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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

So this might be the first PWG show for ages that I completely skip. Non of the matches bar maybe the Bucks match interest me at all and I can tell I'll dislike most of them. Fucking LOL @ Elgin and Cage working like normal sized guys again. They don't fucking get it do they.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I guess not. But Cage worked like a beast while teaming with Anthony Nese vs Young Bucks in EVOLVE. That's probably why I dug that one. Elgin working like crap is what I generally expect from the guy. Barring the night Silas Young carried him this year. Still like Cage overall.

Getting the PWG show now. Chances are I'll have this finished tomorrow meanwhile BITW still sits at only 50% viewed. Ha.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Presents: Is Your Body Ready

Unbreakable F'n Machines Vs RockNES Monsters
Spoiler for thoughts:
I've been saying it for a couple years now, RockNES are terrible. Yet somehow they've become worse than they were. Possibly the worst strikes in wrestling today and they can't even take bumps, either. I swear Yuma's only offence are Ace Crushers. Elgin/Cage weren't any better, either. Vomit inducing.

Kyle O'Reilly Vs Davey Richards
★ 3/4
Spoiler for thoughts:
They were actually going decently until about 10 minutes in. It was without structure or direction yet everything was kept minimal and treated properly. I don't wish to say "it was only a matter of time" but that's probably a truthful statement here. The left arm work on Davey was negated purely in how the triangle choke to arm-bar by O'Reilly was worked. Here's a ligament that is almost limp yet it's not even milked in this segment. Finishing stretch was utterly brainless, and possibly worse than you could imagine. Two for two in the terrible department, so far.

Of course Davey plugs O'Reilly as a future world champion and O'Reilly, embodying the qualities of a champion, celebrates as if he wasn't in a match.

Dojo Bros Vs Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor
★★ 1/2
Spoiler for thoughts:
The nearfalls trade-off between Gargano/Strong were utterly moronic and should blacklist either man from that "best Indy worker" thread. You also have to love how a simple pinbreak is sold as death. Doesn't matter, though, we got in abundance what every "good" indy match has to over do: THIGHSLAPZ~!

Kevin Steen Vs Drake Younger
Spoiler for thoughts:
This wasn't as violent as I had hoped, but I assume they took a very lenient approach to the rules as it was. The finish was what it was, though.

The Young Bucks Vs AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol

Spoiler for thoughts:

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship
60-Minute Ironman Match
Sami Callihan Vs Adam Cole(c)
Spoiler for thoughts:
I thought the final few minutes were truly perfunctory but, for the most part, this was as good as it ever would have been. To hold my attention and not bore me for an entire hour is quite a feat, especially when the earlier, much shorter, matches couldn't. Beautifully worked selling of the injured knee by Sami, especially in collapsing into a heap off the springboard. They teased a Stone Cold/Rocky match about 2/3's in. How geeky are they? Hell, how geeky am I for marking so wildly at that? Splendid character work, especially in Sami's send-off with Cole being the cowardly dick and trying to steal Callihan's spotlight.

G'bye, Sami, thanks for the memories.

This was certainly PWG's weakest card since I started watching. Still, the latter half is a decent enough reason to watch the event. Perhaps the Bucks' tag wasn't a technical masterpiece, hell I wonder if that was the case for some of the SSB matches last year, yet I'll have a hard time believing someone who states that it bored them. Innovative and fast-paced. A typical YB match, through and through. Credit to both involved in the main, as well, as that most definitely surprised me in how they kept it flowing. The first three were never going to hit, the last three were and they did. Outside of Steen/Younger, they hit well, too.

It's funny how PWG's worst is still somewhat good.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Is Your Body Ready?


1. The Unbreakable Fucking Machines (Michael Elgin & Brian Cage) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)


2. Davey Richards vs. Kyle OíReilly


3. The Dojo Bros (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards) vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano


4. Kevin Steen vs. Drake Younger


5. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol


6. 60 MIN IRONMAN for the PWG World Championship: Adam Cole © vs. Sami Callihan


Very good show, enjoyed it. Davey/Kyle was the worst match of the night, but it wasnít terrible, the opener was very entertaining (Yuma was actually good, OMG), Steen/Drake and Dojo/FIST were really good matches, the Bucks tag was MENTAL, and the main event will be either loathed or loved. I was okay with it, they went 60 minutes but kept me entertained throughout the whole match, although they kind of lost me near the end.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Oh my god. Fuck a 60 minute Callihan match. I had no idea that match was an Ironman Match, let alone an hour long one.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

and the main event will be either loathed or loved. I was okay with it,
so not loved or loathed then.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Is Your Body Ready

RockNES Monsters vs Unbreakable Fucking Machines - ***1/4
~ Fun opener. RockNES Monsters looked a lot better here than they have in recent shows. Elgin's backfist to Goodtime was rough, surprised it didn't knock him silly!

Kyle O'Reilly vs Davey Richards - ***1/4
~ I was expecting a ton of no-selling and overkill, and actually it was not that bad at all. Didn't like O'Reilly getting that burst of energy towards the end after taking a tombstone AND a top rope double stomp to the face but hey. We saw some pretty neat counters, and Davey's kick to the face as Kyle went for a legsweep had me sure it was over then.

Dojo Bros vs F.I.S.T. - ***1/2
~ Moments of greatness and very enjoyable, but I felt it was missing something. Couldn't shake the feeling that they were ever so slightly going through the motions. Still a good match but I'm sure they're capable of more.

Kevin Steen vs Drake Younger - ***1/4
~ Early on, Steen seemed to be playing to the crowd a bit too much which hurt the early going. Didn't think much of it until the absolutely insane Death Valley Driver spot off the apron into the crowd. Interesting to see Drake getting the popularity vote over Steen; Reseda love that guy. Cole interference nicely sets up the Triple Threat at TEN.

The Young Bucks vs Samuray Del Sol & AR Fox - ***3/4
~ Great sendoff for Del Sol; he looked absolutely fantastic here and was on top form throughout. The same can't be said for AR Fox, and it's down to him that I didn't go higher in the rating. He always looks a tiny bit unsure of what he's doing which ruins the spectacle for me. There were a few rookie moments from him too, like going for a pin on Nick Jackson and hooking the far leg, then swapping which leg he hooks mid-pin, totally telegraphing Nick putting his foot on the ropes. Basic shit someone in his position shouldn't be doing. ANYWAY, Young Bucks were their usual brilliant selves; Great Sasuke special fake-out into a back rake was glorious, I love that they're still finding ways to punk out the crowd. Really great tag title match, unfortunately marred by Fox.

60-minute Ironman Match:
Adam Cole vs Sami Callihan - ****

Spoiler for 'Stream of consciousness' thoughts during the match:

-Glorious first fall, Adam Cole you prick.
-Cole's face after the third fall, so good.
-JESUS! Powerbomb into the ringpost from Sami!
-Dickslam. Haha. Although I'm sure that should have been a DQ :s
-Sami fucked up a springboard - but could have been selling the knee really well. Not sure. Cole takes control, so either they recovered very well or it was a well planned spot.
-Clever stalling with Cole continually throwing Sami outside, hoping for a countout. Makes Cole look like a prick, and it wastes time.
-I don't get why Sami is insisting on getting the crowd to chant '60 Minutes'. We get it. It's an Ironman match.
-First half hour has flown by.
-Sami's first two falls were frickin' awesome too.
-Back to back roll-ups, that was sweet. This is fun.
-Haha Cole uses the Rock Bottom. Steen on commentary: "That's my friend's move!"
-OMG a stunner, this is amazing!
-Things have slowed down a bit now in the 40th minute.
-Lol at Sami's People's Stomp.
-Sami hits the Destroyer, I like them desperately trying anything and everything to get a fall.
-Chop battle. It's 5-5, who will go down first?
-Jumping Piledriver out of nowhere! This is picking up.
-A lot of piledrivers going on here, followed by kickouts. Hmmm.
-Sneaky little pin from Cole there!
-Loved Cole running off round ringside to try and outrun the clock.
-Stretch muffler with kicks to the head! Can he hold on?!

Haha post-match Cole is a total dick to Sami, catching him off-guard with a lowblow.
They kept me hooked for 60 minutes, I thought it was a great contest. Dipped around the 40 minute mark but picked up towards the end. First half hour is great too. MOTN.

I agree that this is probably one of the more weaker PWG cards in recent years, but with nothing below ***1/4 it's still pretty good. I was fine with the opener unlike some, and I really think those who normally hate Davey/O Reilly matches should give this one a go, as it was worked like a 'normal' match and they didn't go too overboard with anything. If you're just cherry-picking though, check out the tag title match and the main event.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I'm getting this show as we speak.

**** <3 ****

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I'm" often surprised at the Davey Richards/Kyle O'Reilly match ratings; From the reading the PWG reviews it seems they don't have as good matches in PWG as they do in ROH which is disappointing.

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

their matches in ROH are shit for the most part.

**** <3 ****

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