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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
From 2009:

PWG: All except Secret of Guerrilla Island (depleted roster, below average show). Guerres Sans Frontières and Threemendous II in particular.

ROH: GBH VIII, SCOH IV, 7th Anniversary Show, plus maybe a few more like the DBDVII weekend, maybe TFC Boston and Double Feature II for the main events.

CHIKARA: King of Trios 2009 (esp. Night 2), Aniversario Yang, Hiding in Plain Sight.

Add Three-Fisted Tales to this Chikara list, along with everything DGUSA has done, and that'd be my list for 2009, too.

Originally Posted by Jimmy Jacobs, about Wrestling Society X:
"MTV had all these strange rules. We were told we weren't allowed to hit each other with household objects, but they were really excited about using an exploding coffin. So chairs were bad, but exploding coffins were okay. One of the guys at MTV said he wanted one of the wrestlers to be dumped in a vat of acid, and somebody had to explain to him that if you put a guy in acid one week, he can't really come back the next week. Or ever."
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

For 2009 shows I would just look for a show that meets these criteria:

1. Takes place in September
2. Bryan Danielson is on the card

The man was a fucking machine during the Final Count Down Tour.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I'm also considering some older PWG shows like Smells Like Steen Spirit, Astonishing X-Mas and Crusin for a Brusin from Highspots grab 3 deal. So I will also take recommendations for older shows.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

yeah sorta avoid the earliest shows from PWG though as most are very poor. If you want some earlier matches get PWG Sells Out Vol 1 and 2
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I finally got my PWG Sells Out 2 DVD set in the mail today. The packaging sucks, just like on the first set. Oh well.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH on HDNet - 5/2/2009 - Episode 7

1. Chris Hero vs Kenny Omega

2. Necro Butcher vs Brodie Lee

3. Erick Stevens vs Sal Rinauro

4. Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but does anyone else think they fucked up the finish of Survival of the Fittest and Roddy was supposed to win? It sure looked that way.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread - Read The Full Review Here

ROH Clash Of The Contenders

Kevin Steen vs Roderick Strong - ***1/2

Four Corner Survival
Claudio Castagnoli vs Ace Steel vs Petey Williams vs Colt Cabana - ***

House of Truth vs The Briscoes - ***1/2

Kenny Omega vs Davey Richards

Great match, but not without fault. It was a good performance from both men, but some things prevented it from being great performances. I'll start with Davey, who was easily the better man in this match. He knew his role as a heel, which makes me feel relieved because these days you don't seem to know whether Davey is gonna be a face or a heel heading into a big singles match. Problem was, he wasn't getting the heat. He spat on Omega, got really pissed off at the finish, dominated throughout, but the crowd was 60:40 on his side. In fact, he seemed to be winning fans over as the match went on. Yeah, he was exciting and putting on a good match, but when the dominant heel is getting more cheers than the underdog face in the middle of a push, something's wrong. He didn't do much to combat that either, playing to the crowd with his super intense "YEAH COME ON" mannerisms. Omega was worse, though. This is the kind of match where doing shit like the Hadouken and STOP! Enzuguiri in the finishing stretch of an intense, serious match. Davey got good cheers simply for slapping Omega when he attempted the latter. In an underdog situation, doing comedy and anime moves doesn't scream MUST. WIN. THIS MATCH. Aside from these things, which detracted from a fantastic match, this was great stuff. This was helped a lot by a really hot crowd, who popped loudly for most things. I thought both guys structured the match well without going into total overkill and becoming your typical Davey match, since they also sold rather well. Actually, having said that, I just remembered Omega wasn't doing at all well at selling all the back work Davey was putting him through. You've got to no-sell a little bit at the start of a comeback, but he pretty much blatantly started flipping about before remembering. Back to the positives. There were some really good sequences, spots, exchanges, strikes. It was simply a great match where two guys put a lot of effort in, tore it up and the crowd ate it. Really great match, detracted by some pretty big flaws.


Kenny King & Rhett Titus vs The Young Bucks - ***

Chris Hero vs Tyler Black - ***3/4

ROH World Championship
Austin Aries vs Delirious

Poor Daizee. She trained Delirious hard, yet the only element of the training he actually used in the match was a judo throw taught by Sushi Sawa. She got Grizzly Redwood and The Briscoes to help out for nothing - no lumberjack or drinking skills used at all in this match. On the other hand, Delirious came out looking the best he's looked in a long time and seemed like he really deserved the title shot. Aries put him over good as basically his equal in a very good match. The crowd was quiet at times, but otherwise totally behind Delirious. This felt like the Delirious of old, before he got stale...even though he was doing the same thing he always did. I guess he just needed a decent-lengthed match to show he can still be good. A-Double was good fun, as usual, playing his arrogant dickhead role perfectly. It was good because of how simple they kept it, rather than going for a ton of finishers and a sprint finish. It felt like a nice, conclusive way to cap off the show. It made it seem like a good win for Aries, even though he was essentially beating a midcarder. Surprisingly very good match.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Aries vs. Richards

Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. The House of Truth

Tyler Black vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Erick Stevens and Joey Ryan vs. The Super Smash Bros

Kenny Omega vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima

Kenny King and Rhett Titus vs. Colt Cabana and Delirious

Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero

Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. The Young Bucks

Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards - ROH World Championship

Probably the best ROH show all year actually. Aries/Richards is phenomenal and easily Davey's best singles performance. Comfortably better performance from Davey than against Danielson, SHINGO or even KENTA.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

CHIKARA Aniversario Yang:

1. Los Ice Creams vs. Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood - Comedy
2. Ophidian vs. Arik Cannon - ***1/2
3. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple vs. Create-A-Wrestler & Super Smash Bros. - ***1/4
4. Vin Gerard & Colin Delaney vs. D'Lo Brown & Glacier - **3/4
5. 2.0 vs. Sea Donsters - *1/4
6. Incoherence, Cheech & Cloudy vs. Jigsaw, Helios, Lince Dorado & Mike Quackenbush - ****+
7. Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli - ***3/4
8. Double hair vs. Double Mask: F.I.S.T. vs. The Colony - ****1/4 - ****1/2

One of the best shows of 2009, the last hour is among the best single hours of the year. Just awesome stuff.
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