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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

I loved that Masters vs Hoyt match too.

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Hail Hydra
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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Nominating matches only rated ****1/4 and higher, or taking Yes/No votes is okay but I hope people don't stop doing match reviews and mentioning good matches worth checking out even if it falls short of the ****1/4 mark coz that's the point of this thread I think.

Before I joined in July 2013, I used to be a lurker. But I checked out the 2013 MOTYC thread and there were so many good matches mentioned and people discussing them that I had to join. Some of these matches wouldn't end up making it in the final MOTYC list, but it sure made me check out more good wrestling than I would have chanced upon otherwise.

Sannin no Snake


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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Pretty sure the point of Nominating is for people to provide detailed reviews etc plus I'm sure those that did will still and those who are lazy (me) wont...
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it's me seabs!
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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

I don't get how adding NOMINATION to legit MOTYCS can cause so much confusion. Everything as normal besides that addition.

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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Trent Baretta vs Anthony Nese is an early MOTY contender for me, ****1/2 for it


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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Just finished Wrestle Kingdom 8 over 3 days. What a show. The first half was not memorable really but from Fale/Makabe on, I was hooked. Only one truly bad match and one imo legit MOTYC

Before I get to my nomination, I'd like to point out some other matches.

Fale/Makabe - **** Great brawl, Fale dominating didn't detract from the match because Makabe sold it well... The near endings were awesome, table botch I can easily overlook. Worth a look if you wanna watch a fight.

Shibata/Goto - **** I like this this match alot. INTENSITY! Shiabata really shined. First time I saw him wrestle. Didn't disappoint. Since it was my first time, I didn't mind the suplex spot, I actually enjoyed it.

Naito/Okada ***3/4 Idk, something was missing here. I just thought it was going thru the motions. There was never a point where I thought Naito would win. Fairly disappointing.

Now for my Nomination!

Tanahashi vs. Nakamura - ****1/2

Holy god, if it wasn't for the spotty leg selling by Naka, I'd give this five stars. I loved everything about this match but that. It's unfortunate because Tanahashi sold for Naka much better and you would figure Naka would have the respect to do the same.Both Entrances were full of win. Control segments were solid, cloverleaf into Styles clash was sweet. GREAT Match!

I hope I can keep up with NJPW
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Die Neon Czarina
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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Go Shiozaki vs KENSO Suzuki - AJPW: New Year Wars 2014 Night Two

Culmination of a building rivalry back in November & boy was the wait worthwhile; deliver on that front. Nicely structured intense segments slapped together to give the match the proper heat needed - early brawling to start, furious strike wars, and finally, leading into a 'war of attrition' type finish. KENSO was on point this night. Never been the best guy in the game in the slightest, but he's got some value when given a scenario quite like this. Safely dub it the best match I've seen from him, right off the top of my head. Evil charismatic strike you till you die KENSO is awesome. Shiozaki is still refreshed in his new surroundings of All Japan. He hasn't slowed down yet. He's better in matches like this, instead of ones where the essence of trying too hard is clearer than any real story behind a match. 30 minute borefest vs Suwama last year, for example. I still can count more good than bad following the jump. Natural heat fell behind this bout. Which is why it clicked so well.

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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Volador Jr vs. Mascara Dorada (NJPW Fantasticamania Day 5 (19/1): The Korakuen Fantastica shows boast a great fiesta vibe & a bunch of decent matches. This one stands out from the pack as a batshit crazy succession of holy shit moments. The turn-taking style may offend certain sensibilities, but flyer fiends will be in highspot heaven ****

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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread


Leave it up to him to have the first noteworthy match plugged from Fantasticamania in 2014. Need to do the massive cram session of those shows.

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Re: The 2014 MOTYC Thread

Match could have been a lot better, I think. If you go into it knowing neither man is there to try win but cooperatively build a match of one-upmanship via okay dives it's fun.

Still not sold on anything else from the shows. Nakamura/Rush I doubt is as good as their first encounter (which wasn't what it should have been, either) and Rush/Ishii doesn't happen thanks to a set-up for Ishii/Naito. Others might be more in to this, though:

Hiroshi Tanahashi, La Sombra, Naito vs Ishii, Okada, Śltimo Guerrero

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