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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Yeah, I am puzzled at this Sami hate.

He can have good matches, can cut good promos, gets over with the crowd, has a good look.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

There just aren't a lot of D.U.F.'s on the forum.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Callihan is like everything I don't like about Davey Richards mixed with everything I don't like about Jon Moxley into one package that makes me turn off whatever it is I'm watching.

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by TelkEvolon View Post
Yeah, I am puzzled at this Sami hate.

He can have good matches, can cut good promos, gets over with the crowd, has a good look.
He can be decent at times (though for the amount he's being pushed not enough) and is good in multi/tag matches, but his look is horrendous with the all-the-time fake anger and his promos are awful.


Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread


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Spoiler for cover:

Great cover they must of had the good guy on this one.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I just got done watching my very first 3PW show. (3PW - Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling, not the UK 1PW). It's and old show, from 2003 and I'm pretty sure they've been out of bussiness for years now, but I only recently stumbled upon this dvd. I think the promotion had a very cool name, however their show wasn't exactly great. At the moment I cba typing up my thoughts about this dvd, but someone on Amazon posted a review and it pretty much think the exact same thing of the show:

Match #1: Rob Eckos vs. CJ O'Doyle - Never heard of these guys, but they put on a decent jobber match. Eckos wins with a turn-around russian leg sweep. 5/10 (I actually do know Rob Eckos, he's Robbie E. from TNA)

Match #2: Jack Victory vs. Rockin Rebel - You should probably skip this one. It is about 3 minutes long and boring. Victory wins with a rollup and feet on the ropes. 2/10

Match #3: "Pitbull" Gary Wolfe vs. Damien Adams - Pretty much a squash match with the pitbull taking the win after 2 powerbombs. 5/10

Match #4: Jasmin St. Claire vs. Gorgeous George - Total waste of DVD space. Skip it. 1/10

Match #5: Low-Ki vs. Ruckus vs. Joey Matthews - It's an elimination match, but Matthews sits it out until the first elimination. I expected more out of Low-Ki and Ruckus. Their first part is good but not long enough. Ki eliminates Ruckus with the Ki Krusher. Then, Matthews enters and they put on a pretty good show. Matthews grabs the ropes during a rollup for the win. This match was still somewhat dissapointing. 7/10

Match #6: Monsta Mack & Mike Kruel vs. Blue Meanie & Roadkill - An entertaining, but slow match with the 4 big men. Funny spot when Roadkill puts on a sock and applies the mandible claw to Monsta Mack. Mack wins with a chair shot behind the referee's back. 6/10

Match #7: Jimmy Snuka vs. Matt Striker - Quick squash with Snuka hitting the Superfly splash for the win. 4/10

Match #8: Sabu vs. Jerry Lynn - Two great stars put on a good match filled with high-flying action, chairs, and tables. Sabu wins with a leg drop on Jerry Lynn through a table. 8/10

Match #9: Zandig & Wifebeater vs. Raven & The Sandman: I expected alot out of these hardcore icons but was sadly dissapointed. There is only one real highlight in the match and that is when Wifebeater gets thrown off a stage through a table. It's the only real hardcore spot. They spend the rest of the match trying to wrestle. Trust me, you'll be dissapointed by this match. 6/10

Bonus Match: Syxx-Pac vs. Sabu - good match by the two. It's good to see Pac again. They break several tables and the ending is cool. Sabu wins after a top rope powerbomb, puttin Pac through a table with a chair on it. 8/10

Overall, a decent DVD but stick with ECW or CZW. There aren't really any stand-out matches and the commentary is pretty boring. If you're a fan of indy stuff and want to see some past stars, pick it up. Otherwise, don't bother.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I don't hate Sami of think he's the worst thing on the Indies. He does have one of the worst looks on the Indies though. Even his ten minute matches go overkill and that really puts me off. Non stop spotz in matches 9 times out of 10 make you not take a match or guy serious... unless you're a PWG crowd and you're so drunk at the PWG show and all you notice is the spotz because you're too fucked up to follow anything else.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Good cover and Del Rey's legs look great on the back.

You know you remember this.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Awesome cover. Eddie looks like a star, on the back.

I would have like to have seen them selling the HTCS shows as a double pack though.

They need to start having more continuity with logos and branding from the promos, to the events, to the DVDs too.


Just watching 'SoCal Showdown II' btw. Boring me, so far. Shitty ring, annoying crowd. Too much "Here's canned laughter moment #12" wrestling.

I don't watch PWG very often, so I'm amazed to learn that The Cutler Brothers have actually gotten even worse. They look like the most indyriffic guys in the world, compared to even King & Titus. I think they need to spend less time working out krazee spots with the Young Bucks and more time getting out there and learning how to actually work.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Cutlers aren't the best representation of PWG btw. Any PWG regulars are ten times more entertaining in Reseda than on any ROH show btw. I remember when Goodtime was in ROH last year for one match and he looked so plain and average but then when you get him in Reseda he's incredible.
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