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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Refreshing to see more people be really disappointed by Benjamin and Haas this year in ROH.
They are not ROH product for a fact.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Best match they had was against Cole and O'Reilly probably, and that was largely because Haas showed up to work and Cole is fucking incredible. Working my way through Revolution Canada now, and I'm absolutely dreading WGTT-Briscoes.

And I remember when people said I was trolling because I thought signing them to contracts was a bad move.

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

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Why can't they just do a % sale. really want to get BITW

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
And I remember when people said I was trolling because I thought signing them to contracts was a bad move.
Well, the thing is that it's not a bad move. Maybe they are not that good in the ring, but they aren't bullshit neither and they're known in all the states.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just watched PWG ASW8 Night One. The first hour & 40 is uncharacteristically tedious for PWG. Besides Taylor vs. King, each of the first five matches would benefit from being 5 mins shorter. Bucks vs. Monsters is a horrible mish-mash of credibility stretching over indulgence & by the end of Gen Next vs. Cutlers, the crowd has lost interest.

All credit to Shelley & Edwards for winning them back with some smooth & exciting wrestling. NVC vs. Los Genericochets is all kinds of awesome & not just for the insane sequences & innovation. I love how Ricochet making Steen flinch is the precursor to 'Ochet taking an extended beatdown.

Hero vs. Castagnoli is excellent, despite the crowd being burnt out, despite going so long & despite the top rope breaking. That said, it would have been even better without these factors.

Looking forward to watching Night Two - just hope it's a bit more compact than this.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Watched a little bit of Tag Team Turmoil 2011, updated more when I've watched the rest.

ROH: Tag Team Turmoil 2011

Interview with NEW World Champion Davey Richards:
This was effective in putting over the main event, nothing blow away but effective.

Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander: ***¼-***½
Sign Alexander and Coleman ASAP; both guys are great and their a real good tag team as well. This one was non stop bell to bell and both teams worked really well together.

Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. The Bravado Brothers: **
Briscoe beat down for 6 minutes with about 20 seconds of Bravado offense thrown in; Shelton kicks a chair in Briscoes face and the Bravados win; Builds to a rematch with WGTT and The Briscoes so it wasn't so bad the Bravados got a Win on the Brisceos; still wish they would disappear though.

Kenny King vs. Mike Bennett:

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. El Generico and Colt Cabana

Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly vs. The Bravado Brothers

Rhett Titus vs. Mike Bennett:

Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin: ****¼
Awesome. Elgin needs to fight Richards for the belt now. Elgin looked like a beast in this match and proved he belonged in there with the top guys. Brutal back and forth exchanges and the last 10 minutes is excellent; outside of truth getting in the ring and Sinclair not calling for a DQ; I'm glad he didnt but it was unncessary. Chops, kicks, forearms power moves from Elgin; you want intensity this has got it.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Tag Team Turmoil 2011. Man this was a frustrating show to watch.

Opening segment did it's job. Set up the main event of the show and Strong/Davey for the tapings too. At the end of the day though it really showed up how unnatural and awkward Davey, Eddie and Strong all sound on the mic.

Cole/O'Reilly vs Coleman/Alexander was an ok match. Coleman and Alexander both look very choreographed and unnatural in what they do. Looked like they were really nervous too so maybe I'll give them another chance. I swear if you put these two, King and Benjamin all in the ring in matching gear I wouldn't have a clue who was who. - **1/4

Bravados vs Briscoes was really average. Heel vs heel matches generally don't work and this one didn't either. Bravado's came off as underdog babyfaces taking a brutal beating by the nasty heels and they way them and the commentators sold the finish really made them look like babyfaces. Odd dynamic and not all that good of a match either - *1/2

Bennett vs King was a decent match. King really needs to start stepping up now and move on from being the guy with loads of potential. He's been the potential guy for years now yet he never really seems to breakthrough into a great performer. I'd love to see him have a singles match with Hero before he leaves as he'd more than likely have a breakthrough match with him right now. Do that and Claudio vs Edwards on one night and then KOW vs Cole/O'Reilly the next on the their last double shot. Bennett didn't have a long control segment which helped but he still didn't look all that great. He looked really lost in the ring at points towards the end of the match too. Finish was completely and utterly retarded. Sinclair not only changing a decision based on the fans telling him to do so and not only reversing his decision but then deciding King won the match was so fucking stupid and I'm talking TNA levels of stupidity. Shit like this that makes them seem minor leagues sometimes. - **1/2

WGTT vs Generico/Cabana. Hmmm. Was trying to figure out during this match if it was a title match or not. Still not sure now. Commentators never really mentioned if they were on the line or not. Anyway Generico was fine in this and prevented it from being a negative stars match. Cabana and Haas were pretty bad and Benjamin was flat out atrocious. The transition spot might have been the worst transition spot I've ever seen. Generico hits a moonsault cleanly and it leads to an FIP segment from Generico. Presuming Haas was supposed to get the knees up to block but it definitely didn't happen. You would have though a guy like Haas would improvise a little though but no. Had to rewind this spot I couldn't believe it. Again the face/heel dynamic was awful here. WGTT had a heat segment on Generico which made them come off looking like heels which really didn't help them after they interfered in a match earlier and caused another team to lose a match. Imagine a new fan was watching this as their first show. How the fuck are they supposed to know that Haas and Benjamin are babyfaces. In the same way how are they supposed to know after the first match that the Bravados are heels.
Once Cabana gets the tag the match derails so badly. Him and Haas had zero chemistry and everything they did together look arkward. It's from this point that Benjamin must have started sniffing something on the apron because he just fell to pieces. Generico goes for a dive to the outside and it looked like Benjamin completely missed the spot and Generico hit nothing. Camera shot didn't allow you to see the landing. Might have been shoddy camera work (and lets face it their cameramen have been missing spots lately on the iPPVs) or they might have actually edited it so you couldn't see it. Then there's the horribly botched leaping kick to the top rope and the leapfrog. Damn right he should have apologised afterwards to the fans for this debacle. It got edited out and that was probably a wise move in their defense. So much awful shit in this match but thankfully Generico was in there to try and salvage a little something from it. - *

Cole/O'Reilly vs Bravados was a good little match. Not on the level of their SCOH match though but for a sub 10 minute match this was good. There's an AWESOME spot early on when Cole and O'Reilly go for the stereo kicks which gave Lancealot a concussion and Harlem jumps in there to save his brother like he was fucking fucking DEATH. Bravado's a far better than I expected them to be from their early criticisms. I think they got jobbed out so much and made to like jobbers early on that a lot of people's basic instinct of them is "lol, the Bravado's" and they don't take them seriously even though they're actually really good in the ring and they're legit good workers, not just spotty machines like Coleman/Alexander. I wish ROH would do something from these prize money matches that they do too. Maybe have the winners of one of them come out in swanky new gear next time or make some kind of gimmick out of it. That's one thing that ROH is useless at, not following up on shit. So many times throughout they're history they've set the roots for something and then done nothing from it. The timekeeper from Injustice II rings a bell (no pun intended) - ***

If there's one guy on the ROH roster that all the fans want to see pull double duty I bet it's Mike Bennett. Yeah he's been so entertaining and having great match after great match, one match per show just isn't enough for me. This probably could have been a lot worse in fairness given it's Bennett and Titus and both are guys who still need a lot of working on. Again Bennett looked really lost in the ring during some spots. Bennett really needs to stop throwing those closed fist punches too. Either that or people need to start fucking selling them though. He hit three of them in succession at two points during this match and Rhett totally no sold every single one of them. Oh yeah and they're illegal too btw. Makes Bennett look like a total geek when he's throwing these punches and they have no effect. Three straight unprotected knuckle shots and ZERO EFFECT on his opponent. Fuck me. So much stupid shit on this show. Bennett going for the tights again was a neat spot but they should have had Sinclair as the ref for it as he was the one who didn't spot it first time round. Then you could have him check after he missed it last time and catch the wiley little punk. - **1/2

Maybe the thing that I hate most about these B shows with a lack of talent is that they always end up with a main event that has to go 30 minutes. I don't know if Cornette and Delirious look at the card and think "sheeeet this is pretty weak, maybe we'll give them 30 minutes of wrestling in the main event to make up for it". Now I don't mind long matches but when they're so dragged out and as aimless as they've been on a regular basis in ROH this year I fucking hate them. It's not like there was any bad wrestling in this one or illogical booking. It's just aimless wrestling for 30 minutes with no focus, story or direction. Fine if it's half the time but jesus this was so hard to sit through. Last 5 minutes were good yeah but by time they got to that point I'd lost all interest in it so it was all irrelevant. Elgin looked really good for what it was worth and there wasn't anything that was bad or annoyed me like the rest of the card besides the length and the laziness of the layout for it. Long tag matches without a heat segment can work sometimes but they need a clear story and exceptional wrestling. This was just good wrestling with no story for half an hour. Thought it was funny how the announcer didn't announce the time for this match but he did for all the others. On a side not I fucking hope Bobby Cruise doesn't miss another show when that guy's in town. Can't remember his name but he just drives me up the loony wall with his stupid faces and stupid fake announcer voice. This is still probably the MOTN I guess although that's not saying much. I probably enjoyed the Bravados vs Cole/O'Reilly match a little but it was like 22 minutes shorter than this one - ***

Really average show and even worse than it looked on paper which wasn't much. Really showed up how weak their roster is right now. Corino and Jacobs will probably be regulars on shows and I guess Lethal will too but that's only 3 guys you've got to add to this lineup. Maybe Steen too in a while. Richards, Edwards and Strong are the only legit main event guys they have as well. So badly need to work on their roster and cut the stupid booking shit out. Stuff like Sinclair changing decisions based on nothing but the crowd cheering for the babyface needs to stop right now.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
Best match they had was against Cole and O'Reilly probably, and that was largely because Haas showed up to work and Cole is fucking incredible. Working my way through Revolution Canada now, and I'm absolutely dreading WGTT-Briscoes.

And I remember when people said I was trolling because I thought signing them to contracts was a bad move.
Your business sense is terrible. Not giving the biggest draws contracts would be retarded. We've been through this. ROH don't base their business practice on whether jawbreaker likes a team or not.

WGTT, although not mine or your personal favourite, are the most popular act in Ring of Honor. It's a measurable fact.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

There's still the chance they'll tell Benjamin to fuck off and let Haas go alone down the line too.

Even if they don't, I think a logical step is giving ANX the belts and starting something between ANX/Young Lions (Cole/O'Reilly)

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

BITW has really managed to reignite my interest in ROH, so far. I mostly despised the Tag Title four-way and am somewhat dreading to watch the main event, but the undercard has had a good amount of entertainment to it.

I still can't take Elgin seriously by the way. He's like the poor man's everything.

Originally Posted by Bossdude View Post
smarks like to suckle from the diseased milk of Ric Flair's sagging tits
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