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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Sorry, you'll have to forgive me for wanting to see the next call up be somebody who's actually *gasp* entertaining. Imagine that.

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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Right now, OhNo.

Big E Langston from last nights tapings seems to be having a gimmick tweak.

Paige, she is ready. She hasn't cut promos, but hell, do the divas on the main roster ever cut promos? Husky is still working with his gimmick as you can tell from his voice changes etc...I think he's still injured anyway.
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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

I disagree with you too Asenath, but I'll be a little more diplomatic with my answer here. Bray Wyatt has nailed down his character as much as he's going to on a show like NXT and he's ready for a bigger audience. All they have to do is re-air the vignettes they showed on NXT and boom, people know who he is in 3 weeks without him actually appearing in an arena. I also think Paige is at the same point too and could contribute on the main roster immediately. She hasn't really gotten a chance to talk much, but let's be honest, the women on the main roster don't get to either unfortunately, like TN Punk said already. I think the rest of the NXT roster could use some more time before they get the call-up and here's why, IMHO:

Corey Graves - His look is much improved since FCW, but I think he could use some more time to develop his style in the ring. He's getting there and his last NXT match with Yoshi Tatsu was solid, if unspectacular. I just fear that he'd get some 'boring' chants if he worked a match like that on the main roster. Not saying that he is, but you have to understand your audience.

Leo Kruger - The deranged poacher gimmick has loads more potential than his previous cocky heel persona, but he's still figuring out how to work that into his matches. I understand he's supposed to be the patient hunter, but his matches are far too plodding at this point. Stalling a little less and fewer restholds would help, as I have a hard time getting into his matches. However, little things (like his maniacal cackle while wrenching on Barreta in the abdominal stretch, that was PERFECT for the character) will help him tremendously and make him a more entertaining performer.

Big E Langston - I'm not really sure there's a roster spot for him right now, since Ryback has already done the powerhouse monster so recently. He's another guy who could use more time to figure out what he's going to be in the ring and I think he'll get that chance given the most recent tapings.

Kassius Ohno - Here we go... He seems to be the most divisive NXT member at the moment, as people here either love him or hate him. I absolutely LOVE Chris Hero's work on the indies, but his work so far with WWE hasn't been all that great. He's had some moments, in some matches with Steamboat & Barreta, but he hasn't consistently been all that entertaining in the ring. He's another guy who seems plodding at times, which is strange considering his previous work. I think he's a much better heel when he has someone at ringside to help him cheat, distract the ref & use the loaded elbow pad to win.

Also, I think his look right now is lackluster and could use some improvement. I'm not overly concerned on physique like some people, I solely mean that in the presentation of the guy he's portraying. Look at some of the guys I've already mentioned in Graves & Kruger... they have a unique look and it fits their character, and that's something I don't really get from Ohno.

One of the common things I've seen is that all of the heels (Graves, Kruger, Ohno) tend to work slower, more deliberate ring styles. That tells us that the WWE wants their heels to behave a certain way in the ring, but it's doing a lot of guys no favors. Orton's heel run was notorious for this and I don't understand why, since it makes for boring tv a lot of times. That's a bigger issue though and something that probably doesn't need to be part of this discussion.
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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

I think it's obvious that Bray Wyatt is ready. He has been ready, it seems, since the very first time we saw him in the foreground of that Cottonwood backdrop. But since then, he's rendered the fat, piled nuance on top of nuance, and turned it all into a character of limitless depth and potential.

Could he satiate the tastes of the audience that matters most? Probably yes (although you never know; the one true downfall of NXT being it's seemingly contradictory nature of testing gimmicks for a large stage, in a uniquely intimate atmosphere.) But he continues to add useful pieces to an already great gimmick; so why not, as someone else put it, let it percolate for a while longer? When the whole thing flatlines creatively, then present him to your customers as a complete dish.

Paige has been ready for a long time.

Ohno is a weird case. Unlike Wyatt, he has seemed to have flatlined creatively, despite not really developing much in terms of a gimmick. On the other side of the coin, he looks more comfortable with his ring style, and isn't being as indy as he was when he first arrived. I would argue that he was ready the moment he signed his contract. On arrival, the biggest shock was how uncomfortable and confused he looked at aspects of pro-wrestling he's proven to have down. I know I was shocked, anyway. He seems to have shaken a lot of it off though. I'd say he's ready.

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This guy.

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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Paige is ready for the main roster she worked last weekends Smackdown house shows this must show management will move her to main roster
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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Kassius OhNo will not be called up to the main roster that soon. He still can't work a 5 minute match without it being a shambles. Spent too long working huge time limit matches I reckon.

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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

So sad that in this day and age you are judged on how quickly you can work a match, back in the day it was all about conditioning and being able to do 60 minutes and look fresh. But i can understand the argument, as Cesaro has basically mastered the television match.

Although i am pro Wyatt getting the call, i really would like the whole Wyatt family concept to get going first, i think him brodie and bo would be a great heel faction on smackdown. But the two of them arent getting called up anytime soon, so wyatt wouldnt really get his entire concept off. but fuck it, still wanna see him
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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Ohno, clearly, considering he's a veteran in the business at this point. Paige, because she's gorgeous and the Divas division is bland as fuck and she's already 3 times better than Kaitlyn. Wyatt the wrestler is ready, he was already ready when he was in the Nexus, but his character I'm not sure about. Give him another 2 months or so to tweak it and have the writers come up with a good plan to debut him on SD.

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Dean Ambrose
Someone hasn't been watching RAW and SD 3 weeks.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I didn't ask for you to approve it. If I say it, that's how it is. He's too good to be on NXT, and if you buy the recent reports, he's supposed to be in the next round of call ups, so if that's true, then clearly I'm not the only one who's noticed that he's ready. Also, he's gotten as much buzz as an FCW/NXT guy is going to get. If you haven't heard of him already you never will because you're not paying attention to NXT.

And FUCK Chris Hero, the guy is blander than white paint.
You're delusional.

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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Bray Wyatt and Paige are my two next highly anticipated debuts. Both are definitely ready. The fact that Paige is only 19 and has this much talent is frightening....in a good way of course.

Hero/Ohno needs a bit of work still but his talent is unquestionable. He should debut a bit later in 2013. I would also say the Ascension if one of them didn't get fired...

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Re: Who do you think ready for the main roster?

Langston, although I have a suspicion that won't happen because Langston looks stornger than Ryback and will make him look like a bitch.
I also don't get the Kassius Ohno hype. He is nothing special.
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