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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I noticed on ROH's new Briscoe Brothers DVD that the Briscoes vs KENTA & Marufuji match isn't actually on the disc, even though it says it is featured on the case.

Instead it is Briscoe Brothers vs KENTA & Davey Richards

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by TelkEvolon View Post
I noticed on ROH's new Briscoe Brothers DVD that the Briscoes vs KENTA & Marufuji match isn't actually on the disc, even though it says it is featured on the case.

Instead it is Briscoe Brothers vs KENTA & Davey Richards
That sucks! I own it, but have not opened it...that was one of the main matches I was looking forward to. Oh well, I suppose that match will be good too.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

IWC - The Best of AJ Styles Volume 1

1. AJ Styles vs Super Hentai

2. AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin

3. AJ Styles vs Colt Cabana

4. AJ Styles vs CM Punk
- Its really weird hearing the commentators talk about Punk like hes below Cabana.
- Because it seems at the time Cabana was the top guy in IWC.

5. AJ Styles vs Homicide

6. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels
- Joe Dombrowski who went on to do a little ROH commentary and Balls Mahoney are on Commentary here.
- Balls is surprisingly good.

7. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Homicide

8. AJ Styles vs Chris Hero
- New Jacks on commentary here.
- New Jacks cardio training includes running from the Police.
- Sadly the copy i downloaded only had the first 7-8 mins of this match.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

CZW - Déjà Vu 6

8-Man Elimination Scramble
Alex Colon vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Simon Sezz vs. Aaron Epic vs. Aaron McCormick vs. Stitch Sypher vs. BJ Whitmer - **1/4

Latin Dragon vs. Ryan McBride - **

Jonathan Gresham vs. Drew Gulak - *

AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation - ***1/4

UltraViolent Street Fight
DJ Hyde vs. Sami Callihan - **1/4

The Messiahs Of The New Age (Ricky Shane Page & Dustin Rayz) vs. Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist) - ***

CZW World Heavyweight Title
Devon Moore vs. Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz - **

CZW UltraViolent Underground Title - No-Rope Barbed Wire Elimination
Matt Tremont vs. Necro Butcher vs. Danny Havoc vs. MASADA - **1/2

EDIT: And out now -

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

The Briscoe Brother vs Murder City Machine Guns - ROH: Good Times, Great Memories

Shelley & Sabin are such amazing douchebag team and The Briscoes are the perfect "straight men" team, the wall that MCMG chip away at and then it falls ontop of them. Great tag team action, each team played a different part, not just a bland tag match.

The action was stop and go, great use of team work from both teams and the crowd was right into it. Two of the greatest modern day tag teams going at it there isn't much more you could ask for out of this besides a third match in 2012. Heel Briscoes would be a nice addition.


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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

So I just watched WGTT vs. Cabana/Generico from Tag Team Turmoil. Here are my thoughts:

- The opening is about as bad as you can get from a tag match. Rather than let the crowd get into it, Haas decides to do some boring power shit with Generico that nobody in the crowd cares about. This is the absolute most basic tenet of short tag match structure, to let the babyface control the first exchange, and Haas doesn't fucking get it. God damn.

- Cabana's attempt to do his Cabana schtick falls completely flat because Haas and Benjamin flat-out refuse to play along. Shame. He could have gotten the crowd to have fun rather than be completely dead silent (which they were for a good stretch). Seriously, this was a well-mic'd, hot crowd, and they were dead silent for several stretches of this match.

- Every offensive move Haas executes bar his suplexes looks awful. He catches air with just about everything, even the knees to the midsection look terrible.

- The crowd is getting behind Generico's comebacks and attempts to make the hot tag, but they go back to being silent every time Haas or Benjamin cuts it off without even looking like they were in trouble. God fucking damn.

- Haas cannot bump for shit either. Benjamin is okay, but every time Haas takes a bump you can tell exactly how choreographed it is. He looks like a 60 year old man in there.

- Benjamin should apologize to Generico for making him take that bump on that dive to the outside because Benjamin didn't stand up fast enough. Ouch.

- The finish was awful, but you already knew that.

Overall this was probably the worst non-Briscoes match Haas and Benjamin have had in ROH. They tried to do a simple STF-like structure, but because they refused to play along with Cabana's stuff, the hot tags fell flat, and because they bumped so terribly for everything Generico did, it was near impossible to buy Generico and Cabana as a legitimate threat to the belts. And then there were the botches and mistimings, and the no-selling, and Haas getting blown up ten minutes in, and the crowd not giving a fuck about WGTT, and this was embarrassing. No other word for it.

Making it ten times worse was the fact that I had just finished watching Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave vs. Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe from Enter the Dragon, which was tons of fun and had well-executed comedy spots, an excellent workover that built well to a hot tag, a dominant face who the fans cared about and wanted to see, cowardly heels who everyone wanted to see get beat up, and a crowd that was both hot for everything and was given the opportunity to be hot for everything. Watching this after that was like eating at Taco Bell when your last meal was Chipotle.

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Steen Wolf just came in the mail, I came semen...
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Evolve 7: Aries vs. Moxley

Jimmy Jacobs (4-2) vs. Shima Xion (0-0)

I liked this one a lot. Shima is a guy that you really want to see get beat up and for a good part of the match Jacobs does just that. It's really the Evolve style and I love watching them. They don't waste time and have this long match (looking at you ROH) but both guys show some character and do cool stuff in the ring. Everything was smoothly executed too and the ending was really surprising at the time. Good stuff.

Tony Nese (0-1) vs. Silas Young (1-1)

Change of pace here as this was two bigger guys beating the shit out of each other and mixing in some really cool moves for guys their size. Quick and entertaining.

Jon Davis (0-0) vs. Johnny Gargano (4-2)

Both guys come out to what has to be the lamest of the lame Evolve songs that the company uses. I found the face/heel dynamic to be really odd in this match. I mean Gargano is with Larry Dallas who is clearly a heel manager yet he wrestled a lot of this like the underdog babyface. Outside the context of the Evolve storylines this was really good. I don't think I've seen Gargano play a role like this before and it was relieving to see that he can play an underdog just as well as he can play the cocky heel. Davis was a little lacking in the personality department (maybe because he didn't know if he was supposed to act like a heel or a face) but he started to understand what he didn't to do to get a reaction as the match went on. And that was to just be a badass. It took a little while to get into but once the match got going it was pretty awesome.

Jason Gory and Facade (0-0) vs. Jigsaw and Frightmare (2-0)

Cool moves. Aside from one botch early on everything looked good. Fun match.

Sami Callihan (2-1) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (0-0)

I loved Sabre's offense in this one. He went to the arm breaker whenever he had an opening and his strikes were brutal. Sami was his usual self and Sabre was the perfect guy for him to be in the ring with. He even did a decent job of selling his arm (not great but it was more than I was expecting from him). Good pacing and they used the venue for some really cool spots, as well as beating the shit out of each other all around the ringside area. Great match.

AR Fox (1-0) vs. Rich Swan (0-1)

Flips and shit. The crowd liked it. I liked the flips but that's really all it was, just them doing all these cool looking flips. It was fun though.

Chuck Taylor (4-2) vs. Akira Tozawa (0-0)

Really good but not great. They kept a really fast pace the entire match and nobody was ever in control for an extended period of time. Both guys have a lot of personality and they really made this work. I was expecting a little more because Tozawa is awesome and Taylor is one of my favorite American indy wrestlers but it was still a fun, short match.

Chuck Taylor (5-2) vs. Johnny Gargano (5-2)

So after their matches they were tied for the wins leader and it came down to a tie breaker. Larry Dallas and Reby Sky were not happy about this at all and they spent the whole time trying to get them to end the match. They hit a bunch of big moves for a few minutes until Dallas told Sky to throw in the towel and end the match early. Not a particularly good match but a big storyline advancement in Evolve.

Austin Aries (1-0) vs. John Moxley (1-1)

The fit a lot of stuff into a fairly short match. My favorite part had to be the spot where Moxley went for a wrench to use in the match but had to resist the urge to use it because he didn't want to get DQed in his last match. It also kept with his character having a hard time adjusting to the rules in Evolve. All the in ring stuff was really good as well. Aries was on his game, which I hate to admit it but he's been hot or miss for a while now. Good match and a nice way for Moxley to leave independent wrestling for hopefully a very long time.

Post match was pretty cool. I liked that instead of the whole emptying the locker room thing they do for guys leaving it looked like they limited it to the wrestlers that were actually friends with Moxley. It felt a lot more personal this way.

Bonus Match for FIP Championship
John Moxely vs. Roderick Strong

This was decent but also frustrating because it could have been so much better. We see a really good control segment by Moxley early on where he works the arm of Strong. Good selling and everything from Strong. My only problem with the match was that they never gave the crowd that awesome comeback from their home town guy. Still good but it really needed a better come back sequence.

The Evolve show was good, but lacking a great match that earlier shows had. It's still a short, easy to watch show that you can expect from the company.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

DGUSA Freedom Fight 2011

BJ Whitmer vs Brodie Lee - **1/2
~ I haven't missed Whitmer.

John Silver & Uhaa Nation vs Caleb Konley & Scott Reed - **3/4
~ Uhaa Nation is a BEAST. First time seeing him and I'm impressed. Terrific speed for a guy of his size.

Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann vs Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk - ***1/2
~ Really nice fast paced tag action here.

CIMA vs Masato Yoshino - ***3/4
~ This built up to something pretty great. The palm strike counter into the hanging choke was friggin' fantastic. These guys know each other so well, it's no surprise this was full of slick reversals and counters.

Intermission comment: Is it just me or is Brodie Lee immensely annoying on commentary?!

Pac vs Ricochet - ****1/4
~ Astounding. Ricochet was such a douche in this match, I wouldn't have thought it but he makes a pretty good heel.

Yamato vs Johnny Gargano - ****
~ Really enjoyed it but evidently not as much as some.

John Davis, Sabu, AR Fox vs D.U.F. - **3/4
~ Fun but trashy.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That Tag Team Turmoil tag is probably the worst match I've seen all year. I mean I've seen some stuff which is flat out boring, stupid and/or nonsensical but that was awful in every way imaginable. No character dynamic, horrible attempt at structuring a tag match, crowd not caring, botches and that fucking terrible finishing stretch. You have no idea how sad it makes me to say that Generico was a part of such a disaster.
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