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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

The thing I absolutely despise about Hero is how he likes to work long matches and those long matches he likes to work are dreadful. Like he will extend his mat work to the point I just don't care anymore. That was the main reason both his matches with Claudio went overboard and get boring despite having great ideas(Although that match had some really dumb ideas).
This. Hero is very charismatic, but some of his ideas are pretty dumb sometimes. I watched his matches with Claudio last week, and the Eight match was very good, but the other one was just boring. There's just something shitty in the air when Hero controls his matches. His charisma goes away. Claudio is far better.

His match with Roderick the first two times for the ROH Championship was great as it was storytelling of Roderick not taking him seriously and then going crazy against him at Supercard.
Agreed. Probably the best booking from ROH in 2011.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post
I'm not saying people don't have the right to criticize Edwards but it is just that every year something like this happens. Davey got picked the year before, Black got picked the year before that, and Nigel got picked the year before that. It's almost like the hell of easy to predict.
That's because every year there's a new wrestler that fans start loving more than before and put him in the "best in the business" or "top 3 in the world" or whatever category. I get why that happens, it's inevitable really (most of time, it happens with wrestlers that improve a lot from one year to the other) but it's also inevitable to find people who don't agree with that point of view.

What I fail to understand is how, after all this time, there's still people who take so damn seriously the jokes/criticism to guys like Eddie and Davey. The arguments about why some fans find them overrated or just plain bad have been discussed over and over again and at this point a lot of us are just having fun with it.

*tries suicide dive on Capo*

*misses and hits Segunda with it*

*Segunda connects a superkick out of nowhere*

*no sells*

*screams American Wolves and is greeted with complete silence*



"Good night, sweet prince"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

You'd better make me Dick Togo next time you use me in a wrestler comparison or I'm gonna double stomp you through a table.

*Oh shit you're Davey, what be your kryptonite? Structure?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post
And Bubz, no way in blue thunderdome hell was Hero/Claudio better than Edwards/Hero. I'd rather get my leg chopped off and get a sword stuck into it as a replacement(With the sword end sticking into my flesh) than sit through 50 minutes of that. Crowd was so fucking bored during that match it was unbelievable.Hero/KENTA wasn't close imo and I haven't seen Hero/Sabre.
You really thought it was that bad? I completely loved it. It had a great story and great psychology, far more than the Hero/Edwards match (I'm not knocking that match by the way, I really like it). All of the technical stuff at the start of the match worked perfectly and actually helped advance the story of the match which I've gone through numerous times before and don't feel like doing it again lol.

Hero/Sabre is really great, Hero gets his arm worked over and sells it amazingly.

I personally don't see the criticism's of Hero , but I love his mat work and more often that not his matches have a good story and psychology that I really get in to. I can totally see people not digging his mat work and seeing it as 'broing' or whatever, but I love it. Hero is one of my favorite wrestlers and has been since 2009.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That Highspots sale sounds great.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Is it just Buy One Get One Free?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Yes sir. Search the word bogo on highspots.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Capone, Edwards/Elgin was awful because it tried to be an establishing performance for Elgin, and he only got one offensive move of consequence in the entire match. Edwards never let Elgin take control and dominate the match, the guy who was supposed to be the powerhouse wrestled defensively the entire time, or got his shit countered. It was like Everything Wrong With Eddie Edwards: The Movie (Part 2).

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by peachchaos View Post
my $0.02:

As a huge American Wolves fan who owns the t-shirts and everything, I have to admit that the detractors in this thread bring up very realistic complaints about their work and always engage in compelling discussion and conversation. They never make it a one sided argument, its just that their points are valid enough to not warrant a response. In fact I completely agree with all of their complaints. Why is it so hard to say, "okay, ya'll have a great point but I still enjoy their work" if you don't have a counter-point? I mean, disagree by all means if you really have something to bring to the table, but if not let's just acknowledge there's some good criticism here and continue enjoying what we enjoy.
I feel that way about a ton of guys. I mean a lot of the criticism I see about guys like Davey and Eddie is true but when I actually watch their matches I enjoy them too much to care that they do those things wrong. When I go see a show live I care even less about the things that bother people about them.

Five Dollar Wrestling Live

I was hoping that Five Dollar Wrestling using older matches in sort of a complication would make for an interesting watch with some rare and entertaining matches. I don't know why I even thought Good Wrestling and 5 Dollar Wrestling could ever be considered the same thing.

Curtis Hughes vs. Rick Karloff

The best part of the match was the fact that Hughes kept his glasses on the whole time. It was also the only good thing about this match. Terrible but it's the better than any other match this company has had, which isn't saying much at all.

Tracy Smothers vs. Legion w/Percy Pringle

No it's not the Legion of Doom it's just some guy named Legion. And he sucks. When you can't even execute a body slam during a match you know there's trouble. Also this has the weakest DQ ending.

Prisoner X vs. Shamus Maloney

Why the fuck is this match on a DVD? At least the other matches had some star power. This was just some shitty indy match with two guys that don't appear capable of working a decent match. It's not so much that this match was that terrible it was just more of the thought process that lead someone to putting this onto a DVD. I just cannot understand what was going through their minds when they saw this match (or even watched this match) and decided that it would be a good addition to a DVD that mostly features older "big" names.

King Kong Bundy vs. Jack Hammer

This is one if the dumbest things I've ever seen in a wrestling ring. Aside from the fact that both guys sucked this had easily the worst ending to any match ever in existence. It wasn't even a count out they just fucking left.

Jim Neidhart vs. The Juggalator

No comment.

Jimmy Valiant vs. Masked Assassin #2

Way too much ball based offense from Valiant. As in so many moves attacking the balls that this match was not enjoyable to watch and at times it was very uncomfortable to sit through. Also Valiant never takes a bump, he mostly just dances around and hits his opponent in the balls. I don't know why anyone would ever want to watch this.

Jimmy Snuka vs. Metal Maniac

A truly horrific experience. It has the worst table bump ever and at one point a kid throws a fucking chair at Metal Maniac. These 2 embarrassing moments also happen within 30 seconds of each other and it left me staring at my screen in disbelief at how awful it all was.

Nicolai Volkoff vs. Blue Thunder

This is officially the worst match I've ever seen. I think this secretly might have just been them repeating the starting sequence to this match every few minutes. Blue Thunder also the worst strikes in wrestling, and I mean out of every single person that has ever claimed to be a wrestler (including kids that do backyard wrestling) Blue Thunder has to have the worst strikes out of all these people. Nicolai had this terrible manager with him who just dressed up like a generic evil Russian officer who felt the need to get involved in the match every 2 minutes. This was painfully long as well and I don't have a clue why. I really hope this wasn't the main event that the poor fans in attendance were forced to sit through. Everything that could go wrong on this match and it so bad that I can safely say nothing could possibly be worse.

FUCK. I'm going to watch PWG now.


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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Yesterday I order from ROHWrestling: Best in the World 2011, Death Before Dishonor 9, Trios Tournament 2005, PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2011, Shimmer Vol. 19

and from Dragon Gate I ordered: Bushido Code of the Warrior, Freedom Fight 2011, the three United events, Mercury Rising 2011, and Open the Ultimate Gate 2011
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