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Wyatt family on the main shows?

I have been pondering this to myself for some time now. His character is what it is, and I happen to like it. Obviously, I am not the only one in the crowd who is a fan of this talented young star in the making. Wyatt has shown plenty of range, and I'm certain once on the main roster he may possibly blend many of his characters into one. More likely sticking with the Bray Wyatt theme. At any point in time I would imagine that his Wyatt family could be introduced properly by him. However, I often wonder how things could have been a little bit different for Wyatt.

His time down in NXT, and FCW under this fresh character was hopeful. Would this character of Wyatt's translate onto the WWE main shows well? Is it possible they add a little more to him, or possible he comes in with something not so Wyatt like as we knew while on NXT. Look at what the WWE has presented for itself now heading into WM 29. Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio. Swagger taking on this new radical, right-wing view with his buddy Zeb Coulter. While I don't think Wyatt should be challenging for the WHC I do feel that this Swagger angle should have been saved, and given to Bray Wyatt. I can guarantee you that Bray Wyatt would have come out, and nail the role that Zeb had done so perfectly, but Swagger has failed at.

Have any of you seen Bray Wyatt recently? The beard is out, and he just looks the role more than Swagger. Hell, he has better mic skills than Jack, and overall better delivery. Wyatt knows how to jump into a character in the blink of an eye. Wyatt with Zeb Coulter would have drawn so much more heat. I honestly think Wyatt would have become an overnight success had he been given this character to run with on WWE television. Jack Swagger can still have his big time push, but I just think that if the Wyatt family were not going to join Bray on the main roster then he should have been given another role, and something very similar to what Swagger has now with Zeb. The Wyatt character that we know right now is full of hate, so he knows how to express that emotion, and I think he has "it" in which he can express the emotion no matter the role.

I would have had Zeb Coulter debut first, and warn the WWE Universe of Bray's coming. Telling them that in a few weeks fans are going to be expose to an individual who isn't afraid to say what's on their mind whether it be offensive, or politically incorrect. Coulter would say things like this man will challenge you the fan to decide whose side you're on when push comes to shove. Just basically pumping him up to be this controversial, menacing, but yet great American. Wyatt's character itself would refuse to wrestle, and debut. Not because he is afraid, but every time he is booked in a match it's vs someone that is not American. They could go weeks with this because the WWE has a large roster of guys that are actually foreign. Enough to carry this heel tactic, and character work.

It would start out with Bo Dallas. That "face" that everyone hates, I think with this role I could really get you all to really, really, really, Miz really, hate him. Bo came in, and unfortunately started this fluke one time thing with Barrett. I think Dallas would have been best served to Cesaro. In fact dropping the United States title to him would have been ideal. The title means nothing, and Cesaro could have easily just moved on to bigger things like Jericho, or the Miz possibly. Dallas now champion, and it's an upset win. However, each week passes, and yet Bray Wyatt doesn't debut because once again his opponent is not American.

Then one week Bray Wyatt comes out, and he is wearing the United States title. How? Over the course of so many weeks Bo Dallas says he has been listening to what his brother Bray has been saying. Bo reveals that his name is Dallas Wyatt, and Bo is his nickname. Dallas says that his brother Bray is a genius, and proof is because he is here right now today, and is wearing gold around his waist without ever pinning a man. Dallas says he forfeited his United States title after he realized that everything Bray said would happen did. Dallas says he is honored to have forfeited his title to a better man, and what better man than his own flesh, and blood? Wyatt is the new WWE United States title holder, and he refuses to defend his title to a non-American.

He also has a problem with being told what to do by Vickie, and Booker. Obviously, the show is PG, so I am not suggesting they exploit racism, but leave it to the older viewers to figure out. Basically, due to Vickie, and Booker being in the minority their views authority figures are not even considered on Wyatt's part. Now I am certainly not suggesting that Wyatt tell Booker to click his gators, and go back to Africa, but how about saying Atlanta instead? Very less obvious prejudice things can be said, or referenced in order to really get the heat going for the Wyatt's. I honestly this type of Wyatt family with Bray, Dallas, and Zeb would have been great. Monster heels who are delusional in their views, and prejudice with their words as well. It ever so gently pushes the edge on PG.
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Re: Wyatt family on the main shows?

Wyatt doesn't need anyone to warn his homecoming, he DOESN'T NEED IT.

People get captivated by his gimmick and his voice the moment he speaks but I'd air some vignettes before his debut to prepare the masses of the arrival of GOD. His gimmick has nothing to do with race or anything regarding that subject so him trying to gain people's attention via racism or anything near the subject is stupid. He's the next surreal kayfabe character in the WWE, so he shouldn't go there. He shouldn't break the illusion between him and the fans.
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