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it's me seabs!
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH The Big Bang

Davey Richards vs Kenny King

Necro Butcher vs Erick Stevens

Cassandro vs Rhett Titus

El Generico & Colt Cabana vs Kevin Steen & Steve Corino

Kings Of Wrestling vs Briscoes - ROH World Tag Team Championships

Tyler Black vs Roderick Strong vs Austin Aries - ROH World Championship

Lucha Tag with a load of guys I never wanna see again
Lost attention but low. Show ended after the world title match for me.

Best ROH show in a loooong time. 3 really good matches with two of them being fantastic.

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Special Attraction at Wrestlemania
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

American Wolves vs. Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black (ROH Double Feature II: Tag Title Classic)
Blown away. Just a brilliantly worked match on so many levels. I'm too tired to go into detail but there's so much to like about it. One of the best tags I've ever seen without a doubt.

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copy of a copy of a
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

There is a God.

Highspots is back to its one week international delivery, and as a plus they're not packing everything to cardboard boxes the size of a basketball anymore.


Originally Posted by Bossdude View Post
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I like the wrestling parts best!
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just watched the ROH Anniversary show form this year and pretty mediocre show for a Anniversary Show....

The Main Event was a really really good match that was almost RUINED by Prazak and that other guy they have now....I can't say enough about how much I hated the commentary, they blabbed SO MUCH about storyline points during the match that had already gotten over WAY before this match and missed calling TONS of important moments and spots in the match.....

example: Tyler is down on the outside, dosn't look like he'll make the count...Aries is about to let it go down this way. Then Aries looks at the judges and realizes, it may be in his best interest to not let the match end this and dives to the outside to kill the count and Tyler but Tyler moves and Aries goes face first into the barricade.......this is a great sequence for so many reasons and Prazak and new guy just blab and blab through this whole time saying nothing, interupting each other and not evening catching on to the way Aries is working this moment....ugh SO AWFUL!!

There's more but I have to stop cause I dont have the time to waste complaining about ROH's horrible announcing.

Also, Davey Vs Generico ruled and the KOW could walk out circle the ring and then leave and it'd be great! lol

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Agreed with the sentiment above that the commentary was seven shades of awful, I turned it off halfway through the Generico/Richards match because it was getting on my nerves so much.

The show itself was pretty hard to watch for some reason, though I'm beginning to suspect I'm burning out on wrestling at the moment since I'm watching hardly any WWE or TNA stuff at the moment either. Honestly, the only stuff I can watch without getting bored is PWG or SHIMMER.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I just turn the ROH commentary off now. It allows you to hear the crowd so much better that way. I know a lot of people think it sounds awkward without commentary, but crank that crowd up in surround sound and the sense of immersion is awesome.

PWG offers the same option, and I wouldn't DREAM of turning their commentary off. Reason #Eleventy-thousand why they're the best indy going today.

Also, I am at the moment officially done with everything but indies for the time being. Didn't watch the last Raw or Smackdown for the first time this year, and I don't miss it at all. Might still keep up with NXT, but...right now the main goal is to get through all the 2010 indy stuff I have. After I finish Chikara Season 8. Look for star ratings in a week or so.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by The REAL MP View Post

PWG offers the same option, and I wouldn't DREAM of turning their commentary off. Reason #Eleventy-thousand why they're the best indy going today.
It's funny how good PWG's commentary is now, when I first started watching it was so bad I had to stop watching until they improved it sometime around 2007/2008, I also didn't watch because I can't watch a Super Dragon match without getting mad at his insanely bad oversized kids Halloween costume.

Fave Five

1. Chris Jericho
2. CM Punk
3. Mark Henry
4. Brock Lesnar
5. John Cena
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I saw a report last week that ROH management felt the most recent edition of ROH on HDNet (4/12) was the best episode they'd produced, so I was eager to check it out. Although match-wise it's nothing spectacular, it's terrific television and definitely worth checking out.

It's a very angle-driven show, starting out with the Cornette/Black segment, which was fine and did the job of setting up a Richards/Black feud down the line. If a match comes to TV out of this, it should make for a great main event.

Then we had a brilliant video package for Jerry Lynn. ROH video packages have never really been anything to shout about but I thought this was put together so well. I'm not a massive fan of Jerry Lynn but it certainly had me rooting for him when he came out for his squash match, and had me eager to see him get revenge on Kenny King.

The El Generico/Steve Corino segment RULED and is probably the main reason why you should check out the show. Corino is a total dick and the crowd are just dying for Generico to do something, making the moment even more sweeter when the Generic Luchador finally snaps. I think I just love this feud because the face/heel dynamic is so clear. EVERYONE wants Generico to man up and beat the shit out of Steen for what he did, and everyone wants Corino to get smacked in the mouth. The whole segment had great heat, and Generico is still really over as a singles competitor, so here's hoping he gets a push once this feud is over.

We got some great hype for the finals in two weeks, with Kenny King cutting a good promo towards Eddie Edwards, telling him not to overlook him in favour of Richards. ROH have done a great job booking this latter part of the tournament, and the episode in two weeks with the finals is being pimped as a big deal, which I'm happy about.

The main event between Steen and Edwards isn't great by previous main event standards, but once again it's all about the angle. Steen's face after the match is over is awesome, helping to build the tension between him and Generico even further. The feud is simmering away nicely, and I hope they keep spotlighting it on the HDNet shows. It'd be a shame if they suddenly drop it and let it pan out on the main shows. Maybe the big first time Generico-Steen match at a NYC show with a follow-up gimmick match on PPV, using the TV shows to bridge the gap? We'll see.

Anyway, a really easy show to get through, and despite the lack of stellar matches, this is what TV wrestling is all about; furthering angles. They did that tremendously, so this was a very successful show in my opinion.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Steen/Edwards was a REALLY good story-driven match. Steen showed why he is the fucking man, and Edwards never stopped selling the arm. It really was a great show.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Just a heads-up that AmDrag is wrestling Regal on NXT tonight in what many would consider a dream match.

Note: Many, not all, especially a certain company/creative team. *cough*
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