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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just finished up watching PWG All Star Weekend 6 Night 1 and i must say once again I really enjoyed another PWG they just seem to have it all technical,spots,stiff wrestling and its just an overall entertaining product.

PWG All Star Weekend 6 Night 1

PWG World Championship
Low Ki vs Bryan Danielson-****

The Dynasty vs Age of the Fall-***3/4

Match 1 of 3 for PWG Title #1 Contendership

Roderick Strong vs Jack Evans-***

Muscle Outlawz vs The Young Bucks-***1/4

Castagnoli,Kingston,& Tornado vs Hero,LeRae,Butcher-***1/2

Wierd having a title match as the first match but it was great it was very technical and stiff wierd Danielson turning heel kind of and Ki being face but the ending was great as well.Dynasty and AOTF suprised me as I really dont care for either team but man they clicked and put on a great tag match fast paced great double teams and awesome near falls another suprise ending.Roddy and Evans was good and fun but seemed to drag I mean I love seeing Jack stretched and beat up but just seemed like it took forever ending seemed out of nowhere as well.I was dissapointed by Bucks vs Muscle it seemed really slow and no real flow to it loved seeing the DG guys but just didnt enjoy it as much as I thought i would.6 person tag main event was entertaining not much great wrestling but really fun it just seemed below all the rating I have seen, it was brutal and could really feel the hate but most of the time seemed to be 3 on 1.But the show as a whole was really good and entertaining I love PWG just wish HighSpots ran sales on 07-08 dvds and I would pick some up.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

MP’s Indy DVD Bonanza 2010: ROH SoCal Showdown

A few quick notes: this is one of the ugliest DVD covers in ROH history. More importantly, however, the video quality looks tremendous by ROH standards. Now get these bad boys in 16x9 widescreen and then we’re really in business. And don’t ask me about the commentary because I’m turning it off and jacking up the volume.

El Generico & Colt Cabana vs. Scott Lost & Scorpio Sky: ***1/4
-Very good little match. Lots of character stuff, particularly for the ROH team. Good comedy from Colt, which I tend to get into more than most. Crowd was hot for this, as all four men should be very familiar to the LA wrestling scene. Great choice for an opener.

Necro Butcher vs. Erick Stevens: **
-I like brawls or “hardcore” or whatever you want to call it, and this was wasn‘t a great example of it. Some of the shots were pretty weak and got a “Nancy Shit” chant. Hey there’s the “overweight child” (Excalibur’s words, not mine) at Gentle Art of Making Enemies that Chuck Taylor used to shield himself from El Generico! And then we get a fucking bearhug in a fucking Anything Goes match. Yeah this wasn’t that great and I think a lot of people would rate it lower than I did actually.

Rick Knox sighting!

Roderick Strong vs. Delirious: ***½
-Some good shit right here, marred by just a couple obvious goofs. Much better than their Boiling Point match, which I barely remember a thing about. Loved the reference to the Go Shiozaki match at SOHIII with Delirious requesting “no chops!“ Delirious takes an absolutely SICKENING backbreaker on the apron that should have been the finish, but Paul Turner clearly fucked it up. I don’t want to take that away from a great effort from the talent though.

Tyler Black vs. Joey Ryan: ***
-Joey Ryan is over like Jesus here. “OH YEAH, side headlock!” FTW. I’m not saying he should be a main eventer or anything, but surely ROH could find a better use for him than lackey for Prince Nana. Crowd goes apeshit in anticipation for the Mustache Ride, but it gets turned into God’s Last Gift in a cool finish. This was about what you’d expect from these two.

Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King: ***1/4
-Good brawl here, much better than the Necro match. Diving clothesline over the barricade by Lynn draws a well-deserved “holy shit” chant. Jerry Lynn in enraged old metalhead mode is pretty fun to watch. Fairly shitty finish but the post-match extra curricular activity was a lot of fun. I just wish somebody would have made Lynn vs. RVD happen when it was RIGHT there in front of them.

Larry Zbysko vs. Scott Taylor: FUCK OFF
-This is (smartly) included as a bonus and took place at this point in the live show. Jonny Fairplay (w/ transvestite) gets a couple minutes of promo time for some god damn reason. Pretty sure Taylor is fucked up on something. Looks a little drunk. Crowd: “this is bullshit.” The whole thing runs about 13 minutes but feels a lot longer than that. Colt Cabana with the run-in and saves wrestling for me by showing off his bunghole (just don‘t ask). For the love of God stay away from this.

Kevin Steen vs. Human Tornado: ***1/4
-Loved it. Two of my favorites, and just about anything would’ve looked good after that last match. HOLY SHIT was Tornado over here, but he got absolutely destroyed for most of it by an outrageously entertaining Steen. Really just an extended squash, but one of the better ones I’ve seen.

At this point in the show there’s a non-DVD clip that you can find here:, where…well I won’t describe it. *****. You gotta love a company that gets that many layers of awesome out of a broken ring rope.

Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Austin Aries: ****
-Fucking LOVED this. Aries takes a brainbuster on the floor early and gets busted open. So they end up having a totally different (and better) kind of match than I expected. That’s like the third straight DVD where the champ’s been busted open, right? This really is turning into 1980’s NWA, which I have absolutely no problem with.

American Wolves & Kings of Wrestling vs. Briscoes & Young Bucks: ****
-Man, if this were 2002 or 2003 people would be calling it the Match of the Year. Times have changed, though. In short: Davey is a machine, Edwards was a non-factor, so were the Briscoes for most of it, the crowd hates Generation Me, PWG was taking note of that, and the Kings of Wrestling looked like monsters. It’s an awesome collection of spots, but like I said in the Fearless review, there’s a ceiling to how good that kind of match can be. I honestly liked the Liger match better.

Final Thoughts: Quality show here. I’d say it’s comparable to Clash of the Contenders, where just about every single match is worth your time (ignoring the business-killing debacle after intermission). There’s no match on this as good as Richards/Omega, but the double main event combined is worth about the same. And the crowd was really hot throughout the show. I’d say you can’t go wrong buying it. WrestleReunion weekend is off to a great start, and I'm looking forward to the PWG show that much more now.

Next up: PWG Kurt Russelmania

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH – Epic Encounter III

The House of Truth vs. The Flatliners: Standard Tag Match, both teams are alright nothing Special. (**)

Kevin Steen vs. Player Dos: Loved it. Dos took everything Steen could give including kicking out of a package piledriver and actually got in some believable nearfalls. BRING BACK Dos he put in a break out performance and Steen was incredible with his heel role. Dos reminds me of Sydal and that is definitely a good thing. (***½)

Petey Williams vs. Eddie Edwards: Another really good undermatch, these two work similar styles and this back and forth match was really good. Eddie is slowly becoming one of the standout single guys in ROH. (***½)

Tyler Black, Jay Briscoe, Rasche Brown, & Tyson Dux vs. Austin Aries, Kenny King, Rhett Titus, & Adam Pearce: This was good, simple and effective 8 man. Nothing to special some nice wrestling some nice dives and Black went over which he needed to. (***)

Steve Corino vs. Colt Cabana: This match was story driven and was well done, not anything blow away but effective. (**½)

Chris Hero vs. El Generico: These two are awesome, Hero’s elbow were ridiculous and Generico’s will to win and never give up was awesome throughout the match. The finish was very well done, Generico kept getting up elbow after elbow so Hero went right to the head with the Stretch Plum and passed out Generico. (****)

Kenny Omega vs. Davey Richards: Can these guys wrestle on every show? Epic match indeed. From Richards jumping Omega at the opening bell to the suicide dive just minutes in, to the intense headbutt standoff and the big moves off the top. Omega finally was able to hit his big moves but Omega left his hand open to Richards on the croyts wrath and Davey locked in the submission to get the finish, it worked perfectly because Davey had been really working over the arm the whole match. Hell of a Match.- (****¼)

Two really good undercard matches in Williams/Edwards and Steen/Dos and two matches at **** to close out the show. This is a really good show and overall a very strong effort, nothing was bad and the Steen/Generico Sage continued on. Well worth the price for this DVD. (8.0/10.0)
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Yaaaay, finally got my Highspots shipping notification on As the Worm Turns and a PWG shirt. Should be here before the weekend.

Also, what the fuck is wrong with this site? I'm getting errors and virus alerts like they're going out of style.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH - The Final Countdown Tour - Dayton

1. Preliminary Match
The Bravado Brothers vs Tony Kozina & Kyle O'Reilly
Kyles being helped out by Davey yeah?

2. Eddie Edwards vs Brent Albright
Surprisingly good and longer than expected though the Blurry hard cam sucks.

3. The Dark City Fight Club vs The House of Truth

4. Grizzly Redwood vs Jimmy Rave
Whats happened to Rave?

5. Claudio Castagnoli vs Davey Richards

6. The Young Bucks vs The Briscoe Brothers
It was as if they had cut the match by 5 minutes and cut any selling from it....

7. Rasche Brown vs Silas Young
Fuck Rasche Brown. Isnt criticised enough IMO cause hes pretty dull/awful.

8. Colt Cabana & Petey Williams vs Austin Aries & Rhett Titus

9. Chris Hero vs Bryan Danielson

Overall an ok show but nothing fantastic.

Should have the FCT - Chicago Review up later this week as im about to start the DCFC vs Bucks match. Finally getting through some DVDs.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I have to admit this is the best poster I've seen ROH do.

Your Boy Is Back

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That looks pretty cool. Should be an awesome main event.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

i hope know one gets angry at this but i kinda think davey is overrated.His wrestling skills are superb but everything else is average including his mic skills (which have improved) also his size makes him even more lackluster,which will probably hold him back in the near future
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

So I'm watching Epic Encounter III now, and Steen vs. Player Dos is really good. A perfect example of how a story can be told in the ring, and how much a real finish can contribute to that. Dos was getting crazy over as a babyface, and Steen looked like a monster. Also good move to put Steen up against another Canadian to offset the potential face reaction. Gotta say I'm enjoying this show a lot more than I expected so far.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

wXw – 16 Carat Gold 2010

Night One

Are$ vs. Matt Jackson - **3/4

Munenori Sawa vs. Paul Tracey - **1/2

Martin Stone vs. Yuji Okabayashi - **

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Johnny Kidd - ***

KAGETORA vs. Nick Jackson vs. Tommy End - **1/2

Adam Polak vs. Erick Stevens - ***

wXw World Tag Team Titles/16 Carat Alternate Match
The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan) vs. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) - ***1/2

Big Van Walter vs. Daisuke Sekimoto - ***1/2 - ***3/4

Bad Bones vs. Chris Hero - ***3/4

Night Two

Big Van Walter vs. Munenori Sawa - **3/4

Erick Stevens vs. KAGETORA - ***

Non-Tournament - wXw #1 Contendership - Three Way Elimination
The Crimson City Saga (Tommy End & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. The Young Bucks vs. Up In Smoke - ***1/4

Non-Tournament - wXw World Tag Team Titles
The Switchblade Conspiracy vs. The Young Bucks - ***1/2

Johnny Kidd vs. Paul Tracey - **1/2

Non–Tournament - wXw #1 Contendership
BJ Strong (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) vs. Oberhausen Terror Corps (Bad Bones & Carnage) - ***1/4

Are$ vs. Claudio Castagnoli - ***3/4

Chris Hero vs. Martin Stone - ***1/2

wXw World Heavyweight Title – Falls Count Anywhere
Steve Douglas vs. Absoulte Andy - ***

Night Three

Big Van Walter vs. Erick Stevens - ***1/4

Oberhausen Terror Corps vs. Up In Smoke - ***

Chris Hero vs. Are$ - ****

World Of Sports Rules
Johnny Kidd vs. Terry Frazier - **3/4

Non-Tournament – Four Way Dance
Claudio Castagnoli vs. KAGETORA vs. Paul Tracey vs. Tommy End - **3/4

Non-Tournament - wXw World Tag Team Titles
The Switchblade Conspiracy vs. BJ Strong - ***1/2

Non-Tournament - wXw Lightweight Title
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Munenori Sawa - ***1/4

Non-Tournament – Battle Of The Bucks
Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson - ***3/4

16 Carat Gold 2010 Final
Chris Hero vs. Big Van Walter - ***3/4

Overall a solid tournament with Hero being the darling but Walter becoming a beast, Switchblade Conspiracy giving a solid showing all three nights, Daisuke suplexing everyone in existence and Erick Stevens pulling a decent match out of Polak which is a minor miracle. Steve Douglas still bores as champ though.

PWG - As The Worm Turns

Johnny Goodtime & Jerome "LTP" Robinson vs. Malachi "CK" Jackson & Ryan Taylor - **3/4

Brandon Gatson vs. Scott Lost - ***

Chris Sabin vs. Roderick Strong - ****

The Cutler Brothers & Christina Von Eerie vs. Brandon Bonham, Candice LeRae, & Joey Ryan - ***

Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelley - ***1/2 - ***3/4

PWG World Tag Team Titles
The Young Bucks vs. 2 Skinny Black Guys of Low Moral Fiber (El Generico & Chuck Taylor) - ***1/2

PWG World Title
Kenny Omega vs. Davey Richards - ****1/4

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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