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Lucha Libre

Hey, I was wondering if somebody could clear something up for me. I'm interested in Mexican wrestling but I'm unclear as to how the companies work over there.

I know of CMLL and AAA but what I wanted to know was which is seen as the bigger company? Is it similair to the WCW/WWF comparison of the late 90's where they were pretty much two eqaul companies. Or is it more like todays WWE/TNA deal where one is visibly higher up than the other.

Also what format to they run their shows, is it weekly television building up to pay-per-view like WWE & TNA do, or is it like old school WWF where they do certain television shows which build up to their mega shows before finally building to thier actual ppvs?

I'd apreciate any light that anyone can shead on the matter.



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Re: Lucha Libre

CMLL's been around for 70-something years, AAA's been around since 92, so I'd *assume* that CMLL was bigger, but Idk. IWRG's an indy promotion that I've seen some matches from this year and they're pretty awesome. Heaps of their stuff is on Youtube from tvluchadelpaso or something. AAA & CMLL both have five-six PPVs/major shows each and one or two are torunament-things they hold annually. I think they have weekly TV shows, not sure.

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Re: Lucha Libre

CMLL has for a long time been the dominate promotion in Mexico with acts like Blue Demon and El Santo being huge stars in the 60's and 70's. CMLL is still one of the top promotions in Mexico but since the early 90's has been combating AAA

In 1992, Antonio Pena (a booker in CMLL) broke away and created AAA to have more control of product. AAA was a huge hit from the get go and quickly started a rival relationship with CMLL. AAA started using the Six Sided Ring, to set itself apart from CMLL and used more outlandish gimmicks and hardcore to seperate itself even more.

AAA really broke out though because of the talent it took away from CMLL and developed itself. Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Eddie Guerrero and Art Bar, El Hijo del Santo, The Guerrera family, Psicosis...etc. They also helped launch careers of American wrestlers Lionheart Chris Jericho, Vampiro and others.

AAA stayed huge on the market by establishing relationships with WCW, ECW, WWF, TNA, Japan to bring in huge names and get their stars over in the US and Japan.

Talent jump back and forth between AAA and CMLL like WWF and WCW. La Parka, El Hijo del Santo, Dr. Wanger Jr.

AAA has bascially become #1 in Mexico with CMLL at a close number 2. Each promotion has TV in Mexico and each have a 2 hour block on USA based Telemundo on Direct TV. They run PPVs although AAA is the only promotion to have theirs on US PPV with When World Collide and with the Best of AAA PPV.

AAA is producing a US video game and talks of bringing their PPVs to America with English play by play.

Now there are plenty of indy feds in Mexico, but IWRG is with out a doubt the best of the crop of the Indy's on its way to being a major player.

Hope that clears it up. Youtube will find you all kinds of stuff and this Friday MTV2 is launching Lucha Libre USA, which from what I understand has a working relationship with AAA in the fact that most of the guys were established at AAA and they use their minis.
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Re: Lucha Libre

First and foremost, for the past two years WWE has technically become the number 1 promotion in Mexico if you look at attendance and tv ratings.

As for the home based promotion, AAA is number 1 by far and has destroy CMLL in tv ratings since the 90's especially this year. CMLL is doing an average of 2.8-3.0 while AAA is averaging over 6.0. They both aired on the same station,same day,right behind each other.

CMLL is better to go to for the live experience, as a television product THEY SUCK. AAA is easier to get into, they used US pro wrestling formats like the one pinfall.

Both companies have weekly shows that usually build up to a major event that comes on regular tv. AAA Triplemania is the only show that airs on ppv. All the other major events comes on free television.

Click here to get US and Mexico tv times . If you want to watch a live feed from Mexico, used this link

The also post shows every week in download format from AAA,CMLL,and WWC.
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