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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just out of curiosity do you actually buy these DVDs are do download CZW shows in hopes that you will find a good one?

Evolve 4 Review

Brodie Lee (1-1) vs. John Moxley (0-1)

You can tell right off the bat that moving into the Ace Arena was a good idea. The atmosphere and crowd just seemed so much more alive. I really liked this a lot because both played their roles perfectly. Brodie was just a monster that kicked some serious ass and I liked how they had Moxely manage to hang with him just enough so that it wasn’t a squash. I really got the impression that Mox could play a really good face if given the chance.

They beat the hell out of each other for a few minutes before things got a little too out of hand and chairs were brought into the ring. This lead to a double DQ. Good opener as the crowd really enjoyed the brawl all around ringside and the stiff stuff that they did. I really liked what they did with Moxley after the match as it seems to be going somewhere with Moxley trying to adapt to the Evolve style of wrestling.

Chris Dickinson (0-3) vs. Rich Swann (0-0) vs. Ricochet (1-2) vs. Drake Younger (1-0)

Good mix of talent here, with Swann and Ricochet being great high flyers and 2 hard hitters with Drake and Dickinson. This featured some of the best of Dickinson that I’ve seen so far. He finally seemed to move away from the whole, “I’m just gonna yell a lot” thing he had going and started showing a mean streak. Since he was already badly disliked his new heel persona worked out really well. He was also finally booked to look really, really strong in the match.

The action was fast the whole time and didn’t last very long, which was probably for the best. It wasn’t a total spotfest as the way that booked Dickinson certainly is going to lead somewhere.

Tina San Antonio (0-0) vs. Mercedes Martinez (3-0)

Is it weird that I get a strange enjoyment out of watching these squashes? Any ways Martinez ran train, if it lasted more than 2 minutes I would be surprised. Best part had to be the post match where Martinez/Kong was announced for the next show.

Adam Cole (0-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (2-1)

Gargano really has been improving. I remember at the early Evolve shows he was getting criticized for not showing enough character during his matches. I can’t say he has that problem any more. He seemed as big of an asshole before and after the match as he did during it.

This is one of the few matches that I actually liked watching on DVD more than I liked it live. Gargano clearly went into this match thinking that he would go over Cole with ease. He constantly taunted him and didn’t seem to be taking the match seriously at all. Good offense from both guys and the story they told worked. Getting the win as well as the post match gives me the feeling that they have fairly high hopes for Cole.

Jigsaw and Hallowicked (1-0) vs. Aeroform (1-2)

This was a nice undercard spotfest. Didn’t last long and they just never let up until the end once they picked up the pace. It was fun to watch and they didn’t really botch anything. I also liked how well they transitioned from spot to spot. It had a good flow to it that just seemed like one move progressed right into another. No problems with this and it was good for what it was.

Arik Cannon (0-1) vs. Sami Callihan (1-0)

So I imagine before matches that the wrestlers do some planning before their match. The planning for the match most have went something like this. “Hey want to just beat the shit out of each other the whole time?” This was then responded with, “Sure, let’s just beat each other up.” And that’s what they did. It was pretty awesome actually.

The Osirian Portal (0-0) vs. Up in Smoke (1-0)

It ended up being a lot like the previous tag match on the card but I’m going to give this one the slight edge. It was fun and easy to watch and I really liked the way that they flowed from spot to spot. And I was surprised and happy to see that after this match Up in Smoke made a heel turn. It should make things a lot more interesting in the tag division with them claiming to be better than a lot of the Chikara teams.

Chuck Taylor (2-0) vs. Jimmy Jacobs (3-0)

Chuck Taylor’s first of 3 great matches this weekend and probably the match that made me get a huge man crush on Chucky T. I think it was the longest match on the card to this point and they did a fantastic job of wrestling at a fast pace.

I loved some of the spots they had with the unique ringside area. My facial expression on the DVD as Chuck Taylor landed a few feet away from me also brought a smile to my face. It’s good to see that they are treating the Awful Waffle as a true finisher as well.

Bobby Fish (0-3) vs. Bryan Danielson (0-0)

I think they crowd may have doubled in size when Dragon came out, or at least it sounded that way.

I could spend all this time in my review talking about how great Danielson was. It would be pretty easy to do, the man very well might be the best wrestler in the world and he was on his game for this match. But I want to talk about how Bobby Fish gave the performance of his life.

A lot of the match was spent with devastating leg work on Fish. The whole match wasn’t focused on Fish’s legs being hurt but he played off it at the perfect times. I found myself thinking that Fish may have won the match if his leg wasn’t hurt so badly. There were 2 points where Fish hit a great looking counter and it looked like he would be able to get some more offense in but his leg would buckle out from under him.

Hard hitting and I loved the story they had in the ring. In all honesty if they had anyone else in the ring other than Danielson they would have been able to pull off a double switch. Even without that happening the match is right near the top on the best matches of this year and I might venture to say that it was Evolve’s best match so far.

Evolve delivers again. They continue to put on at least one great match every show and the way that their cards flow are fantastic. Nothing ever drags on and I never get bored even during some of the weaker matches on the card. I like what they’re doing with the company.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG The Curse Of Guerrilla Island

Brian Cage-Taylor vs Johnny Yuma

Peter Avalon vs Candice LaRea

Rocky Romero vs Ryan Taylor

Briscoes vs The Cutler Brothers

Chuck Taylor vs Johnny Goodtime

El Generico vs Ricochet

Joey Ryan vs Chris Hero vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Brandon Gatson - PWG World Championship

Brilliant show, one of the best PWG shows this I thought. Generico/Ricochet is up there with Kings/Guns & Hero/Tozawa as best Indy match this year. So awesome. Title match was really easy to watch but sudden finish hurt it. Nice promos from Hero & Ryan befoe and after the show. The Fighting Taylor Boys are fantastic btw.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Anyone else think night 2 of this year's BOLA was the best indy show of the year by far? If I had to star rate everything, I'd go something like (this is from memory, so it's a bit rough):

Ryan vs. Aries: ***
Castagnoli vs. Strong: ***3/4
Gatson vs. Bonham: ***
Hero vs. Tozawa: ****1/2
Ryan vs. Castagnoli: ***1/2
Hero vs. Gatson: ***1/4
Taylor/Taylor/Taylor vs. Goodtime/Romero/Ricochet: ***1/2
Peligro Abejas! vs. Cutler Brothers: ***1/2
Hero vs. Ryan: ****1/4

And it was PWG, so it flowed really well, the commentary was amazing, and the crowd was super hot.

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
Just out of curiosity do you actually buy these DVDs are do download CZW shows in hopes that you will find a good one?
I have the 2 latest shows released on DVD but i usually just download. CZW usually have 1 or 2 matches that aren't bad but for the majority of the time they just push some awful guys like Excellent.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by smitlick View Post
I have the 2 latest shows released on DVD but i usually just download. CZW usually have 1 or 2 matches that aren't bad but for the majority of the time they just push some awful guys like Excellent.
If it makes you feel any better Excellent didn't even wrestle at the most recent CZW show. He came out, made an open challenge, and was told my the owner or whoever runs the company on screen to get out of the ring. He listened.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikara – The Dark Cibernetico

Dasher Hatfield vs. Brodie Lee - **1/2

Ophidian vs. Dragon Yuki - *

Young Lions Cup
Frightmare vs. Johnny Gargano - ***1/4

Cheech Hernandez vs. Vin Gerard - **3/4

Super Smash Bros. vs. Obariyon & Kodama - ***1/4

The Torneo Cibernetico - ****
The Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Pinkie Sanchez, Ares, Claudio Castagnoli, Tim Donst, Tursas, Sara Del Rey, Delirious & Daizee Haze)
Team Chikara (Mike Quackenbush, Larry Sweeney, Eddie Kingston, UltraMantis Black, Icarus, Jigsaw, STIGMA & Hallowicked)
Great match under normal circumstances, and if you're a Chikara fans several great callbacks & signature moments.

PWG – The Curse Of Guerrilla Island

Johnny Yuma vs. Brian Cage-Taylor - ***

“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Candice LeRae - **

Ryan Taylor vs. Rocky Romero - ***1/4

The Briscoes vs. The Cutler Brothers - ***1/2

Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Goodtime - ***1/4

Ricochet vs. El Generico - ****1/4

PWG World Title
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero vs. Brandon Gatson vs. Joey Ryan - ***3/4

wXw – Broken Rulz X

Round Robin Challenge

Bryan Danielson vs. Wade Fitzgerald - ***1/4
Both clearly held back for the opening match

Thumbtack Jack vs. Tommy End - **1/2

Bernd Föhr vs. Karsten Beck - *

Bad Bones vs. Johnny Moss - **3/4

Round Robin Challenge
TJ Perkins vs. Wade Fitzgerald - ***1/2
Wade was pretty good in his matches, but he was clearly an afterthought to TJP/Danielson.

Carnage vs. Jon Ryan - *

Farewell Match
Doug Williams vs. Martin Stone - ***1/2 - ***3/4
Great choice in picking his former tag title partner for Williams to go out on.

Round Robin Challenge
Bryan Danielson vs. TJ Perkins - ****

wXw Unified World Title
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Big Van Walter - ***1/4
The DQ finish hurt this and the resulting brawl was meh.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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I like the wrestling parts best!
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Kingcrash, your "Fighting Taylor Boys" Sig rules. That is all.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG "Seven":

1. "Pretty" Peter Avalon, Malachi Jackson & Ryan Taylor vs. Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime & Candice LeRae - ***1/4

2. Brandon Bonham vs. Brian Cage - ***1/2

3. Chris Sabin vs. Akira Tozawa - ***

4. "The Professional" Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky - ***3/4+

5. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong - ***1/4

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match
6. Davey Richards (c) vs. Chris Hero - ****1/2

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Three-Way Guerrilla Warfare Match
7. ¡Peligro Abejas! (c) vs. The Cutler Brothers vs. The Young Bucks - ****1/2

Ridiculously awesome show with the top 2 delivering in epic style. Hero/Richards was just a straight-up great wrestling match while the Warfare match was just fantastic fun and brutality. Easily one of the best Indy shows of the year. Next up: BOLA '10.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I can't believe so many people are giving Hero vs. Davey and the 3-way Guerilla Warfare match the same rating, I gave one a dud and the other one ****3/4, lol.

I love CM Punk!

My favorite poster of the moment: McQueen

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

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