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Re: Weirdest Indie Gimmick

Originally Posted by Snapdragon View Post
No Fun Zone
Originally Posted by GothicBohemian View Post
Aww, indy as fuck gimmicks are part of the charm of grassroots and smaller scale wrestling. Whatís pro wrestling without some cheap laughs and bizarre humour?
I'm not anti-fun and I'm far from some kind of stuffy purist. I'll take the Mountie over Misawa every day of the week. I defend about 50% of the stuff on Wrestlecrap. I <3 New Generation WWF because they presented their ridiculous characters in a 100% serious manner. That was part of the charm and I find it far more entertaining than Chikara beating me over the head with forced wackiness.

I've also loved a bunch of goofy indy gimmicks over the years. Mr. Ooh La La was a fat "French" stripper with a thick northeastern US accent. I was a fan. The Ring Crew Express are like my 4th or 5th favorite ROH act EVER. "Barbaric Berzerker" Jimmy Jacobs was good. The list goes on....

But I hate the way Chikara presents their brand of "comedy." I hate the way they present everything with an ironic wink and smile. It's like, 'Look how totally zany and off the wall we are! Laugh! Why aren't you laughing? Well, you're just an anti-fun poopy head." No, it's because your crap promotion isn't funny. Begging for laughs gets you no laughs from me. Chikara is wrestling for 8 year olds, the mentally challenged and hipsters. Now I have no problems with 8 year olds and the mentally challenged. They've been the target audience of pretty much every wrestling promotion of my lifetime. But hipsters are going to ruin wrestling....if they haven't already.

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
If we're going local it would be Good Lord Willing.

His catch phrase is, "You Shut your Mouth!" that he says in a terrible fake English accent that he says all the time. I was at a show once and he had someone in an arm bar and I shouted out, "Perfectly executed!" and his response was, "Thank you, now You Shut Your Mouth!"
See, now this guy is right up my alley. He's the sort of wrestler I'd bow to when he came out. Then I'd shower him with snooty golf claps when he did something cool.
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Re: Weirdest Indie Gimmick

There was a guy a few years back working Frank Goodman and Jac Sabbath's NYC shows named The New Dynamite Kid.

He was beyond horrible. A skinny, black guy (he probably weighed 150 pounds, soaking wet, with a brick in his pocket and cement shoes). He wasn't even a trained wrestler, he was a ticket seller, meaning he sold tickets and to be compensated, was allowed to wrestle. And based on that, he was actually over (since he had a lot of family & friends that attended the shows).

But, he couldn't work a lick and nothing he did was even close to what the original did. His biggest claim to fame was allowing Jac Sabbath to jump off the balcony at the old Elks Lodge and put him through a table. Unfortunately, Sabbath's wrestling experience was limited to "wrestling" with kids at the back of his store. He landed on NDK knee first, cracking several of his ribs and even collapsing his lung. I don't know what happened to NDK since, as Goodman quit running NYC years ago and Sabbath was a horrible promoter.

The Christopher Street Connection.

For those of you not familiar with the NJ/NYC indie scene 10-12 years ago, these guys were in ROH in it's early days, I guess due to being close with Homicide, as he broke them in (no pun intended). The reason I say no pun intended is because they had a homosexual gimmick. And I don't mean that Billy & Chuck shit, I mean borderline gay porn. They were like a gay version of the Bushwhackers, as they would lick on fans. But, they were pretty over but not very good workers.

Oh and for a short time, they were managed by Rob Feinstein. His nickname?

Fun Athletic Guy

Yep, Feinstein's nickname was FAG.

I'm sure if I put my mind to it, I can think of TONS of weird indie gimmicks from NJ/NYC from 2000 to whenever Goodman quit running shows there because they let anybody be a wrestler.

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Re: Weirdest Indie Gimmick

Originally Posted by ByTor View Post
Yeah, the Ants and Ice Creams were my first thought after reading the thread title. Invisible grenade throwers are up there too. *Sigh* There's a reason I quit following indy wrestling.
I don't get why People don't like the Ants they are pretty cool, I get not liking the Icecreams their weird . But the Colony is awesome!!!
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Re: Weirdest Indie Gimmick

Let's not forget the short lived "Team Statutory"!

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Re: Weirdest Indie Gimmick

Speaking of Goodman he runs shows In Orlando now was at one a few years ago and he squashed some dude named Lizard Schlong

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