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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Ohno as either A, Sandow's apprentice(wonder if they're still running that thing) or B, in any how, any way possible form a team with Cesaro

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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

I'd debut Steamboat in a legacy 2.0 esque team with DiBiase, and Ohno in a feud with Cesaro.

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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Bray Wyatt- Nothing too complex, just have him in vignettes introducing him and his Wyatt family, pretty much exactly the same as NXT. Bring him in with Luke Harper and another NXT talent (perhaps Bronson), and let them compete in the Tag Division, while Wyatt competes in the midcard division. He'll get mad over just through his promos I guarantee. Probably put him in a feud right off the bat for the US or IC Title against someone like say Kofi Kingston, and let the others win the Tag team titles eventually, not right away though.

Paige- I would have her be her character from NXT and build her up as the #1 babyface in the divas division and make her AJ's rival. These 2 have the potential to be then next Trish & Lita in the way that they'll have a long-standing rivalry all their careers. After AJ wins the Title at WM in her hometown at WM, the next night on RAW I'd have a Paige vignette interrupt an AJ promo, then for the next say 2 weeks a Paige vignette will interrupt AJ in various matches and promos until she finally debuts when AJ is cutting a promo and is again interrupted and goes crazy, then turns around and Paige is there to hit her finisher on her, which starts their feud for the Divas Title.

Kassius Ohno- I like the idea someone said of him being a mystery attacker. Have various wrestlers be found knocked out backstage. Sounds interesting and would get him over with the gimmick he is using. I'd start him in a feud with either The Miz or Alberto Del Rio first, just some uppermidcarder so he can get a nice rub, have them trade wins on PPV. Then move him onto the midcard Title division where he can put on great matches against guys like Kingston, Mysterio, Rollins, Kane, Bryan, and eventually Cesaro. With the addition of him, Wyatt, Graves, along with The Shield when the split, Mysterio & Cara when they split and Rhodes Scholars when they split, the midcard is going to look pretty good in 2013.

Corey Graves- I also like the idea of him in vignettes ala Edge 1998. Him in the "underground world", giving a dark and mysterious vibe. Air vignettes for a few weeks, then have him debut by attacking say Rey Mysterio. I think Graves and Mysterio could have an interesting feud, and I have no doubt Rey would put Graves over big time for this, and establish Graves. Their matches would be great also.

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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

No one, I wanna Kassius Ohno.
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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Hero Corey Graves and Bo Dallas
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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Graves I would keep with Jake Carter in his tag team. He's a decent promo cutter, but he doesn't look like a star, more like street trash. Put him with Carter, give them the "Your Girlfriend's Favourites" gimmick and have them romance divas and feud with a team with a female valet like Epico and Primo, before promptly squashing them in a short match on PPV.

Wyatt I think should have several months of build, with those vignettes being aired, with quick cuts to his followers and that mysterious girl. He debuts on his own, goes on a win streak, squashing stars, wins a special Raw edition of King of the Ring and has a Rocking Chair rather than a throne and his hat rather than a crown. Eventually, there are backstage attacks, and he debuts his family, Harper, his eldest, wild son, Rowan, his youngest, sheltered and seemingly mentally impaired son, and TAC, his middle and brutal son. And of course, he would have to have a daughter. Not sure who that could be. Sasha Banks maybe?

Ohno needs a little more time in NXT I think, but having him attack people from the audience or backstage and holding weekly Sparring Sessions, where the ring is covered with mats and he squashes multiple jobbers for months on end would be a good way to get his knockout act over.

Paige should just debut as an Anti-Diva, or maybe related to Wade Barrett's past. Would be a good way to give both of them some depth instantly.
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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

I like Paige and all but knowing WWE's history with British characters (they never get treated that well), I am a little hesitant on calling her the top diva. For all we know, they may treat her like Katie Lea Burchill.

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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Corey Graves - I think the best way to debut this guy would be threw a series of vignettes that show a man on the road. We would hear the voice of Graves basically telling his life story, and his road to "Wrestlemania". Show his roots in Pittsburgh, and his career in the ring. Almost like a small preview of a DVD that he doesn't have just yet. He says his whole life was to end up in a WWE ring, and wearing the WWE title. Graves says that one man changed his life, and allowed him the opportunity of a lifetime. The idea of who that man is will now intrigue viewers to wonder who is helping this man Corey Graves?

In the final vignette what we see is Graves finally arriving in Connecticut, at Titan Towers. It cuts off the moment he walks through the doors. Followed by his music that hits the arena, and out comes Corey Graves at the end of his final vignette live on Raw. Possibly, he comes out to fight against Antonio Cesaro. Antonio claims that there isn't an American alive that can take his United States title, and Graves comes to change his mind. I have always felt that debuting live at the end of a vignette is rare, and often entertaining. Graves has the appeal to get over as a "cool" face, and appeal to both genders. His tattoos give him that tough look, while his boyish looks are appealing as a "face".

Bray Wyatt - I think his treatment of his character while on NXT was perfect. His character enhancement has been awesome, and I certainly feel as though he should keep this catchy persona the way it is. Wyatt's debut should be no more different than what it was in NXT, and FCW. As for the Wyatt family, I don't know that they should keep that around. Bray is such a great talent on his own, and I think he would work perfect on his own. However, I do feel that who he debuts to feud with is important. I feel as though he should feud with Cody Rhodes, who by this time should be a "face".

If you go back a while ago Rhodes was Wyatt's mentor. Wyatt could say that since then his whole life changed, but it had nothing to do with Cody Rhodes. In fact it had everything to do with another Rhodes. Bray says it was Dusty Rhodes who helped breath new life, and gave him the chance to become something. Wyatt tells Cody that he is nothing without his father's name, and that Dusty has found more potential in him than he ever did with Cody. He tells Rhodes that he doesn't need the family name, in fact all he needed was some guidance from the American Dream. He then turns on Dusty Rhodes to show how sick he is for harming the man who helped him. Wyatt vs Rhodes, bull rope cage match, book it.

Richie Steamboat - I actually think he has potential as well. He has a solid look, and I think people will just naturally be drawn to this man. This guy can actually act, and his early, corny, green self actually reminds me of a young Rocky Maivia. I'm not suggesting he is the next Rock, all I am saying is that he has potential to be something big in this business. His debut should be as a heel, however he should completely play the viewer, and the fans. A series of vignettes would tell his story from childhood, and on to his adult life. The vignettes would show his passion for this business. Pictures of his father shown, and epic footage of his father's match with Savage, and Flair.

In the ring of his debut would be Ric Flair, and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat live on Raw. Once the lights go out, we hear familiar music, and it's Ric Flair's music. Out comes the son of Richie Steamboat with Flair's daughter at his side. Both Ric, and Rick look shocked. Richie is shown in a suit, wearing sunglasses, and walking with swag. Flair welcomes him in to the ring, but Richie's father looks shocked. Richie begins to speak, and asks that his father leave! Everyone is completely shocked, and his father thinks he is joking. However, Richie hits his own father with a standing side kick to the chin knocking him out, and eventually out of the ring.

This is wear he gets to vent to the WWE Universe about how his father tried to have him live his dreams. Richie says that he didn't want to fill his father's shoes because there was nothing to fill. He says that his father was never WWE Champion. Steamboat goes on to say that he never cared about his matches with Savage, and he says that his father should be thankful that Flair ever allowed him a World title shot. Richie says that if it weren't for Flair his father would have never been WHC. This is why he has aligned himself with Flair, and perhaps looking to marry his daughter as well, and become part of a real wrestling family. Ladies, and gentleman the new "Nature Boy" Rick Steamboat.

Kassius Ohno - He should start heckling Daniel Bryan during his matches. I could easily see Ohno in the crowd with a megaphone chanting "yes" louder than anyone else. He would have Erik Rowan, Rusev, and Luke Harper with him dressed in street clothes guarding him from security so that he can't be escorted out of the arena. Kassius is great at causing a scene, and I think this would be the best way to debut him. While all this heckling is going on from week to week the vignettes would air. In those vignettes week to week just simple footage of his matches knocking people out, or his best moments in the ring are shown.

Allow the vignettes to show him training in gyms with someone like Mike Tyson. Everyone in the WWE knows who Mike Tyson is, and he has commonly associated himself with the company on various occasions. In his vignettes show current WWE stars who know Ohno being interviewed explaining how dangerous he really is. Once he debuts, it's all in the entrance. For one time only I would have LL Cool J perform his famous hit song "Mama said knock you out" for Kassius Ohno. Of course Ohno debuts at the mecca of pro-wrestling, and that would be MSG. I wouldn't make this his theme, but it's his debut so he has to have something big for just this night. I would have him knock out Daniel faster than Sheamus knocked him out at Wrestlemania.
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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Originally Posted by WTF352 View Post
Corey Graves

Bray Watt

Chris Hero

Richie Stemboat


Feed them all to Ryback, vintage WWE....all seriousness Chris Hero is the only main roster talent.

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Smile Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Originally Posted by WTF352 View Post
Corey Graves

Bray Watt

Chris Hero

Richie Stemboat

All of them deserve the call up

I say have them win their debut matches

especially Paige

but the best way to debut is always winning your first match, even better is an upset victory!

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