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Platt 06-05-2008 02:27 PM

Official Indy DVD Help Thread
To help reduce server load it's time for a new thread. The old one will still be available for viewing but from now is closed for posting. Old Thread

Sephiroth 06-05-2008 02:42 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Man, Platt. Another giant thread for you to add to your Star Ratings thread :p

Platt 06-05-2008 03:30 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

The Ring of Honor Buy 3, Get 1 Free sale returns and this update includes some great Ring of Honor DVD's just released. It is very important you read all of the directions below before placing your order:

1) You will receive 1 Free Ring of Honor DVD for every 3 you purchase. If you buy 6 DVD's you get 2 free, if you buy 9 DVD's you get 3 free, if you purchase 12 DVD's you get 4 free, etc.. There is no limit. Your regular priced & free selections must be a Ring of Honor, Straight Shootin, or Secrets of the Ring title. Non ROH titles are not included in this sale. You may add other items to your order but they would not count towards the sale promotion.
2) Place the items you are ordering in the shopping cart at http://www.rohwrestling.com/. Write in your free selection in the "Special Instructions" section so you are not charged for the item. If you place your free items in the shopping cart you will be billed for them and adjustments will not be made.
3) Your free selection must be the lowest priced item you are buying. For example if all of the DVD's are the same price it doesn't matter which you are listing as the free one. However if you are selecting (3) DVD's priced $20 and (1) DVD priced $15 then the free DVD must be the $15 one.
4) This offer is good on all DVD's listed under the "Ring of Honor DVD's" & "Straight Shootin DVD" sections at http://www.rohwrestling.com/. NON ROH DVD ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. Grab Bags can not be included in the sale in any form.

Offer is only available during the sale period which ends on Friday, June 13th at 9am EST and is not good on any previously placed orders. This special is ONLY good on orders placed at www.rohwrestling.com.

*Please note the buy 3, get 1 free offer is ONLY good on Ring of Honor show titles, Best Of's, Straight Shootin', and Secrets of the Ring titles. This includes all ROH titles marked down in the "Weekly Specials" section.

**KOCH DVD's "Bloodstained Honor", "Stars of Honor", "Best in the World" and "Greatest Rivalries" CAN NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE!!!

***If you are ordering the "Take No Prisoners" PPV as one of your DVD's please be aware this is a preorder and will begin shipping no later than June 30th. That means your entire order will not ship until Take No Prisoners is available.


The following items are now in stock in the "New Release" section at www.rohwrestling.com:

Tag Wars 2008- Detroit, MI 4/18/08 (DVD)
Features The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin); Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Austin Aries & Kota Ibushi; Nigel McGuinness & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico; plus more.
1. Pelle Primeau, Mitch Franklin, & Ernie Osiris vs. Danny Daniels, Michael Elgin, & Michael Nakazawa
2. Rhett Titus vs. Silas Young
3. Joey Matthews vs. Jigsaw
4. Nigel McGuinness & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico
5. Delirious vs. Necro Butcher (Falls Count Anywhere Match)
6. Jack Evans & Ruckus vs. Chris Hero & Brent Albright
7. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Austin Aries & Kota Ibushi (Non Title Match)
8. Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

Injustice- Edison, NJ 4/12/08 (DVD)
Nigel McGuinness defends the ROH World Title against Kevin Steen; Davey Richards & Rocky Romero defend the Tag Titles against Jay & Mark Briscoe; Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kota Ibushi; Necro Butcher vs. Roderick Strong No DQ Match; plus more.
1. Jack Evans vs. El Generico
2. Jigsaw vs. Mitch Franklin
3. Chris Hero & Eddie Edwards vs. Erick Stevens & Pelle Primeau
4. Delirious vs. Brent Albright
5. Necro Butcher vs. Roderick Strong (No DQ Match)
6. Kota Ibushi vs. Claudio Castagnoli
7. Nigel McGuinness vs. Kevin Steen (ROH World Title Match)
8. Davey Richards & Rocky Romero vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe (World Tag Team Title Match)

Take No Prisoners- Philadelphia, PA 3/16/08 (DVD- Preorder)
Ring of Honor's sixth pay per view features Nigel McGuinness defending the World Title against the winner of a Four Corner Survival; Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries; Briscoes vs. Age of the Fall in a Street Fight; plus much more.

This title will begin shipping on June 30th!!!

Take No Prisoners PPV
1. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Go Shiozaki vs. Tyler Black vs. Delirous (Four Corner Survival- Winner Receives World Title Match)
2. Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen
3. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews (Street Fight)
4. The Larry Sweeney Show with special guests The Hangmen 3
5. Brent Alrbight vs. Erick Stevens
6. Davey Richards & Rocky Romero vs. Ruckus & Jigsaw (World Tag Team Title Match)
7. Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries
8. Nigel McGuinness vs. Four Corner Survival Winner (World Title Match)

Bonus Matches
9. Davey Richards vs. Dingo
10. Adam Pearce & BJ Whitmer vs. Ruckus & Jigsaw
11. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Takashi Sugiura (GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Title Match- Budokan Hall 3/2/08)

Ring of Honor ’’Greatest Rivalries’’ (DVD-Preorder)

The title is scheduled to be released on July 8th!!!

1. CM Punk vs. Raven (Dog Collar March– Elizabeth, NJ, 7/19/03)
2. Samoa Joe vs. Homicide (ROH World Title Match– Wauwatosa, WI, 7/23/04)
3. AJ Styles with Mick Foley vs. Jimmy Rave (Styles Clash vs. Rave Clash Match– Lake Grove, NY, 9/17/05)
4. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong (ROH World Tag Team Title Match – Liverpool, UK, 8/12/06)
5. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs (Steel Cage Match– Detroit, MI, 3/31/07)
6. Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries (3rd Match In The Best of Three Series– Philadelphia, PA 11/2/07)
7. Adam Pearce, Ace Steel, Colt Cabana, & BJ Whitmer vs. Claudio Castagnoli, Super Dragon, Necro Butcher, & Spyder Nate Webb (Team ROH vs. Team CZW Anything Goes Match – Dayton, OH, 4/28/06)
8. Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens (FIP World Heavyweight Title Match– New York, NY 12/30/07)

Ring of Honor ’’Best In The World’’ (DVD- Preorder)

This title is scheduled to be released on July 8th!!!

1.Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi- New York, NY 10/01/05
2. AJ Styles & Matt Sydal vs. Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi- Detroit, MI, 3/30/06
3. KENTA vs. Austin Aries– Chicago Ridge, IL, 6/24/06
4. Samoa Joe vs. Kikutaro with Mick Foley– Elizabeth, NJ, 2/19/05
5. Bryan Danielson vs. Lance Storm (ROH World Title Match Chicago Ridge, IL, 4/01/06)
6. CM Punk vs. Terry Funk- Philadelphia, PA, 9/20/03
7. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Naruki Doi & Shingo (ROH World Tag Team Title Match- Liverpool, UK, 3/03/07)
8. Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico (Race to the Top Tournament Finals– Edison, NJ, 7/28/07)
9. Takeshi Morishima vs. Nigel McGuinness (ROH World Title Match- Edison, NJ, 4/14/07)

Womens Extreme Wrestling Vol. 25-28 DVD

This set of four pay-per-view events feature some wild matches including title fights, tag team matches, Ladder matches and so much more!

Featuring some of the hottest and biggest names in WEW – April Hunter, Talia Madison, Lolipop, “The Queen of Extreme” Francine, Amber O’Neal, Jessica Blade, Nurse T and many more…

NOW AVAILABLE: Bryan Danielson "Revolution" T-Shirt

vivalabrave 06-05-2008 03:40 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread
I was wondering when the Briscoes vs. Marufuji/Sugiura match would make it onto a DVD like Gabe said. Good stuff.

GOD OF CUNT 06-05-2008 03:56 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread
Both the 4/12 and 4/18 shows interest me. Might pick them up at some point soon, but having spent £73 on DVDs in the last 10 days I should probably lay off a bit. Hell, I still haven't watched the 'Mania weekend shows!

KingKicks 06-05-2008 04:00 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread
Shit. I wasn't expecting 2 shows especially Tag Wars 2008.

Looks like they will have to wait because i want to buy a Kurt Angle set tomorrow.

McQueen 06-05-2008 04:01 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread
Better not be Angle in TNA :p

Speaking of Angle, hey Andy3000 you seen the Kerry Von Erich/Jumbo Tsuruta NWA Title 2/3 Falls match from 1984 found at that wonderful man's site?

Blasko 06-05-2008 04:10 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

R.I.P, old thread.

Thanks for the Good Times, Greater memories. :(

GOD OF CUNT 06-05-2008 04:16 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Originally Posted by McQueen (Post 5814614)
Better not be Angle in TNA :p

Speaking of Angle, hey Andy3000 you seen the Kerry Von Erich/Jumbo Tsuruta NWA Title 2/3 Falls match from 1984 found at that wonderful man's site?

Not sure if that's a compliment or not lol. Put it this way, at least I've never been caught DUI.

And I actually don't think I have seen that one. I know I had it on my old computer which I lost a LOT of stuff on when it fucked up, but I don't think I've downloaded it again since. Good shout, I'll have to get that one.

You seen it yourself? If so, how good is it ('coz I know it has to be good)?

McQueen 06-05-2008 04:18 PM

Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread
Its not "great" but it has Jumbo and its 1984 so its still pretty damn good. Jumbo trying to avoid the claw was pretty fun. I might do a full review of the match (gasp* reviewing something for the first time all year!) after work tonight so it won't be up till tommorow.

The fact Jumbo never won the NWA Title is sad, especially since Giant Baba did 3 times. Even if it was for a combined 3 weeks worth of time lol.

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