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The lack of competition

One argument of sports entertainment/wrestling (whatever you want to call it) is the lack of competition the WWE has. Aside from TNA making some noise a couple of years ago (despite not being on a big level Ė and look at the state of them now), the only real/serious competition the WWE has had was WCW. Some indy wrestling promotions have also gained attention in the past, but I'm guessing is due to the funds available for them (amongst other reasons, such as lack of TV networks interested), but from the looks of it - are unlikely to provide competition towards WWE anytime soon.

Iíve just simply created this thread to see what the problem is. Is the WWE such a powerhouse that many business folk believe itís just impossible to be on their level? Are TV networks just not interested in wrestling anymore? Does it cost too much to start up a Ďseriousí promotion to even be on the same size as TNA or a ROH-type company? Are business people just put off by how much time/effort/money is put into starting up a company? I have my own opinions/views on this, but Iíd like to hear others thoughts and such.
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Re: The lack of competition

Competition doesn't mean the show will get better. Last time that happened two companies went under and since then WWE has gone public. No chance its not good for business.

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Re: The lack of competition

Originally Posted by CretinHop138 View Post
Competition doesn't mean the show will get better. Last time that happened two companies went under and since then WWE has gone public. No chance its not good for business.
That is a good point in the last part, but you've misunderstood on the first sentence. I'm just saying that I'm shocked that no one has ever tried to compete with Vinnie Mac again. You see it in other places, whether it's with football/soccer, DC/Marvel, or whatever where one is competing with the other - attempting to 'knock them off their perch'. What's keeping people back? Again, I have my own views/opinions on this, but I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
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Re: The lack of competition

Honestly, unless someone in the wrestling business gets a lot of money to pump into their promotion, I just don't see why anybody would bother? If wrestling was booming and people were going crazy for it even the indies with more exposure like ROH would be much bigger and pulling in more money. If you were a billionaire looking to invest in a sport or entertainment company, would you start a wrestling company to go against the monopoly that already exists or would you look to buy into an NFL franchise? Hell, if I was a billionaire I'd be more likely to try and bring the Sonics back to Seattle/NBA (despite not being a fan) over trying to break into the wrestling business. Real sports make a lot more money and have a lot more fandom than fake ones tbh.
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Re: The lack of competition

Paul Heymen already said in the UK nobody can beat Vince at this stage,and the days of the Monday night wars is history.Vince showed Billionaire Turner you don't mess with me and my and my family.There is no appetite for one only a Alternative like LU or Japan and Mexico is what is needed and the indies.
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Re: The lack of competition

Honestly, it'd take 10-15 years of perfect planning and execution for a company nowadays just to be considered WWE's competition. I like LU and ROH but I'm not sure they can grow consistently for that long without falling into the usual pitfalls. Only one company has ever challenged Vince McMahon on that top level, and that was WCW, which had been around for DECADES in one way or another. TNA got people's hopes (mine included) up a decade ago but they failed for various reasons. I just don't see these smaller companies chugging along in consistent growth for a long time without making a grave mistake or going out of business.

It has taken 15 years just for the wrestling industry outside of WWE to recuperate into several good alternatives. People love to talk about the good ol' days and have these solutions of how they can return. But the fact of the matter is that the hottest time period in wrestling history had multiple top companies, not just one. WWE doesn't have to be revolutionary because there is no one to pushing them to be. Monopoly equals mediocrity, plain and simple. I wouldn't get my hopes up for another boom period for awhile so just watch products that you actually enjoy instead hoping and praying the "wars" come back.
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Re: The lack of competition

It is an interesting subject,

I shall try not write a short essay on the subject as i don't want to bore anyone.

1) This is probably the most important and unspken about issue the industry has at the moment,
That is that your average person just isn't interested in Pro Wrestling.

Know one else i know watches any form of Pro Wrestling,
From my 6 year old nieces and nephews to my elderly relatives and everyone in between.

somewhere over the last 16/18 years in my experiences,
There has been a massive disconnection between Pro Wrestling and the general public.

Which equates to less eyes on the industry and less money within the industry, So it is much tougher for a smaller promotion to really grow,
Which leads me on to my next point.

2) To much competition at lower levels.
New Japan Being the exception perhaps,
I feel like TNA,ROH,Lucha Underground/AAA,ICW,Chikara,Evolve,GFW, all need to combine together instead of working against each other.

It sometimes looks like to me,
That its the same group of Wrestlers going from one promotion to the next
but just performing under a different banner.

I know it is happening with some promotions but i think there needs to be a more,
Dare i say it,
old school NWA kind of unity with these promotions,
So that yes they keep their own individuality,
but they also share resources so that the independent scene as whole becomes a more stable platform,
And it makes it much easier for fans to keep track of whats going on.

Because its like the wild west at the moment, Its so hard to follow what is going on in the indies,

because its
$6 for this promotion per month,
$10 for this IPPV
$6 for this service
$10 for this stream
$5 for this but only if you subscribe to this podcast...

All these promotions are good individually but i just don't think the Pro Wrestling fan base is large enough to warrant all of them.

I just wish they could all work together more and have a united focus,
So that Fans and Wrestlers alike, All have one link,name,brand,home to where all these promotions are based.
Instead of everything just feeling and looking so fragmented and disbanded.

3) Does money equate a better promotion ?
I am not so sure,

Whenever people talk about competition,
The money that WWE has and generates is always a point of discussion,

But money does not always mean competition does it,
Its what you do with that money that makes you competition.
WCW and TNA are prime examples of that.

WCW and ECW where competition for WWE because they where WCW and ECW.
So many promotions try to be like WWE these days,
But because they don't have the production Staff,Values, and the crew WWE have,
They end up looking like a low budget WWE.

ECW didn't have that money so it focused on the in ring/entertainment aspect more, The stuff that money cant buy.
WCW had the money but focused on creating story lines,Characters and in general creativity that WWE couldn't buy.

So they didn't look like a low budget WWE because they looked like WCW and ECW.
They had new faces,New creative ideas,New styles of Wrestling,Announcers,New titles,
and that newness created new fans.

I feel like a lot of the indies now are stuck in this late 90s vortex,
Surrounded by dented trashcans, Walmart ladders, and Evil authority figures.
Yet they want new fans and new money for old Wrestling and i just think that is not the correct way to create competition,
Because nothing is NEW.
So the only fans you are going to attract are us die hards who remember the 90s and lets be honest there is not many of us around these days.

WWE is guilty of all the above as well, So don't get me wrong,
they are not getting away with it trust me.

4) How do you solve a problem like WWE ?

They own Wrestling.

It is as simple as that.

When WCW and ECW died a lot of Wrestling fans just stopped watching Wrestling.
They didn't start watching WWE,
They just stopped all together.

A promotion,A businessman, someone or something should have capitalised on that.

But they didn't.

WWE was left to do whatever they liked to the industry,
They have now created a 'quite literal' Universe where only WWE can exist.

Any talent appears, NXT here we come.
Any new ideas, Lets try it out on Smackdown for 6 months.
A stable in Japan continues to make waves even after you have taken its best star,
Lets Bring the new leader and his henchman to RAW.

Every glimmer of competition is killed off before it eve starts now, Because WWE has the resources,Money and Talent to own it.

It is not all bad though, If WWE had not purchased WCW all that footage and history would have been burnt in a pile by Time Warner by the sounds of things.

The Network is great.
It is exactly what all the independent promotions need.

WWE now has to be held accountable for the state of the industry,
They are the shop window.
If they do bad the whole industry does bad.

So they have to change with the times,
Because without indie stars,
Where is NXT
and without NXT where is RAW and Smackdown,
Without Raw and Smackdwon where is the TV time and exposure,
Without Exposure
Where are the former stars indie shows use to help sell tickets.
Without sold tickets where are the fans
Without fans where is the wrestling show
without the wrestling show where is the wrestling
without wrestling

The world would be a slightly less fun place for all of us on these forums.

5) conclusion.

WWE does not need competition,
but any future competition needs WWE.

WCW the greatest and really only competition WWE has ever had,
Used WWE's own stars to catapult it ahead of WWE, For a very short but significant amount of time.

Majority of people don't watch Pro Wrestling now...
That is with WWE having 6-7 hours of TV time every week....
Pro Wrestling in general having what 9-10 hours...

I would amazed if WWE vanished tomorrow if any Indie promotion was still around in 12 months time.

Because much like with WCW,
Loyal fans don't just switch on to another promotion.
They just switch off.

So no i don't think we need competition to make WWE or Wrestling great again.

We Need WWE to make Wrestling great again.
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Re: The lack of competition

No need to type long posts or try to find a complicated reason.
WWE has no competition in ratings because "fans" don't bother to watch the other, better but not as easily accessible, products. It's all about growth and if nobody even care to try to support those other companies, they'll never grow.
WWE sheeps should stop complaining all day long about the WWE on internet and actually do the HUGE effort of watching something else before they complain about the lack of competition (not directed toward you OP).

Trying to have fun with some wrestling edits here !

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Re: The lack of competition

It's partially because WWE is the only brand promoted by anyone because they are considered an A+ brand (regardless of what you think of the content on the shows) and there are no other A+ brands around, at least in a global sense. As long as that is the case, WWE will always be synonymous with wrestling. It is also kind of the fault of the promoters and those that run the non-WWE companies.

You have a promotion like GFW that is still looking for a tv deal 1 year on and making a weekly tv show instead of forgetting about that and start focusing on running with the idea that those GFW events have already happened anyways, their champions have been established and are looking to regularly have their belts defended on NJPW and AAA PPVs on North American tv and hyping those events like WK9. TNA wonít sell to someone who might be able to take the company to the next level. Those that own ROH wonít pump any money into the company beyond what is budgeted. While it makes sense and I donít want to see ROH go out of business, you have to wonder if the company would be a bit bigger if they had more money. And none of the listed promotions have done anything to get their brands into stores like Wal-Mart, to give their companies more visibility.

Then there are the facts that Japanese and Mexican wrestling are really only big in their respective markets, despite their potential to be big in America. British wrestling has only started making a comeback. And LU needs to win an Emmy in order to start making waves and maybe shake up the wrestling business.

You have fans that hate the suggestions of getting rid of the indies to make a larger company, but then go around and pour money into NXT, which is doing just that: getting rid of the indies to make the WWE a larger and stronger company.

And there is also the possibility that no one wants to compete with WWE. They're happy with what they make Wrestlemania weekend and move on to the next show.

Plus WWE doesn't need competition. Competition isn't enough. It needs a threat, like WCW was. No one is willing to pump the money necessary to make that happen though.

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Re: The lack of competition

As stated, the fanbase that claims to love wrestling refuses to watch anything outside of the WWE. Sheeple.
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This Is Sum Bull Man. I Knew This Match Was Gonna Happen Because On Raw When The Sheild Beat Team Hell No At The End Of The Match They Held The Tag Titles And They Did The Same To Kofi. Kane And Brian Better Win Or Its Gonna Be To Scripted
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