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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

So verizon fios gave away the winner of the tv title tournament in the show description. It said "Davey Richards and Kenny King battle it out for the chance to face champion Eddie Edwards." Not word-for-word but it definitely said champion Eddie Edwards.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

FIP - Third Anniversary Show

1. Kenny King vs Seth Delay
Rain looks amazing *drools*

2. Jigsaw vs Chasyn Rance

3. Lacey vs Daizee Haze vs Sara Del Rey

4. Hallowicked & Scott Commodity vs Irish Airborne

5. No Disqualification Match
Gran Akuma vs The Necro Butcher

6. Delirious vs Larry Sweeney
The first 6 matches beside 1 had been started by someone already being in the ring and someone else coming out to challenge them... Honestly the worst first 6 matches to a card I've ever seen...

7. FIP Florida Heritage Title Match
Erick Stevens vs Jack Evans

8. BxB Hulk & YAMATO vs Jay Briscoe & Roderick Strong
Surely Stevens vs Strong and Hulk/YAMATO vs Briscoe/Evans made more sense?

9. Anything Goes Match
The YRR vs Black Market
Started as 2 on 2... then 2 of the other YRR guys run down, then the Heartbreak Express run down and somehow the pins counted because Jason Blade pinned one of the Black Market even though he was one of the YRR who ran out..

In Conclusion the show made fuck all sense and was just fucking awful. Im fairly sure you can get the DG Tag on a DGUSA DVD so do that and avoid ever touching this fucking awful DVD. I feel ripped off having paid $3.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

That must have been a struggle to get through. The beginning of the card must have really dragged on, where the matches at least short?

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Yeah they were pretty short which was the only plus side.. I can't believe they put that together as an anniversary show.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

The Third Anniversary Show fucking owned.

The first 6 matches beside 1 had been started by someone already being in the ring and someone else coming out to challenge them... Honestly the worst first 6 matches to a card I've ever seen...
That's how FIP works. Each match flows into the next.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Finally got a payday that allowed me some entertainment funds so I nabbed Shimmer Vol. 26 and 27.

I thought 3rd Anniversary Show wasn't bad from a match quality stand point, like Mystery said, FIP almost always books matches that way.

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Fuck ratings, enjoy wrestling.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH SoCal Showdown

Colt Cabana and El Generico vs. Scott Lost and Scorpio Sky **½

Anything Goes Match

Erick Stevens vs. Necro Butcher

Pick 6 Series

Delirious vs. Roderick Strong ***

Pick 6 Series

Tyler Black vs. Joey Ryan **¼

Grudge Match

Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King **½

Pick 6 Series

Human Tornado vs. Kevin Steen ***

Non-Title Match

Austin Aries vs. Jushin Thunder Liger ***½

The Briscoes and The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves and The Kings of Wrestling ****-****¼

I actually really enjoyed this show. Crowd was great from start to finish, alot of decent stuff all the way up to the main event which was just awesome.

ROH 8th Anniversary Show

Brian Kendrick vs. Roderick Strong ***¼-***½

The Kings of Wrestling vs. The Bravado Brothers

No Rules
Necro Butcher and Eddie Kingston vs. Erick Stevens and Joey Ryan

El Generico vs. Davey Richards ****

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. The Dark City Fight Club **¼

Pick 6 Series Four Corner Survival

Delirious vs. Kenny King vs. Steve Corino vs. Rasche Brown

Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana N/A

ROH World Title Match

Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black ****-****¼

For some reason this show flew by. Strong/Kendrick was a very enjoyable opener, KOW's squash was alot of fun, Davey/Generico was just awesome from start to finish and Aries/Black had the match they should of had at Final Battle.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread


You can now get (2) free Ring of Honor DVD when you purchase (3). It is very important you read all of the directions below before placing your order as the instructions have changed with the new website:

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-ROH Trucker Cap

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

How does Rasche Brown get ROH apparel?

A wrestling match is like a balanced diet. The basics are carbs, keeping you going. Armdrags may not be the highlight, but they're key to the development. Dairy is emotion and crowd interaction, like bones, they strengthen the match, and in there absense, the it will fall apart. Meat is moves like suplexes and finishers. They’re cool, but if you rely on them you’d be unhealthy, and the matches unwatchable. Mat work is fruits and vegetables. We may not like them, but some is sweet chain wrestling. Last is spots and indy MoVEz~!, your sugars and fats. You can't just eat chocolate, and thus you need to do more than flips and head drops to get above ****.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Respect Is Earned Review

The show opens with BJ Whitmer in the ring. He talks about how this company is Ring of Honor and that they let the wrestling do the talking so he doesn't want to waste any more time. He then makes an open challenge to anyone in the back, leading to ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima coming out

ROH World Championship
Takeshi Morishima vs BJ Whitmer

This match did exactly what it was supposed and that is introduce Morishima to any new viewers and make him look like a monster. It did exactly that as BJ Whitmer couldn't get him off his feet and took some great looking bumps in a short match.

After the match, Nigel McGuinness came out to the ring and told Takeshi Morishima that he wanted a a shot at the ROH World Title. Bryan Danielson then made his way out to the ring and declared that if anybody deserved a shot at the title, it was him, a man that held the World Title for 15 months. Morishima and Danielson then stared each other down and began to beat down McGuinness! Danielson picked up the ROH World Title and This was an effective segment and introduced two of the main players in the company at the time.

Singles Match
Rocky Romero vs Naomichi Marufuji

Really good, stiff match between these two and definitely the sort of match that ROH should have put on their first PPV because the style of these two is a lot different to what you see in the mainstream promotions. The match started off with Romero working on Marufuji's arm, trying to soften it up for his Armbar and Marufuji responds by working on Romero's leg, which leads to several cool spots. Marufuji gets the win when he blocks a kick from, delivers two of his own and then hits the Shiranui (Sliced Bread 2#).

There is then an interview backstage with Larry Sweeney and Tank Toland. Sweeney talks about how he is the best agent in pro wrestling and Chris Hero and then announces he's got a new client, Sara Del Rey. Sweeney talks about how, you also get the services of the best athlete in wrestling, Tank Toland. Toland then introduces Bobby Dempsey and tells the audience that he is going to get Bobby Dempsey in shape and make him look like a ''Greek God''. He demands that Dempsey do some squats and he does so, as does Sara Del Rey. Toland tells Del Rey that she doesn't need to do what Dempsey is doing as the exercise is for men. Del Rey then bets Toland she can do more squats than him and the two have a squat challenge, while Demspey stops and is told that he is useless by Toland. This was a funny segment, I enjoyed it a lot.

We quickly go back to the ring where Bryan Danielson and Takeshi Morishima are beating down Nigel McGuinness. We are told by the announcers that McGuinness called Morishima and Danielson out. Before the next match begins, we are told that Danielson and Morishima vs McGuinness and KENTA has been booked for the main event of the evening.

ROH Tag Team Titles
The Briscoes vs Claudio Castagnoli and Matt Sydal

Such an entertaining match here that has an insanely fast place is full of crazy spots. You barely get a chance to take a great spot in before they do another one. I can't even list them all here but The Briscoes get the win with a Springboard Doomsday Device.

After the match, The Briscoes celebrate and Dave Prazak begins to talk about ROH's future events. He is interrupted Kevin Steen and El Generico. Steen asks when he and Generico are going to get their title shot and The Briscoes tell them to bring it now. Steen and Generico then head to the ring and brawl with The Briscoes before they are borken up by security (?).

Singles Match
Delirious vs Roderick Strong

Good match and has a much more methodical pace to begin with than the last match which I think was smart considering the last match. I think pacing is one of the main problems ROH can have at times. With all their great wrestling, they don't really give you a break and you can very easily get burnt out while watching one of their events. Luckily, this didn't have it. Roderick Strong eventually gets the win with the Gibson Driver.

After the match, Strong's No Remorse Corp team mates Davey Richards and Rocky Romero come out to the ring with part of a steel barricade. They position it and Strong then hits the Gibson Driver on Delirious onto it. At that point, Erick Stevens of The Resilience runs down to the ring and chases them off.

Adam Pearce then cuts very good promo on ROH moving to PPV and talks about how BJ Whitmer will be plagued with the tag of being the first person ever to lose for the rest of his life. Hes goes over to talk to Whitmer as the segment ends.

Dream Tag Match
KENTA and Nigel McGuinness vs Bryan Danielson and Takeshi Morishima

Great match here with some completely different styles on display. All four men have great chemistry together. McGuinness hits. It is taped up by the medical team while Morishima and Danielson beat down Morishima in the ring. The finish comes when Danielson locks on the Cattle Mutilation and Morishima stops McGuinness from saving him by continually pummeling his injured arm.

After the match, Bryan Danielson picks up Morishima's belt and Morishima gives him a Backdrop Driver. McGuinness then picks up the belt and tries to give him it back but is levelled with a lariat by McGuinness in a good way to finish the show.

Overall Rating: A hell of a good PPV, with the wrestling definitely delivering and the booking also very good. The Briscoes/Castangoli and Sydal match probably stole the night as a whole because they did some crazy stuff that you don't often see in mainstream wrestling but every match was very good and did a job. 8.5/10
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