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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Video Wire was good, there has to be a 'worlds lightest rag doll' chant at Benjamin.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Tarfu View Post
I freakin love this wannabe-WWE-persona Bennett is bringing.
There's just so much mileage in it. It's so easy to book. He just has to copy every little thing, that WWE do, that ROH fans hate.

He needs to be talking about "ROH Superstars and "ROH Divas" and referring back to Bryan Danielson as "that nerd Daniel Bryan". His character needs to have the most overbearing, blinkered, WWE-centric mindset possible. The fact that he is only a wannabe too, makes it even better.

It's a recipe for pure rage IMO. I'm feeling pretty smug that I called from the moment he first appeared. Hopefully the payoff to it all is that your typical ROH guy, like Kyle O'Reilly, kicks his head in.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Bennett better start using this gimmick to make his matches more interesting then.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

His character is fine, it's pretty great actually. The only problem is that he's fucking dire in the ring. Not in the way that he's wrestling a style that attracts heat or anything, it's just a style which is flat out a chore to watch and I dont care how strong a heel he's supposed to be, if nobody wants to watch your matches then you're failing.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I guess the art of being an annoying, chickenshit indy heel that puts on matches/angles the audience will pay to see died when Prince Nana left in 2006.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Defy or Deny
- Good Corino/Bennett segment
- Hero vs. TJ was amazing.
- Edwards and Elgin have natural chemistry.
- Davey-Claudio is a very strong MOTYC.

Manhattan Mayhem IV
- Cole & O'Reilly are masters of the opening match. Elgin looked great again too.
- Corino's angle is becoming amazing. I've never seen anything like this done before.
- The first half of the show was slow, overall, but it's a chance to see more of the new generation of guys, if nothing else.
- King & Titus. Always improving.
- Heel, chicken farmer Briscoes are pretty damn cool.
- TJ Perkins isn't in the habit of having bad matches.
- KOW-LAX was another big MOTYC IMO. There's no reason why TNA shouldn't be delivering stuff like this, instead of Nasty Boys vs. Eric Bischoff & Chris Harris. The crowd was starting to get red hot by this point in the show btw.
- "Gentlemen...the rules are as follows...".
- Special moment, when Eddie somehow won the title. A long post-amble to the show, after the match finished, which was good. Lots of hugging and stuff.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

NWA Force 1 - This City Burns

Rich Swann & RV1 vs. The RunAways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater) - **

Diego Demarco vs. Hybrid - **

The Monster Squad vs. Team LanceAlot - *

Six Man Scramble
Adam Cole vs. Sabian vs. Greg Excellent vs. Cory Kastle vs. Tyler Veritas vs. CORE - **1/4

F1 Heritage Title
Nicky Benz vs. Ryu Lee - **

DJ Hyde vs. Johnny Calzone - *

F1 Title
Sami Callihan vs. Rhett Titus - **1/2

I Quit - Mask vs. Hair
Kevin Cunningham vs. The Phoenix - **3/4

Pretty flatline show except for the terrible tag match and Hyde/Calzone which was just fat dudes hitting each other for a couple of min. until they get tired, rest, and repeating until the finish. Crowd did get behind Titus in his match and Cunningham and RV1 did try to kill each other in the I Quit match.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH on HDNet is now available on DVD.


Our latest DVD release feauring footage from the ROH on HDNet TV show is now available in the ROH Online Store. “Ring of Honor on HDNet Vol. 7” features Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana in an Anything Goes Match; Roderick Strong & Christopher Daniels vs. The American Wolves; Tyler Black vs. El Generico; Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen; Eddie Edwards vs. Colt Cabana for the World TV Title; Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries; plus more more.

Here is the complete listing of matches that appear on this DVD:

1. Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen…Episode 58
2. World TV Title Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Colt Cabana…Episode 59
3. Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino…Episode 60
4. Non Title Match: Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries…Episode 60
5. Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino…Episode 61
6. Jerry Lynn and Delirious vs. Kenny King and Rhett Titus…Episode 62
7. Non Title Match: Tyler Black vs. El Generico…Episode 63
8. Non Title Match: Kings of Wrestling vs. Dark City Fight Club…Episode 64
9. American Wolves vs. Christopher Daniels and Roderick Strong…Episode 64
10. Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn, & Delirious vs. Austin Aries, Kenny King, & Rhett Titus…Episode 65
11. Kings of Wrestling Gauntlet…Episode 67
12. Anything Goes Match: Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana…Episode 66

To order this title today click on the DVD cover image above!!!
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Eddie winning the title made me mark out harder than anything I can ever remember. One of my favorite moments when he scores the win out of nowhere after fooling me that the match was over twice. Don't know when I'll end up seeing it on DVD but it's right up there for my MOTY.

And it looks like I'm going to have to order Defy or Deny at some point as well. Damn you Seabs

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Manhattan Mayhem IV

Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly vs Michael Elgin & Mike Mondo

Tommaso Ciampa vs Grizzly Redwood

Steve Corino vs Mike Bennett

Briscoes vs All Night Express

El Generico vs TJ Perkins

Kings Of Wrestling vs LAX

Christopher Daniels vs Davey Richards - Pure Wrestling Rules

Roderick Strong vs Eddie Edwards - ROH World Championship

So yeah this show is awesome. There's so many little things that make the NY shows so much more enjoyable than any other venues. The venue is awesome and the crowds are always the best. Might sound odd but the lighting in the arena and being able to see the crowd and it not being so dark makes the Manhattan shows much more enjoyable for me.

Opening tag is the business it really is. I'm a huge mark for super fun and kinda spotty 12 minute tags opening shows. PWG get them spot on when they do them and with Cole/O'Reilly ROH have the perfect undercard guys to put in this slot and have some really fun openers on big shows. Elgin had an incredible weekend and he started to look like the real deal in those 2 matches. Elgin/O'Reilly is one of my favourite combinations in wrestling right now. Their HDNet match was super and the exchanges here were glorious too. The samoan drop/fall away slam combo that Elgin did was so insanely crisply delivered it was incredible. MMMMIKEY was booked perfectly for the guy coming in and then going back out. He looked fine and showed plenty of spirit.

Ciampa/Grizzly was an abomination. Grizzly got in more offence than Ciampa did and made Ciampa look like a total chump. This should have just been Ciampa tossing Grizzly around with a few hope spots thrown in. Only saving grace was Mia Yim. I would willingly watch any Ciampa match as long as it has Mia kicking someone's head off.

Corino/Bennett was fun. They had another really good promo before hand and Corino's character is really enjoyable to watch. Bennett didn't slow the match down enough to bore me out of my mind. Corino's coming off as a fantastic worker atm.

Briscoes/ANX was good. Match was kinda awkward as the crowd was quiet for the most part as ANX were heels and they didn't want to cheer Briscoes. Knowing the double turn was coming made it much better though as you could see how perfect it would be and it was nice to see Briscoes build to it rather than just suddenly turning out of nowhere like some promotions do. Match got more interesting when Titus got beat down and they started the FIP segment. This really helped get Titus over with the crowd and King's hot tag was super hot. King could easily become one of the best hot tags going now he's babyface. Nice start to the feud.

Generico/TJ was just a super good little match. Bit short yeah but the card was stacked and I'd prefer this be shorter and keep the show under 3 hours. Finish was awesome and like I've said before I'm loving how the finishes can come from just one big move now in ROH rather than having to be a finisher to finish the match. Hopefully they keep that up.

KOW/LAX was AWESOME. Kinda the same layout to the 1st WGTT match but this time it worked a lot better. Was really looking forward to the potential Claudio/Hernandez exchanges and they were even better than I could have possibly imagined. Both guys are just fucking beasts and seeing them go at each other was great. Hernandez is a fucking beast and he could easily be a huge deal if he wasn't stuck in TNA. Cide was much better here as he had a purpose and wasn't just in a random match with no meaning where he sucks. Fuck they need to get Cide a feud quick to make him interesting again. Finish was a bit weak but the match was awesome overall.

Davey/Daniels was awesome too. Pure rules was a bit random but they made use of them really well. Especially loved the submissions in the ropes when the breaks were used up. Daniels using a closed fist behind the refs back and basically forcing Davey to lose a break was an awesome tease to his future heel turn. Going back and watching the lead in to his heel turn is really great as you can spot the subtle hints and know where they're leading to. There's a few Daniels performances out there where he just looks like one of the best workers ever and he came off like that here. Davey had his usual flaws - stupid mannerisms and not knowing how to sell. He kept teasing another concussion which I guess kinda would have played nicely off the last NY appearance but instead it was just Davey trying to oversell stuff. Davey's "shit I've just been knocked out" sell is one of the most annoying things about current wrestling. Daniels stepped his game up enough to make up for Davey's shortcomings though and for all his flaws as a worker Davey is actually generally a pretty good wrestler technically. SSP botch was embarrassing and it seemed as though that was the intended finish which it made it even more cringe worthy. Davey's flaws and botched ending aside this could have been looking at being a genuine MOTYC for me.

Probably wasn't as big a fan of Edwards/Strong as most others were but it's still really great. Isn't the best match technically and it's helped a lot by Eddie actually winning I thought. Chops were nasty and the chop battle in the middle was a great thing to throw in. Shame Strong's chops aren't what they used to be anymore though. Can't say I was overly crazy about anything they did in the match like I was with KOW/LAX and Davey/Daniels and even the opener but as a whole it was really well put together. Got Eddie's fire over really well and made him look like a genuine champ without making the champ look like an undeserving champ. The finish with a roll up seemed to catch the crowd off guard and it seemed like there were a lot of them that that didn't realise Eddie won the belt until they announced it. Maybe for this match and for the title change they could have had Eddie pull out some big move and make the finish more obvious and draw a bigger pop for the 3 count. Not gonna complain too much about the new finish routines though because I'm a big fan of the change in philosophy.
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