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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Buffalo Stampede II Review

Delirious vs. Ernesto Osiris
I don't remember the last time I've actually seen Osiris wrestle. They really didn't do anything bad in this match but it really wasn't all that interesting either. Classic heel vs. face match as most of the offense that Osiris got in was from cheating.

The crowd was also really really dead for this match to until the end which didn't help matters. It wasn't a bad match but it just came across as really basic.

10 Minute Hunt
Eddie Edwards vs. Tyson Dux
So this idea for the 10 Minute Hunt really could have worked well and created some fantastic undercard matches of they were done right. This match doesn't really show why though. They kept things slow which while it wasn't bad what they did in the ring Dux should have been going all out from the start because he only had 10 minutes. In fact having someone go all out for 10 minutes against a good worker like Edwards could have made for a bunch of good undercard matches. ROH also needs to fire whoever thought it was a good idea to make an announcement every minute as it managed to make a short match drag.

Things did pick up towards the end of the match and it almost made up for the stupidity of having Dux wrestle so slow early on, to the point where he was wasting time between holds. Nice little match that could have been a hell of a lot better if they worked around the stipulation right. As far as I'm concerned Dux was right when he described himself as "solid" in his promo before the match.

Shawn Daivari w/Prince Nana and Osiris vs. Colt Cabana

Got to love Griz on commentary staying in character by saying that being in the Embassy in just as bad as being a terrorist. Colt and Nana being out there also pretty much ensured that this would at the very least be entertaining. Whether it was Nana screaming at the ref that Colt was using clothes fists after an obvious open hand slap or Nana talking about his Twitter conversations with Colt it was funny. Colt's best line had to be when he told the crowd not to laugh that it was the "Arab against the Jew."

This was pretty much the classic face vs. heel match. You have the anti-American heel, 2 heel managers at ringside that get involved all the times, and a fun loving babyface that everybody loves. Good match.

Roderick Strong vs. Pee Wee
Why would you name your character Pee Wee? It doesn't exactly scream successful wrestling career to me, it also doesn't make me think that this guy should be filling for Davey Richards.

I guess ROH figured that they should give a local guy a chance and see if he could work a match with a big name like Strong. I still don't think that was a good enough reason not to have Strong just murder Pee Wee in a Morishima like fashion. Instead we just saw Strong kick his ass for most of the match with some offense from Pee Wee actually thrown in. I'll give Pee Wee credit about the fact that he can take an as kicking fairly well but his offense didn't really impress me all that much (besides the fact that he shouldn't have got any offense in or very very little in).

Longer than it should have been and there was no reason to put Wee Pee over like this (I mean what has done since this match in ROH?). It wasn't terrible though but it was Strong trying to have a good match with someone that just isn't on his level.

Up in Smoke vs. The Kings of Wrestling w/ Shane Hagadorn

So we have Claudio working with TWO smaller guys. Well it's pretty much a lock that this will be a good match.

They really worked this the best way possible. Up in Smoke got their asses handed to them virtually the entire time so when they finally got the high speed offense going it was pretty awesome. Their lack of size really allowed Claudio to look like a freak. I mean when you have a grown man laying on his belly and you just grab him and lift all the way to a German Suplex it's pretty damn impressive.

I loved how all the offense that Cheech and Cloudy got in just looked so desperate and there were a few times when you had that, "Can they really pull this off?" thought in your head. Rooting for the underdog is always fun and when one of the best tag teams in the world is involved (KOW, no offense to Cheech and Cloudy) it has to make for a really good match.

Kenny Omega vs. Austin Aries

"Pin me once shame on me. Pin me twice shame on you." I've been trying to comprehend these words of wisdom from Kenny Omega for some time and I can only conclude that Omega is just on a different level then I am.

I hate to say it but Aries has really taken a step backwards as far as his in ring work is concerned. I mean this was a good match and all but I would have thought these guys would be capable of having a much better match. My biggest problem is that they just went at this constant pace the whole time and never slowed it down or quickened the pace at all during the course of the match. They also spent too much time brawling on the floor for my liking.

It had a few nice spots thrown in (the last move of the match was incredible) but I was just expecting more. Dead crowd probably didn't help either.

The Briscoes vs. All Night Express w/"The World's Greatest Manager" Austin Aries
The fact this match was the opener for the past 2 NYC shows speaks volumes to how important this show really... The match itself was very good though and ANE is turning into one of the better tag teams in ROH. They aren't top tier KOW or American Wolves yet but I would put them ahead of a lot of the other teams in ROH at this point.

They didn't go out and tear the house down or anything but I didn't see any bothces during the entire match. Very fun match but I still felt like they were holding back.

Tyler Black vs. Steve Corino
"I would break you and then I might get the aids." This was easily the best part of the rather lengthy promo that Corino cut before the match.

I liked the clash of styles in this one. In Black you just have the guy that defines the style that we see today in most indy companies and on the other hand you have the "King of Old School." It was fun to see all the classic heel actions actually used in ROH, and even funnier when Corino got caught cheating.

Some good stuff with Corino working the leg and throwing some bombs at Tyler Black from time to time. I ended up really liking this one a lot and my MOTN, for what it's worth. I really hope they keep Corino around even if Steen ends up leaving ROH for a while.

Well not the best show but I would have bought Death Before Dishonor even if this show hadn't come with it so I can't really complain about a free show.

Bonus Match from Proving Grounds Night 1:

Davey Richards vs. Tyler Black
Davey actaully playing the role of a heel kept things from being too indyriffic, which was a good thing in this case. They still beat the shit out of each other as much as you would expect, which was awesome but I also liked the parts of the match where Davey, along with Larry Sweeney, was heeling it up. I'm just not used to seeing him do things like spitting in someone's face and then running away.

Good finishing stetch too, which was really helped by the fact that I had no idea who would win. The best match on this disc. It did a good job of making me look forward to seeing their DBD Match.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Highspots have a ROH DVD grab deal up, 3 selected DVD's for $20.

I got Rising Above 08, Final Battle 07 and Better Than Our Best 06.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

^They've actually been doing that deal all year.

Speak of Highspots, they've got a new online series coming:

This has potential. Cabana says it's gonna be like Mystery Science Theater 3000, the wrestling version.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just got Glory By Honor VI night one and Glory By Honor VII.

Still gotta finish Age Of Insanity and i got Caged Rage, Final Battle 07, Honor Reclaims Boston and Joe vs Kobashi on the way, wooooo i got a busy schedule.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread


Columbus Day is celebrated this Monday however here at Ring of Honor we’re celebrating the holiday all weekend long with a special offer where you can Take 30% Off Your Order starting right now. There is no minimum purchase required in order to save. This sale includes DVD’s, tickets, and apparel. Item which are not included in the sale have been listed below. Besides ROH DVD’s you can also save money on Non-ROH items. You can save money with every order you place at

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* Tickets for the following events are NOT included in this sale and can’t be discounted: “Final Battle 2010″ New York, NY 12/18/10, Atlanta, GA on 4/1/10 and 4/2/10, Los Angeles, CA 1/28/11, and Louisville, KY on 12/9/10 and 12/10/10.
** DVD Subscription Packages and Gift Certificates can NOT discounted.

- NOW IN STOCK: Tag Wars 2010- Charlotte, NC 8/28/10
- NOW IN STOCK: Champions’ Challenge- Richmond, VA 8/27/10
- NOW IN STOCK: Salvation- Chicago Ridge, IL 7/24/10 (DVD)
- NOW IN STOCK: Hate: Chapter II- Collinsville, IL 7/23/10 (DVD)
- NOW IN STOCK: Bluegrass Brawl- Louisville, KY 7/22/10 (DVD)
- NOW IN STOCK: ROH on HDNet Vol. 3 (DVD)
- PREORDER: Glory By Honor VIII- New York, NY 9/26/09 (2 Disc Set)
- NOW IN STOCK: Shimmer Vol. 32 (DVD)
- NOW IN STOCK: Timeline: The History of WWE-1988 Hacksaw Duggan (DVD-R)
- NOW IN STOCK: WWE Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls of Chris Jericho (3 DVD Set)
- NOW IN STOCK: TNA: Greatest Moments
- PREORDER: TNA: Hardcore Justice 2010 (DVD)

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Offer ends on Tuesday, October 12th at 10 AM EST. Shipping costs are not discountable. No adjustments to prior purchases or previously placed orders. Offer valid only on orders placed online at Orders will only be discounted if you follow the steps listed above.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ohh decent sale. gonna pick up Champions Challenge, Tag Wars & Best of HD Net 3.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Always the way order something in a 20% off sale and a week later a 30% sale comes along.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just pre-ordered BOLA 2010 Night 1 from Highspots (will probably order Night 2 soon also). So stoked that I've kept myself from any spoilers from both nights, so please help me by not saying anything about it.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Matt Jackson wins it all!

Actually I can't remember.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Malachi Jackson advances to the finals.
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