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DDT4 Version 2.0

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's DDT4 on May 17 & 18, 2008
By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

El Granada, CA - It has been said on occasion before, and it holds just as true today as it did then: It wouldn't be a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) event without changes. Unfortunately, those changes directly effect the Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament (DDT4), taking place on May 17 & 18, 2008 at the Burbank Armory in Burbank, California. The bad news: One of the teams that many fans were picking as the favorites to win DDT4 are out. The good news: If you checked the Weekend Independent Wrestling Injury Report in the New York Times and got worried, there's not as many changes as you might expect. The good-er news: The lineups for the weekend, with both non-tournament and DDT4 matches, have been announced.

Davey Richards was involved in a car accident that kept him out of action over the weekend, however, after speaking to Davey, he assured us that he would take the next few weeks to recuperate, and will be able to compete at DDT4. Also on the injury front, due to a long standing injury that was exacerbated over the weekend, Mark Briscoe has been forced to undergo surgery that will keep him out of action for a considerable period of time. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla wishes Mark Briscoe a quick and complete recovery, and look forward to his return. Jay Briscoe declined the opportunity to chose a new partner for the tournament, so Pro Wrestling Guerrilla management was forced to find a replacement for the Briscoe Brothers. Luckily, they didn't have to look far, when minutes after the news of Mark Briscoe's injury broke, an email arrived in the inbox of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Commissioner of Wrestling Dino Winwood.

While the exact contents of this email remain undisclosed, a few details have been made public. First, the sender alleged that they had video of former PWG Commissioner "SoCal Val" Valerie Wyndham in compromising situations, with "close camera shots, clear audio," and "perfect lighting." If that wasn't enough, attached to the email was a photograph that seemed to confirm exactly what the sender had alleged. Due to his close relationship with Ms. Wyndham, Dino Winwood wanted desperately to help protect her reputation, and responded asking what he could do to keep this information out of the public view. No further details of the conversation have been made public, and Dino Winwood threw his computer (and monitor, for some reason. I mean, it's not like you can retrieve emails from the monitor. Now we have to buy a new one.) out of his third floor window, which luckily was still broken and covered with just a tarp. With the details of the tournament now shrouded in mystery, once can only speculate if Dino Winwood was corresponding with either Shane Matthews or Jagged, members of the team 2.0, who will be making their Pro Wrestling Guerrilla debut and replacing the Briscoe Brothers at DDT4!

While it wasn't easy to find a team to replace the Briscoes, 2.0's record in their native Canada, along with an endorsement by former Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen, Commissioner Winwood is confident that 2.0 will prove to be a worthwhile addition to DDT4. With all eight teams accounted for, the remaining contracts signed, and the ink barely dry, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is proud to announce to scheduled lineup for DDT4, taking place on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18, 2008 at the Burbank Armory in Burbank, CA:

Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament Night 1 - Saturday, May 17, 2008

Singles Match
Hook Bomberry vs. Nemesis

Singles Match
Jay Briscoe vs. TJ Perkins

DDT4 First Round Match
2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews) vs. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)

DDT4 First Round Match
Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs. Ronin & Scorpio Sky

DDT4 First Round Match
Kota Ibushi & KAGETORA vs. The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scott Lost with Jade Chung)

DDT4 First Round Match - Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match
El Generico & "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen (Champions) vs. Super Dragon & Davey Richards

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match
Human Tornado (Champion) vs. Austin Aries

Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament Night 2 - Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singles Match
"New Guy" Brandon Bonham vs. TJ Perkins

Singles Match/Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match if Aries wins on Night 1
Austin Aries vs. Jay Briscoe

No Disqualification Street Fight - Non-Title Match if Tornado retains on Night 1
Human Tornado vs. Necro Butcher

Plus the teams eliminated in the First Round of DDT4 will compete, and the Semi-Final & Final rounds of DDT4!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament takes place Saturday, May 17, 2008 and Sunday, May 18, 2008 at the Burbank Armory. The Burbank Armory is located at 3800 W. Valhalla Dr., Burbank, CA, 91505. Front Row tickets are $30 for each night, or can be purchased in a 2 night package for only $50. General Admission tickets are $25 for each night, or can be purchased in a 2 night package for only $40. Any remaining quantity of tickets will be available for purchase at the door on the day of each event. Card and participants are subject to change.

PWGWinwood (3:47:08AM): we can't let this get out, it will ruin us!
WholeBrevityThing (3:47:28AM): Us?
PWGWinwood (3:47:51AM): well, her. but still, she's such a sweet girl!
WholeBrevityThing (3:48:16AM): Dude, it's not even a secret. It's from that stupid [redacted] site with all that tickling and stomach punching bull[redacted].
PWGWinwood (3:48:47AM): YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS?????
WholeBrevityThing (3:49:09AM): Yeah, worst $40 I ever spent. Seriously.
PWGWinwood (3:49:20AM): WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY!?????
WholeBrevityThing (3:49:35AM): "Excalibur is an idiot. He should have joined [redacted] instead."
PWGWinwood (3:49:47AM): NOT ABOUT YOU ABOUT HER!!!!!
WholeBrevityThing (3:50:06AM): "I hope she got P-A-D for that."
PWGWinwood (3:50:11AM): pad?
WholeBrevityThing (3:50:21AM): Paid, say it out loud.
PWGWinwood (3:50:33AM): how much did she make?
**WholeBrevityThing Signed Off (3:50:38AM)**
**WholeBrevityThing Signed On (3:50:41AM)**
WholeBrevityThing (3:50:56AM): I dunno, a lot, I bet. Someone paid [redacted] like $500 for pictures of her [redacted] feet! It's ridiculous!
PWGWinwood (3:51:32AM): wow
WholeBrevityThing (3:51:40AM): Yeah, so whatever. It's a non-issue. I'm going back to bed.
**WholeBrevityThing Signed Off (3:51:45AM)**

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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

Gotta love the Big Lebowski referance at the end there. So I suppose Luchas, GenNext, Steenerico, and Ibushi/KAGETORA go to round two, where we will probably get Steenerico vs. Ibushi/KAGETORA and GenNext vs. Luchas, leading to a GenNext vs. Steenerico final. With them bringing Aries in, I almost wish they made it Strong/Aries as a team, but I suppose Strong/Evans will be around more, and both teams are just as rare nowadays anyway.

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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

IT'S PROMO TIME~! FINALLY 2.0 IN PWG! I'm surprised that Jay Briscoe will wrestle on DDT4 because when Mark is out, so is Jay. Aries getting a title shot? I hope they start building up contenders besides Roderick Strong soon.

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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

Can't say I care about this year's DDT 4 because I really don't. Besides the potential finals of Strong & Evans vs. Steen & Generico nothing really interests me beyond that in the tournament.

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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

Ibushi and KAGETORA are awesome, guys. Thier matches w/ the Dynasty and (most likely) Steenerico will be awesome.

And we'll get Steenerico/StrEvans, which could be MOTYC level.

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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

Can't wait for this show, going to Night 2. Aries/Briscoe should be good, as well as Necro/ Tornado in a street fight. Add the rest of the tag tournament, and it should be an awesome show.

Proud supporter of PWG, probably the best wrestling company in the universe. Probably.
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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

I would no doubt pay $40 to see "SoCal Val" Valerie Wyndham in compromising situations.
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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

Great looking cards. I want to see Steenerico vs KAGETORA & Ibushi in round two.
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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

2.0! Nice! It's nice to see them. I hope they come back to CHIKARA.

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Re: DDT 4 Version 2.0

I think I am gonna try to make it to night 2. The street fight looks really good and the finals of the tournament should be great.

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