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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

With the way PWG has blown up this year, I'd imagine they'd go to the bigger Burbank venue for their biggest show of the year and maybe up attendance a bit. However, is it just me or does the Burbank venue mute the audience reactions a bit?

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
However, is it just me or does the Burbank venue mute the audience reactions a bit?
It does, due to lots of space and a high roof. This is one reason why I prefer watching every non-Reseda show without recorded audio commentary.

What happened to Van Nyus?

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

It might have cost them too much money to run there. They'll probably run Burbank for BOLA again this year since it looks like they save that for the biggest shows now.

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....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

If anything I would say that indy matches are rated a lot higher than WWE matches. I mean almost every ROH show gets like 2 **** matches and in all honesty I usually enjoy a "good" WWE show more than a "good" ROH or any other indy company for that matter. But that's just me. I usually put an indy DVD on when I get tired of watching WWE stuff. When I can't get into either of those than I go with some Japanese stuff.

And I thought last year's BOLA was the best one that I've seen (I've seen them all except BOLA 05).
It had a ton of solid matches in Night One and Night Two is one of my favorite shows that I have ever seen. The 9-man tag was incredibly fun and I don't recall watching a funnier match. Hero/Low-Ki is one of the best matches, maybe even the best match, that I've seen from 2008 from any wrestling company.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I agree with taylorfitz, BOLA 2008 was off the charts. I did actually have Low Ki/Hero as my match of the year for last year...but then again I like battlarts so what do I know.

A wrestling match is like a balanced diet. The basics are carbs, keeping you going. Armdrags may not be the highlight, but they're key to the development. Dairy is emotion and crowd interaction, like bones, they strengthen the match, and in there absense, the it will fall apart. Meat is moves like suplexes and finishers. They’re cool, but if you rely on them you’d be unhealthy, and the matches unwatchable. Mat work is fruits and vegetables. We may not like them, but some is sweet chain wrestling. Last is spots and indy MoVEz~!, your sugars and fats. You can't just eat chocolate, and thus you need to do more than flips and head drops to get above ****.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread


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3. Amber O'Neal vs. Jennifer Blake
4. Mercedes Martinez vs. Madison Eagles
5. Rain & Jetta with Lacey vs. Nikki Roxx & Portuguese Princess Ariel
6. Serena Deeb vs. Cat Power
7. No Time Limit: Nicole Matthews vs. Daizee Haze
8. No Disqualification Street Fight: Allison Danger vs. Portia Perez
9. Wesna Busic vs. LuFisto
10. MsChif & Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong

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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH – Violent Tendencies

Silas Young vs. Grizzly Redwood - *

Erick Stevens & Brent Albright vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus - **3/4

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Nigel McGuinness - **1/4

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Able) - ***1/4

Six Man Mayhem
Austin Aries vs. Joey Ryan vs. Petey Williams, vs. Delirious vs. Sami Callihan vs. Rasche Brown - ***1/4

D-Lo Brown vs. Colt Cabana - **3/4

ROH World Tag Title Match
The American Wolves vs. KENTA & Roderick Strong - ****1/4 - ****1/2

Steel Cage Match
Tyler Black vs. Jimmy Jacobs - ***1/2

Average show with a fantastic tag title match and a steel cage match that fell a little flat. Loved the Joey-Aries exchange and yes, Steen & Generico did come out to Smooth Criminal and dance.

CZW – Tangled Web 2

Aerial Assault
Devon Moore vs. Spyral BKNY vs. B-Boy vs. Greg Excellent vs. Facade vs. Mike Sydal vs. Rich Swann vs. Ryan McBride - ***

Jon Dahmer vs. Drew Gulak - *

Team Macktion vs. The Spanish Armada (LJ Cruz & Alex Colon) vs. BLK OUT (Ruckus & Sabian) vs. Adam Cole & Tyler Veritas - **3/4

Chainsaw Joe Gacy vs. xOMGx - *

CZW World Tag Team Titles – “CZW Style” Match
H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred) vs. The Best Around (Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon) - **1/4

CZW UltraViolent Underground Title - Panes Of Glass
Masada vs. Danny Havoc - ***1/4 - ***1/2

CZW Junior Heavyweight Title - Ladder Match
Drew Blood vs. Egotistico Fantastico - **

Tangled Web Match
The Naptown Dragons (Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz) vs. The Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley) - ***

One of the better shows this year (that's not saying much), it's highlighted by Havoc/Masada and apparently DJ Hyde buying CZW. Yeah. At least this month most everyone tried to put on good matches (even Ruckus).

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH - Never Say Die

Super Smash Brothers vs Kenny King & Rhett Titus - ***

Jay Briscoe vs Necro Butcher - **1/4

Anything Goes Match
Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen

Great match. Definitely one of the best brawls of the year. Both men were great in this, particularly Steen, I must say. This wasn't Davey at his best, but he was still incredibly fun to watch. The only moment I'd say Davey was bad, was when he didn't sell the table spot at the start of the match for very long. But of course, you could easily argue that it's because he hadn't been wrestling for a long amount of time. I thought him skipping with the chain was pretty funny too. Some of the stuff in this was insane, like the Superplex on the chairs. They probably went a bit overboard, because I think the match could've easily ended after Steen went through the tables, but since Davey wasn't meant to win, I guess they did need another spot. I guess you could call this a great preview to the Ladder War II, with the teasing of the ladder and Prazak even mentioning how he was reminded of the last Ladder War. Very fun match, even if a bit spot heavy.


Eddie Edwards vs Sonjay Dutt vs Bryan Danielson - ***1/2

Joey Ryan, Jimmy Rave & Claudio Castagnoli vs Colt Cabana, Brent Albright & Erick Stevens - **3/4

ROH World Championship
Jerry Lynn vs Chris Hero

This is why Hero should be consistently wrestling this level of match, in the main event. It started off slow, but it had an incredible finishing stretch. Hero definitely made this match what it was. He's got great ring presence, charisma, intensity and is able to make most of his moves seem important. It felt really slow and a bit boring for the first 10 minutes or so, but there was a brilliant spot where Hero caught Lynn when he tried a flip off the apron, then just rammed him upside down into the guardrail! This is the best match Hero's had in ROH for a while. I remember these two having a similar match on HDNet, but that was a while ago so I can't tell which is better, but they were both great. Hero really went all-out for this with numerous stiff-sounding elbows and even taking a huge bump to the floor. He sold the regular Piledriver so well, you could just tell he would be doomed once Lynn hits the Cradle version, but he was still able to slip out a couple more times. The only unfortunate thing about this match is that it was insane how much more popular Hero is than Lynn. Seriously, there were some boos at the finish, but whatever. Great match. Possibly MOTN, if it weren't for the slow beginning.


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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

IWA-MS- 8 man elimination tag team match
Team Super Dragon vs Team Nate Web/Generico/Puma/Thomaselli

We get the introductions and Team Nate Web is out first and they are all wearing masks. They start dancing all around in the crowd and even some kid gets in the ring and they start dancing with him. I thought it was a really funny and nice entrance by all of the men. It really put them over as babyfaces in the match.

Next out is Team Super Dragon. Everyone in team Dragon comes out dressed as Super Dragon. I kind of figured right away the last one was super Dragon because of the way he moved. I know it might be weird that I know how he moves and everything. i love Super Dragons entrance music, I had to add that in.

The match starts of with Super dragon and Brandon Thomaselli but that doesnt last for long. Super Dragon bitch slaps Nate Web and Nate yells out "What the fuck". For the next ten minutes we see some nice ground work and some nice reversals by the guys that were out there.

After the first 15 minutes we see a nice move where 2 members from the face side and 2 members from the heel side all lock each other in a leg lock. The other members come out and just start kicking them in the back. Funny moment and a cool spot. Next we see some nice fast near falls and reversals from Alex Shelley and Nate Web.

From this point we see team Super Dragon dominate Puma after Dragon atacks him from behind. The match ends for Puma When Super Dragon hits a super curb stomp with the help of his team. Sick sick move. The heels now have the upper hand because its 4 to 3.

Next the heels dominate Generico. Super Dragon pulls him out of the ring and just beats the hell out of him in the audience. Next we see an amazing European uppercut by Claudio or however you spell his name. It was a sick moves that Generico took.

Super Dragon hits a sick foot stomp of the top rope on Generico but only this time I think it was Alex Shelly who had his knees under his back, so when Super Dragon performed the move, it did even more damage. Claudio attempts his powerbomb but Generico counters into a pinning Hurricanrana. He gets the 3 count and now its 3 to 3.

All 3 faces do dives over the top rope on all 3 heels. Cool moment here. Thomaselli gets eliminated soon after when Joey hits him in the back of the head with brass knuckles. Alex Shelley soon gets eliminated after Nate Web hits his finisher. I have to admit his finisher is cool but I dont think it will work because hes such a small guy and there is alot of big wrestlers out there.

Right after Joey and Super dragon eliminate Nate Web when they hit a nice looking double team move on him. Now Generico is all alone against Super Dragon and Joey Ryan. Generico hits the Brainbustahhhhhhhhh, which is a top rope brain buster on the top turnbuckle, but Super Dragon rolls out of the ring. Generico eliminates Joey Ryan after a Dragon Suplex. Or atleast it looked alot like a Dragon Suplex.

Now its down to Super Dragon and El Generico. Generico has always been Dragons bitch so lets see if that will change tonight. After taking some more blows Super Dragon gets up and hits his sick Clothesline to get a near fall. Super Dragon hits another Sick clothesline and than hits the always amazing match finisher, the rare Barry White Driver. Super Dragon gets the win in this classic match up. Generico impressed me alot.

the crowd cheers after this special classic tag team match. There were alot of near falls and some awesome moves done by both teams. I loved some of the double team moves they did. I loved how Generico really had the crowd behind him. Near falls, reversals, brawling, high flying, doube team moves, just everything you could ask for in a match.

My only problems with the match are that the crowd was alitle quiet, except when big spots happened. They got better towards the end though. And the match was alitle slow in some small parts. Still the match is classic and its probably better than any tag team match WWE for example has done this decade.
my match rating: ****1/4
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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

No, it is not better than Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Rey or Austin/HHH vs. Benoit/Jericho.
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