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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

Originally Posted by SOSheamus View Post
The only person i've ever seen do it justice was Mike Knox...

But saying that, i can see why Fandango uses it, as it looks like he is setting up a dance move when he dips them down before planting them.
Yeah I thought that, maybe call it "the last dance" but as for Wyatt he is a big dude he could have a more devastating finisher

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

Originally Posted by papercuts_hurt View Post
On a similar note, did anyone notice last night on Raw, the running senton he used to use as Husky Harris was used as a finish by Albert? Poor Wyatt his moveset is being cannibalized lol
Fun fact:
Tensai used this manoeuvre in his first match back in the WWE a little over a year ago.

Also, it was a staple of Jericho's moveset once upon a time.

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

That's Kazarian's finisher.

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

Didn't see the Smackdown Taping but I really dug the idea of Fandango using the leg drop off the top rope. Not a lot of superstars have a finisher from the top anymore.

Plus the Sister Abigail (or whatever) is a great take on the move because the kiss. It's a shame if they took this away from Wyatt. Maybe Wyatt can still use it as a signature..

But it is silly to think that Fandango (Johnny Curtis) doesn't know who Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) is. They both worked in developmental together. They may even be friends.
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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

I liked how Wyatt used it. Dance, transitioned into a dive where he kissed their foreheads and then dropped them.

Maybe he should switch to something like a Whiplash, Conway's finisher, or use that ura-nage again.

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

OK guys fine, Fandango and Wyatt know each other, sorry I'm not up on the history of Johnny Curtis and Husky Harris in FCW lol, I was just trying to say maybe he didn't know Wyatt was using the same move as a finisher and give him the benefit of the doubt but you guys are right they are probably friends or something.

All of this brings up the question though - is there a WWE "move czar" who sorts out who gets what? Since WWE style these days is all about each guy having a finisher plus 2 or 3 other signature moves that they use in every match, there does seem to be more a feeling of "ownership" (or at least "lease rights") with the moves each guy does. Back in the day more moves were done by more different guys but now each guy has his moves and the movesets don't really overlap much. So is there a guy with a checklist who is like "ok Fandango needs 3 signature moves, I see the top rope leg drop is not being used, there's one, now how about a spinning flatliner, oh hm some guy named Bray Wyatt has that one but it's OK we'll give him something else..."??
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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

no "move czar" just writers and from what i've read some agents, who really either don't know what they're doing or don't care. It's easier to watch a group of guys who are given half the direction, not seen a fraction as much and let free to come up with their own stuff, steal that stuff and put it on guys that are so bogged down with direction they can't get through a promo.

Wyatt may not have invented the move, but in general it's just plain bad wrestling manners to do such a thing.

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

It's becoming a trend now as Wade barrett stole Ohno's elbow as well which fucking makes Ohno's whole gimmick on NXT

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

i don`t know who stole what, but that finisher looks like shit. Fandango should just concentrate on that mild leg drop

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Re: Fandango using Wyatt's finisher now?

IWC loves to get their kecks in a bunch over perceived move thievery. Pretty sure Alex Shelley was using this move nearly a decade ago, and no doubt it will have been used prior to that by a load of other guys.

It's getting to a point now where there are very few avenues for truly new moves, I think it would be better if people concentrated on having a unique way to deliver the move to make it their own. For example you used to have Rick Rude and Honky Tonk Man using neckbreakers as their finishing moves, but they were executed in very different ways so you couldn't mistake a Rude Awakening with a Shake, Rattle and Roll (maybe not the best example as one was a swinging neckbreaker and the other a 'hangman' style, but you get the idea)

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