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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

TEN sounds fun, definitely better than their last show anyway. I'm in the boat that feels PWG hasn't been itself this year. A lot of the guys they book now I just can't stand. Elgin, kyle, Drake, Fox, Gargano and Taylor need to all go away because I don't enjoy any of them, especially Kyle.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Agreed. PWG has reached a point for me where the atmosphere & commentary are what keep me coming back & any decent matches are a bonus. In ring, the West Coast Evolve / ROH vibe is currently way too strong for my liking.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I love Elgin, like Fox and don't mind the other guys (except Drake - don't like him) but I agree PWG doesn't feel like itself. Most of the matches were good and the main was a MOTYC but I guess because Mystery Vortex was one of the best wrestling shows I've ever seen and I always put PWG on a pedestal, it's hard to live up to the high expectations.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Same topic I brought up a day ago. It's not the same company for me. Gargano & Drake can stay though. Always been fans of them and I'd rather see 'em in PWG than anywhere else with Chikara defunct. All other dudes can go away and never come back. Not Chuck Taylor. He's been on the roster since 2008. Deal with it.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Is it just me or is there something inherently psychotic about that smiley in general?

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

BOLA is up for Pre-order on Highspots but being the dumbasses they are night 2 has a full matchlisting so proceed with caution if you are avoiding spoilers.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Got my copy of PWG Ten in the mail today....went to pop it into my PS3 and discovered there was no disc in it
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Beyond Wrestling: All Dude Review

Chris Dickinson vs. Hailey Hatred
- I really liked this match. The beginning played a lot off of Hailey being a girl and Dickinson being afraid to hit her. Of course, eventually they go at it and create what is, in my opinion, one of the better inter-gender matches I've seen. Hailey is one of those girls who can wrestle with men and make her offense look good without making her opponent look like a bitch.

Faith In Nothing vs. Island Kings
- Really fun tag team match. Faith In Nothing are really one of those teams who really should have been something on the indies. They were big, but I mean like, Young Bucks big.

Team Beyond vs. Young Studs
- This was another fun tag match. I've never seen Team Beyond before this, but Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly have really improved since this happened, both in look and in the ring.

Chris Dickinson vs. Jonny Mangue
- I was expecting a lot from this match and was slightly disappointed, but with that being said it was still a very good match. For those who who follow the Wrestling Is promotions and were unaware, Jonny Mangue went on to become Jaka.

Beyond Wrestling: High Five Academy

Louis Lyndon vs. Hailey Hatred
- Much like the Dickinson match from the previous show, this initially relied a lot on Lyndon being afraid to really go into Hailey, and Hailey beating the shit out of him until he did. Hailey continued to impress me, and I think Lyndon is extremely under-rated in the ring.

Flip Kendrick vs. Corvis Fear
- Corvis Fear is such an innovative wrestler. I really hope that when The Front is finished in CZW he gets a singles run. This was a really good match and Flip also impressed me. He really got to show off more than his high flying. Fear hit some kind of crazy move in this match. It was kind of like an inverted Snapmare Driver.

Chris Dickinson vs. Eric Ryan
- This wasn't as good as I was expecting, yet still good. Nothing amazing, but still very watchable. I think Dickinson could be a big star if he really put himself into the business. He's got such a great mind for it (As you hear throughout the Director Cut commentary)

Luis Diamante vs. Joey "The Snake"
- This was okay. Nothing memorable. I'd never heard of either guy before so I didn't really pay too close attention.

Hailey Hatred vs. Corvis Fear
- Unlike Hailey's other opponents at these tapings, Corvis had no trouble taking it to her. They had a great match.

Chris Dickinson vs. Luis Diamante
- These two beat the shit out of each other. I really enjoyed this match. Stiff and hard hitting.

Chris Dickinson vs. Corvis Fear
- These two had a great match for two guys who'd wrestled twice already, and neither of those two matches were quick and easy. I'm new to Beyond, but this is apparently the match that started the feud between Fear and Dickinson.

- I really love the atmosphere of Beyond. This arena specifically felt like some kind of Underground fight club type thing. The other wrestlers around the ring make it feel like a proving ground of sorts

CZW 18+ Underground Chapter 6

Hot& Spicy & Marty Scurll vs. Keel Holding
- Wasn't feeling it. It was okay, but the only guy I knew of before this match was Scurll. The others didn't really do much for me.

Toby Blunt vs. Bad Bones
Robert Schild vs. Karsten Beck
Vincent Schild vs. Kim Ray
Wanderers vs. Sumerian Death Squad

- I actually fell asleep shortly after Bad Bones made his entrance and didn't wake up until half way through Carnage/Davis. I went back to the beginning of that match but didn't bother to watch these as none really had any appeal to me. I may go back and watch the SDS match though.

James Davis vs. Carnage
- This was okay for what it was. I liked the psychology of this match. The stip was Thumbtacks and Kendo Sticks but they saved the thumbtacks for the end and made it feel like they actually meant something.

DJ Hyde vs. Clint Margera
- I feel like this was a more comedy-based match. Every few minutes this girl would come out and hand one of the wrestlers a box which contained a weapon which they then got to use. Notable weapons include: A baby doll wrapped in Barbed Wire, Lightsabres, and a pencil board.

Drake Younger vs. Masashi Takeda
- This was the reason I bought this DVD. Drake's last deathmatch and he went out with a bang. Takeda was a great opponent. I feel like he could be the next face of BJW. After the match, Drake did a ~10 minute speech about his career, why he chose to retire from deathmatches, his future goals, etc. Then he takes a Jun Kasai bump.

- My only complaint about this is that it didn't have English commentary. I know it was filmed in Germany, but it was a CZW show. Would have thought that they would have at least added an English commentary track. German is an incredibly hard language to listen to for me.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Old ROH DVDs. Check them out. Recommend them to friends. Et cetera.

Night of Champions (3/22/2003)

Death Before Dishonor I (7/19/2003)

At Our Best (3/13/2004)

This Means War (10/29/2005)

Tag Wars 2006 (1/27/2006)

Dragon Gate Challenge (3/30/2006)

The Chicago Spectacular, Night 2 (12/9/2006)

Fifth Year Festival: NYC (2/16/2007)

Supercard of Honor II (3/31/2007)

Respect Is Earned (5/12/2007)

Final Battle 2007 (12/30/2007)

Tag Wars 2008 (4/18/2008)

Northern Navigation (7/25/2008)

The Tokyo Summit (9/14/2008)

Rising Above 2008 (11/22/2008)

Manhattan Mayhem III (6/13/2009)

My Ratings System

DUD/No Stars = I hated it.

★ = I didn't like it.

★★ = Eh. It was there.

★★★ = I liked it.

★★★★ = I loved it.

★★★★★ = This is as good as wrestling gets.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Rah View Post
Is it just me or is there something inherently psychotic about that smiley in general?
Shhh. That's the secret appeal it has. Don't go spoiling the fun. Or else.

You suck the blood of the afflicted.
Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality.
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