a bit of a Rave fan. Pretty by the numbers , nothing awful but nothing good. The crowd was chanting Twinkies and AJ Styles so that shows you how little they cared. *1/2

Bennett vs Generico vs Lethal
Wow, no reaction for Bennett at all, but a massive pop for Maria when she came out lol. Shit she's hot! Really loud CM PUNK CHANTS . This started out really fucking slow and dull, but picked up towards the end with two awesome spots from Generico on the outside. Decent action but a bit dull and nothing to write home about. Oh and the crowd was fucking awful untill Generico woke them up late in the match. ***

Steen vs Corino
KEVIN FUCKING STEEN! Awesome entrance and pop for Steen, this guy is over as shit right now. Jacobs looks so gay . Wow! I was not expecting this! An absolute war right here, I expected a hardcore match but not to this level. Some of the spots were fucking ridiculous including the powerbomb on the chair in the corner of the barricades, the suplex on to the guardrail and Steen falling through two chars and a table! An awesome hardcore match and both men looked great in it. I was scared for these guys on occasion, especially with that barricade spot, that was crazy. The after match stuff was so great, they are really making Steen out to be an unstoppable beast of a monster and it's amazing. MOTYC easily, infact I almost liked this as much as Steen/Generico from last years Final battle. ****1/2 I can't be the only one to love this?

Tag Team Gauntlet

I really don't want to watch this but I suppose I will. Nothing to talk about really until Future Shock come out and them and CC have some good exchanges. Bucks come out next and them and FS have a good little match, very similar to the one they had ad Steen Wolf. ANX are out last and King botches a move on the outside but recovers, and some of these fans start chanting 'Fuck Kenny King', fuck off with that shit. There was also some fucknut screaming throughout this match. ANX/Bucks was really sloppy and fucking boring though. The only decent part was Bucks/FS but even that wasn't anything too great. This makes me dread any future matches between these two wich I'm sure is what they are going with with the Bucks taking out Titus' knee. **

Strong's open challenge
Oh god, Strong is on the mic. YES!!!! Who's your hero?! And he gets the pop of the night. My favorite guy on the indies by far and I marked the fuck out when KOW's music hit. It's weird seeing Hero come out in ROH without Claudio or Sarah . Good match here, nothing overly special but it's good to see Roddy finally get a fucking win since he is the former champ and all, and good to see Hero back in an ROH ring after a while. Decent structure with Roddy working over Hero and a good finishing stretch. Roddy does nothing for me these days though and I can never get into his matches apart from a few exceptions. ***1/4

Briscoes vs WGTT
What a fucking shitstorm. Seriously awful shit. WGTT are useless fucking tools. This was just a mess and I can't even be arsed to write about what I just saw. Everything was just shit, felt like I was watching TNA at various points during this. DUD!

Davey vs Eddie III
What a load of absolute fucking shite. The worst Davey Richards match I've ever seen. Nothing made sense, everything was completely illogical, nothing was sold, crowd was dead, crowd chanted 'this is wrestling', fuck off. This is shit. Fuck this match and everything it stands for. I don't think I've disliked a match this much in a long fucking time. just skip to the end to see Steen own Davey. I can't even rate that match.

Sorry but I'm a bit angry right now after sitting through this, and I didn't even pay for it. The last two matches may be the worst double main event Ican remember seeing for a long time. Kevin Steen is ROH's saving grace, without him, this may be one of the worst shows of the year. I watched this unspoiled so I don't know what anyone else thought of it since I haven't been on here in order to keep it exciting, but if anyone liked the main event, or if you were there and chanted 'this is wrestling', seriously, what the fuck? That shit was awful.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
Do people still buy ROH, PWG and other Indy DVDs? I want to sell all mine,
I do regularly.. Anything interesting?
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