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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Four DVDs on eBay. All start at 1p. As always, with my listings, a percentage of the final proceeds goes to charity.

'SHIMMER: Volume 36'
Brand New. Still in Plastic! Nice and crisp, imagine it. Mmmmmmmmm...

Kayfabe Commentaries 'YouShoot with Jim Cornette: The Lost Questions'
Awesome shoot, as you'd expect from Cornette

ROH 'Straight Shootin' with Cornette & Heenan: Volume 3'
ROH 'Secrets of the Ring with Al Snow'
Both of these are long since OOP and rare as fuck. I've seen the Al Snow one selling for up to $65/£40. You're probably going to get a massive bargain, here.

If any overseas people are interested, just contact me via PM (on here or eBay) and I'll come up with a postage price for you.

Happy bidding.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Independent Tour De Force Volume 1

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Quarterfinal Match:

Sal Rinauro vs. "Sweet and Sour" Larry Sweeney

Hilarious. Whether it was each guy calling the other a chicken, the constant hand shaking, or Sweeney missing Earthquakes finisher followed by Sal missing the Bonzai Drop everything about this was great. I can't give it a rating but everyone should see this. Also Scott Hudson from WCW was on commentary making terrible jokes, it doesn't get any better.

Hybrid Championship Match:

Christopher Daniels vs. Dave Cole(c)

Why is it so dark? Seriously, the company that runs locally in my area has better production values than this. Aside from the shitty production and the annoying crowd this was a good match. I was also impressed with Daniels as he put in a good effort and actually seemed to care about having a good match. I've seen big names work for small companies and it's all too common where the big name gives a shitty effort. This wasn't one of those times. While the spots weren't there the match was still wrestled at a pretty quick pace and I liked the dynamic of a heel Cole being really cocky in the ring with someone well known like Daniels. I loved how angry Daniels would get early on at him. The match lost some focus towards the end but the ending worked all things considered and for a small company like Hybrid I have to say that this was a pretty solid match.

WSU World Title Match:

Mercedes Martinez vs. Nikki Roxx

I wanted to punch the commentators in the face. Such comments as, "Locked in as tight as a virgin on prom night." and, "They're sucking in air like gay guys suck on dick." are really fucking annoying. If you can get past the assholes on commentary the match is actually really good. The technical stuff they did early on was impressive and as the intensity picked up as time wore on they were really hitting each other hard. This match was over 25 minutes long and I was entertained the whole time through. I've seen Mercedes wrestle in Evolve a few times but she never had the chance to really work a lengthy match there. Great addition to the DVD and so out of the first three matches WSU has been the impressive company. If their was an option to turn off commentary on their DVDs I might even consider buying a show from them.

"I Quit Match":

Ryan Boz vs. Jimmy Jacobs

I've never seen an AAW show before but I was able to tell right from the start that there was some serious heat between these guys. That's a good sign as Jacobs is pretty average when he's just in matches but when there is some type of feud or storyline involved he's great. This was no exception. Jacobs was fantastic in this match, he was wrestling a much bigger guy and I found myself sucked into the match and rooting for Jacobs to pull out the win. The table spot in the match was awesome, when Jacobs made a really long dive and landed on Boz the table didn't break. So Jacobs went and did another crazy dive to break the table. The match was brutal but not over the top dangerous, something that I've noticed Jacobs excels at. AAW made the right choice when they put this on the DVD.

Triangle Trios Match:
Jigsaw, Helios, and Equinox vs. Vin Gerard, Stigma, and Chuck Taylor vs. Hallowicked, Fire Ant, and Arik Cannon

100% spotfest and 100% fun. I'm not sure if there is a better match that Chikara could have put on the DVD. It was really just a dream match during a Young Lion's Cup Tournament but it showed how much fun Chikara can be and all the cool stuff that their wrestlers can do. Unique rules early with one guy from each team being legal at all times. Throw in that lucha rules applied and this was all sorts of crazy. It's rating won't reflect how awesome it is because this was a total spotfest but it's still getting a really high rating.

FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Erick Stevens(c) vs. Go Shiozaki w/Heartbreak Enterprises

This wasn't good enough to be a 25+ minute match. It was a good back and forth match but wrestled at a good pace and everything but I just had a really hard time keeping my interest. Had they just started their awesome finishing stretch 5 or 10 minutes earlier I think I would have enjoyed this a lot more. It can be very frustrating to watch a good match that could have been great.

Considering I got this DVD for free at a DGUSA show I'm more than happy with it. The "I Quit" match was incredible, there was a great comedy match, and everything else was at least good. My only problem with the DVD is that there were some cases where the wrestlers had to overcome a lot just to put on a good match. Hybrid and WSU would be downright unbearable if the wrestlers weren't putting on a really good match.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I was gonna watch that DVD soon. Sounds much better than I thought it would be.

WSU is like SHIMMER's skanky sister. I can't really watch it because it's too scuzzy.

I watched some of Hybrid's TV show once and the production values were horrendous. They have some good talent but the overall product is crap.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Shirley, that video in your sig is fucking awesome.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread


Chuck Taylor vs Mike Quackenbush
Your Basic match. Good for an opener nothing very impressive. Good chemistry between the two.

Up in Smoke vs Flip Kendrick and Luis Lyndon
Average tag match, lots of standard action. Both teams working high-flying style and Kendrick\Lyndon being less comical than their previous matches.Which is a bad thing, but logical if you thing that they are 1-3, they have to get serious.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Adam Cole
I saw that more of a storyline promoting match. Jacobs and Cole are very good in the ring, but the wrestling, man I just didn't feel it. The hatred and stuff was all good but imo they couldn't connect.

Sami Callihan vs Drake Younger
First of all, I am a big fan of Sami. Having watches Callihan's promo you were really pumped up for this. The match itself was a hard hitting brawl as you'd expect. Few flaws that didn't hurt the flow. Callihan bad blading made him bleed a gallon from a ring post collision.

Jon Moxley vs Frigthmare vs Johnny Gargano vs Rich Swann vs Brad Allen vs Gran Akuma
I had high expectations for this one. They weren't of course fulfilled but it doesn't mean it was a bad match. It was very fast from the start. with good flow. Very enjoyable actually. The negatives, it was too spotty and too sloppy especially Frightmare.

WSU World Title match: Mercedez Martinez (c) vs Amazing Kong.
Wasn't impressed with that either. Mercedez squashed all her previous opponents and Kong was her first serious challenger. It had the potential, but Evolve didn't take it seriously so it was a glorified squash to my eyes.

Kyle O'Reily vs Ricochet
Wow. Really liked the match. I was afraid that the styles clash between them would be a negative factor, but i was wrong thank god. Quality match, with a combination of hard kicks and submissions from Kyle and exceptional resilience and aerial ability from Ricochet. Could be the MOTN

Bryan Danielson vs Munenori Sawa
Standar Danielson main event match, Very stiff and lots of technical skill by Bryan who carried Sawa along the match. Brutal match, not very long.

Above average show, a fun way to spend 2 hours of your summer spare time. DVD Rating:3+/5

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Cole & O'Reilly sign...

Ring of Honor officials are happy to announce that two more athletes have signed on the dotted line with ROH. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly, fresh off the biggest weekend of their careers at “Tag Team Turmoil 2011” & “No Escape”, have put their signature to paper and have re-signed with ROH.

Cole & O’Reilly recently earned a future Tag Team Title opportunity in Richmond, VA with their victory over The Bravados in the Tag Contenders Lottery, and proved their mettle against The American Wolves the following night in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately O’Reilly suffered an accidental injury at the hands of Eddie Edwards in that match, and had been ordered to rest it.

“Adam and Kyle have proven themselves against the best teams in ROH this year.” stated Executive Producer Jim Cornette, “With their fights against The Briscoes, the Kings, Haas & Benjamin, and the Wolves…not to mention earning themselves a title shot, Cole and O’Reilly are poised to make 2011 their year here in ROH.”

Cole & O’Reilly are scheduled to be in action when ROH returns to Chicago Ridge, IL on August 13th for our 1st ever SBG TV Tapings and Kyle assures ROH officials that he will be 100% and ready to go in time for that historic date. Tickets for that live event can be found here,, and keep an eye on for all the details about the TV Tapings!
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Wow, great, but can they appear on any other promotion?
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Im getting back into an ROH mode & was wondering what the top shows were.

I know ive asked before, but i forgot

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Shirley Crabtree III View Post
I was gonna watch that DVD soon. Sounds much better than I thought it would be.

WSU is like SHIMMER's skanky sister. I can't really watch it because it's too scuzzy.

I watched some of Hybrid's TV show once and the production values were horrendous. They have some good talent but the overall product is crap.
Yeah I was really surprised it was that good. The Jacobs/Boz match was much better than I was expecting. Just be warned that the production is pretty low rate.

And an all women's wrestling company that's based in New Jersey I think would have to be scuzzy by definition.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

AIW - Who’s NXT - The Best of Tyrone Evans/Michael Tarver

Set It Off (4/30/06)
Tyrone Evans vs. Johnny Gargano - *

Uprise (8/19/06)
Tyrone Evans vs. The Thrillbilly - N/R

Hell On Earth 2 (10/7/06) - Last Man Standing
Tyrone Evans vs. The Thrillbilly - *

Extreme Is Dead (1/26/07)
Tyrone Evans vs. Michael Hutter (Derrick Bateman) - *

Motor City Deathwish (3/31/07)
Tyrone Evans vs. Kano - **

Absolution 2 (5/20/07) - Walk Through Hell Match
Tyrone Evans vs. The Thrillbilly - **3/4

Campus Invasion 1 - Strong Style Rules
Tyrone Evans vs. Sami Callihan - **1/4

Tomorrow Never Dies (9/30/07) - Strong Style Rules w/Rounds
Tyrone Evans vs. Eddie Kingston - **3/4

Hell On Earth 3 (10/28/07)
Tyrone Evans vs. Jigsaw - **

The Nightmare Before X-Mas (12/16/07)
Tyrone Evans vs. Kano - **

I don’t really know how long Evans was in AIW, but his time there really wasn’t made for a best of. Only his farewell speech at the end of the DVD, his feud-ender with the Thrillbilly and the Kingston match are the worthwhile things on here. And even the Kingston match was hurt with them having rounds randomly instead of just a match.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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