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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
PWG All Star Weekend still hasn't shipped out yet? This is getting silly.
Indeed. Ive had that shit pre-ordered since June 1st. They need to get on the ball with this.
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Chikara - Caught in a Cauldron of Hate

1. Claudio Castagnoli vs Dasher Hatfield

2. The UnStable vs 3.0

3. Gregory Iron vs Icarus

4. Sugar Dunkerton vs Brodie Lee

5. The Colony vs The Osirian Portal

6. Young Lions Cup
Frightmare vs Rich Swann

7. Max Boyer vs Tim Donst

8. Eddie Kingston vs Johnny Gargano

9. Campeonatos de Parejas
Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs The Batiri

10. Bonus
The UnStable & Dasher Hatfield vs Tigers Mask, Black Buffalo & Tadasuke

Chikara - Clutch of Doom

1. Mike Quackenbush vs Green Ant

2. Icarus vs Ophidian

3. The Throwbacks vs The UnStable

4. 3.0 vs Los Ice Creams vs The Osirian Portal vs The BDK

5. Madison Eagles vs Sara Del Rey

6. The Spectral Envoy vs The Batiri

7. Jigsaw vs Tim Donst

8. The Colony vs The BDK

9. Bonus
Frightmare & Tsubasa vs The BDK

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Champions vs. All Stars

Non Title - Champion vs. Champion

Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels **

Andy “Right Leg” Ridge and Grizzly Redwood vs. The Bravado Brothers

Adam Cole vs. Mike Bennett **½

Homicide vs. Rhett Titus **

Steve Corino vs. Caleb Konley

Colt Cabana vs. Caprice Coleman

Kenny King vs. Kyle O’Reilly ***¼

ROH Champions vs. ROH All Stars

Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels and The Kings of Wrestling vs. Davey Richards, El Generico and The Briscoes ***¼

* Strong/Daniels was an okay opener to the show, and the aftermath with the Kings set up how the team would play out in the main event.

* Cole/Bennett was surprisingly enjoyable. Probably the best Bennett match I've seen.

* It didn't even take a second for Rhett's head to start leaking with blood after the headbutt from Homicide. Him trying to cut a promo afterwards was pretty awkward.

* Really enjoyed Corino's promo before his match and can't wait to watch the rest of the stuff he did leading up to Best in the World.

* King/O'Reilly was MOTN for me. Very fun match between the two with some unique exchanges, that kept the crowd interested throughout.

* The main event wasn't the easiest match to keep a hold of my attention. Not a bad match but pretty disappointing considering the talent involved.

* Perhaps it's because I kept my expectations low but despite the low ratings for the majority of matches, I didn't actually hate the show or anything. Outside of the main event, it was actually pretty easy to watch. It does seem to be the weakest ROH card of 2011.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I figured I'd watch some good wrestling before Impact...

PWG Card Subject to Change III Review
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just order wXw For You Japan and AIW Absolution anyone see those shows¿?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by LariatSavage View Post
I figured I'd watch some good wrestling before Impact...

PWG Card Subject to Change III Review
Why not continue watching good wrestling instead of Impact?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Why can't ASW just ship? I don't want to buy it until I see a review and I can't see a review until they actually ship it
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by SuperDuperSonic View Post
Why not continue watching good wrestling instead of Impact?
Readers want what they want. PWG reviews get about 20% of the readers a TNA review gets. TNA reviews are also free since it's on TV.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread


- Homicide vs. Elgin was solid enough.

- Cole & O'Reilly vs. Bravados was awesome! Needs to be seen to be believed.

- Nice to see Jacobs back.

- Corino vs. Bennett was great. Corino knows how to play to Bennett's strengths. The pre-match soap opera was decent too.

- Generico-Hero. Midcard comedy match. Felt like a PWG match. Dodgy finish. Insanely hot blonde in the crowd, checking out Hero's bulge.

- Richards vs. Haas did nothing for me. Davey should never be put in the ring with an ex-WWE guy. It exposes his lack of size. I wasn't feeling any chemistry, at all. Felt like two tag team wrestlers wrestling a filler match.

- Not a great crowd and Santamaria on commentary, to boot. The second half has a lot of work to do...

- If Shelton and Claudio wrestle each other a couple more times, they could have an awesome match. Their styles (in theory) mesh well. Here, Shelton was sloppy as shit and didn't look motivated. WWE Shelton Benjamin is back.

- Nothing much memorable about Cabana-Daniels

- Briscoes-ANX was one of the best matches that I've seen for a long time. Strong MOTY candidate. ANX are passing the Briscoes test, with flying colours.

- Edwards-Strong. Load of crap. Bad night for the American Wolves.

A harsh critic could call this a one match show. It's worth checking out that Cole & O'Reilly match though and, if you're into Corino and Bennett's characters, their match. Jacobs coming back was a nice moment too.

Otherwise, this whole show felt half-hearted to me. This wasn't worthy of the Supercard name, either in theme or quality. All of the DVD shows, since the SBG buyout, seem like thrown-together afterthoughts, to me. I think we've seen the start of the era of the true ROH house show.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2009

Opening Round Match:

Louis Lyndon vs. Marion Fontaine

Don't really know why they had to have Fontaine's control segment last for so long. Fontaine comes across as really annoying which is good for a heel I guess. Shouldn't have lasted so long but it wasn't all that bad of a match. I really don't like Lyndon that much but he didn't bother me as much as he normally does.

Opening Round Match:

Johnny Gargano vs. Chris Jones

I don't know who Chris Jones is but I do know that he's had at least one good match. I liked the dynamic this match had of Jones being the local home town hero of sorts and Gargano being the cocky, almost annoying heel. They never went crazy with spots and the match never dragged.

Opening Round Match:

Dave Cole vs. Silas Young

I have to give them a lot of credit for the beginning of the match. After a nice technical display that really showed how athletic both guys Cole just spits in Young's face, immediately turning a match with two random guys in a tournament match together into a match that has a clear cut face and heel as well as creating some heat between them. The match as a whole was good too, both guys can move around in the ring pretty well and they told a pretty good story out there. Very enjoyable. Would have gone higher but Young's comeback was pretty weak and he really didn't get enough offense in for someone that would go on to win the match.

Opening Round Match:
Jon Moxley vs. Brad Allen

I liked Moxley's promo before the match where he basically said his whole plan in the tournament was to be an asshole. The match was decent but once again a little too one sided. I just don't like the idea of having Moxley dominate most of the match and go over Allen cleanly. There was never a time when I really though Allen was going to win. Kind of odd considering Allen came into this match as the FIP Heritage Champion and FIP was holding the event. Even if he wasn't going to win they could have at least made him look a little stronger.

Opening Round Match:

Shane Hollister vs. Flip Kendrick

Flip did some cool flippy shit. Aide from that this match did nothing for me. Kendrick is not someone that I want to see in a lengthy singles match as Hollister didn't impress me all that much in my first match of his that I saw. It wasn't terrible though.

Opening Round Match:

TJ Perkins vs Arik Cannon

A good back and forth, hard hitting match. Cannon ended up playing the heel in this one and I thought he did a pretty good job. Best match on the DVD so far. Closest to the style that we see in Evolve out of all the other matches so far.

Opening Round Match:
Scotty Vortex vs. Egotistico Fantastico

Ego's promo before the match really made this a lot more interesting. He basically talked about how everyone was looking down at CZW but him and Vortex were going to have a great match to show that CZW isn't just death match wrestling. With his promo you got the sense that there really was a lot at stake in this match as the winner would have the chance to go on and represent their company (both were CZW guys) in the tournament. I thought both guys put in a really good effort here, they seemed to be believing in the promo that Ego gave. I've seen Ego before and I think he's a pretty decent worker but I've never seen Vortex wrestle before. While I wouldn't call him great I do have to say that I was pretty impressed with him.

Opening Round Match:
Davey Richards vs. Drake Younger

Well this sucks. This is the last match on disc 1 and it just won't play. I saw about 5 minutes of it total, it looked pretty good. This sucks.
No Rating

Quarter Final Match:
Egotistico Fantastico vs. Davey Richards

After seeing another Ego promo I can see why he ditched the comedy gimmick. The guy cut a pretty decent promo but he's hard to take serious with his gimmick. This was a good opener, Davey made Ego look pretty good even though he went over him. Nice length, a little over 10 minutes I think, and easy to watch.

Quarter Final Match:
Shane Hollister vs. TJ Perkins

Aside from some terrible looking high risk moves from Hollister this was fantastic. From the technical encounters early on to an ending where I really didn't know who would win until the very end it was really well done. Best match of the tournament so far (or at least out of the ones that I was able to see).

Quarter Final Match:

Johnny Gargano vs. Louis Lyndon

Gargano putting on Lyndon's headband and wig and beating the hell out of him was pretty awesome. The rest of the match was pretty solid too, even if there was way too much kung fu crap from Lyndon. It's so annoying to see the face start his comeback by doing a flip from the top rope and hitting the heel with a karate chop on his way down. Still a pretty good match despite all the things that annoyed me.

Quarter Final Match:
John Moxley vs. Silas Young

Moxley keeps up his plan of being an asshole by slapping Young in the face to start the match. This was pretty solid, a good back and forth match. I was happy to see that Young didn't let Moxley control the whole match like he did in his opening round match.

Semi-Final Match:
TJ Perkins vs. Davey Richards

I was so happy when I realized these two were going to have a match against each other. It was focused more on the technical aspects of the match instead of just stiffing each other the whole time. No real problems with that though.

Semi-Final Match:

Silas Young vs. Johnny Gargano

Did Gargano really not win this? Right as I actually started to get interested the match ended. One of the weaker matches in the tournament but Young had another match to go and didn't have much rest. I guess he needed to save himself.

Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2009 Finals:
Davey Richards vs. Silas Young

So I had some problems with the last match on Disc 1 and guess what happens with the main event of Disc 2. Yeah that's right it fucking freezes again.
No Rating

So these DVDs are pieces of shit. If a DVD smells like maple syrup that should be a sign that they're pieces of shit. So disc one had some problems, I'll admit that I've watched a little of this before so I could have messed it up. That's unlikely because I always take care of my stuff. But I never even took Disc 2 out of the case until I put in my laptop to watch it. So I didn't mess up my DVDs.

But on the other hand I got this for free when I went to Evolve 1 so I guess I can't complaint that much. What really bothers me is that looking at other reviews the best matches were the two that I wasn't able to see. From what I saw there are a lot better ways to spend 3 and a half hours.
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