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Money Inc in NXT?

I know that this may sound a bit far out, and I'm quite aware of how fans feel about Teddy, and Bo Dallas as well. Neither man stands out, but I think they could be a nice tag team if worked on properly. Most think that Teddy shouldn't follow the footsteps of his father, but I tend to disagree with that. I think he should turn heel, and carry more of the rich character that his father had done, but with his own take on it. Especially now with the way the perception of the economy is, and how the wealthy are portrayed in general during times of economic distress.

Bo Dallas isn't up to much, and neither is DiBiase. Have Dallas go on a string of losing his matches, and eventually have him take on the role of the "frustrated" face. Eventually, we get a scene on NXT where Dallas is shown getting in to a limousine. Go with the old limousine angle. Dallas starts showing up with new expensive gifts. Perhaps a new motorcycle, some new clothing, and some people in the back start noticing a slight change in his character a bit. Dallas says he has been hanging out with a new friend that is very close to this business. He is always shown talking on the phone with someone.

Perhaps Bo rubs Steamboat the wrong way in a tag team match, and ignores his tag while answering his cell phone during a match. Steamboat takes the matter personally, and asks to take care of it the following week on NXT. This is where Teddy reveals himself as the one who Dallas has been in contact with. DiBiase interferes in the match with Steamboat vs Dallas. Teddy says that after much deliberation he was finally able to take every single nickel, dime, and penny from his father's name. DiBiase says that he was also able to take the Million Dollar title, and had it sold for millions (kayfabe).

Teddy says that he doesn't have to work anymore, and that wrestling is just a hobby. DiBiase says that there is more money to be made off of fools like the WWE fans, and that Rotunda is now very well aware of this. Teddy says that their blood runs deep in wrestling, but their souls are in allegiance with the almighty dollar. I really think DiBiase could sell the heel character especially after suing his father, and cashing in the Million Dollar title. He says that he knew there was only one way he could convince Dallas to become a team with him.

DiBiase says he knew that Dusty Rhodes had a price, and Teddy convinced Dusty to create the new NXT Tag Team titles. He then says that he had Dusty officially announce them as the newly crowned, and first ever NXT tag team champions. Dallas doesn't need to take on the IRS role, but merely a person who is really good at crunching numbers, and skulls. Dusty claims it was an offer he couldn't refuse because the numbers don't lie, and said he has to do what's best for NXT, and tag team titles made sense since there weren't enough tag teams to hold an official tournament.

This mere declaration sparks a boom in a void tag team division, and the return of The Ascension. Amongst teams like Woods/Dalton, and whoever else. Possibly spark some sort of tag team division. I think this is a solid way to start a tag team division, and at the same time a heel tag team to claim responsibility for it. This is something most heel tag teams would consider creatively. With the roster over 45 members, I think it's very possibly to fit in 6 tag teams, or so. Hollywood Express, The Ascension, Money Inc, Rowen/Harper, and others that could pop up. Your thoughts?
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

The actual story is good, but I don't think Ted DiBiase or anyone else from the main roster should be stepping down to NXT for a long term storyline. Ted should be fixing his character on RAW, SD, Main Event, Superstars or Saturday Morning Slam.

NXT is a one hour show that also features guest appearances by main roster talent. While there are 45 guys on the developmental roster, there isn't enough room to feature them all, so I don't think they can build an actual tag division. Their main priority is to get the wrestlers ready for the main roster.

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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

That would be kind of funny, actually. You could call them New Money.
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

I do think that Bo Dallas should revamp his gimmick to something closer to IRS. I know they have acknowledged Mike Rotundo was IRS but I always felt that they should have a wrestler's son be the son of that wrestler's fictional gimmick. Besides playing up the "son of IRS" is a good way around the "McGilicuty problem" is to name him something reminiscent of IRS.
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

Since it is the "hip" thing to do, I could see Bo Dallas wearing those black framed non-prescription glasses, and taking on this "nerd" type look, but in style. I belive they are called hipsters. Granted he is lacking the beard, but even then Irwin had those glasses as well when he was I.R.S. I'm not opposed to Dallas going with a new look altogether. I don't mean suspenders, business clothes, but no more cowboy boots, and long hair. At least tie the hair up.

Have DiBiase sue his father for everything he ever owned, and turn his own father poor. Obviously this would all be made up, but show Teddy Sr. homeless, or in a homeless shelter doing an interview about how his son took everything from him, legally. Have paid actors as Teddy's talking mocking him saying fate got him back, and things like that. Make it seem real, and legit. Teddy Jr could easily be the heel his father was, and take on that Millionaire role in his own way.

He has Dallas at his side because Dallas does his taxes. Bo says he does Vince McMahon's taxes as well because he saves Vince a ton of money, and that's why he is in the WWE getting his shot. Dallas says he wants to impress Vince that he can do it all. Teddy says he wants to own NXT one day, and give Vince more than what his father ever gave him with Taker, and Austin. Teddy says he will produce the greatest talent for Vince one day once he is old, and retired like his father, except he won't be homeless.

They both explain to the fans that it's about having a "Legacy" once you are retired, and unable to work in the ring. Both suggest that this ist he problem with many of their fathers, and their close wrestling friends. They say that these old men just can't hang their boots up, and both DiBiase, and Dallas state that they will have a life after wrestling, but for now they want to make their dreams of their future come to fruition. They are Money Inc, and money is the only thing that matters to them.
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

No one gives a flying fuck about Ted DiBoring.
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

Originally Posted by HEELKris View Post
No one gives a flying fuck about Ted DiBoring.
I realize this that is why I am suggesting he start a tag team on NXT.
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

If we were talking about Alberto Del Rio and his Swiss Banker Antonio Cesaro I'd have been all for it. With Bo and Ted Jr - not so much.
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

Actually, I would mark for New Money. When was the last time DiBiase was actually on Raw or SD?

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: Money Inc in NXT?

Ted DiBiase and Bo Dallas: "The Survival of the Generic-est"
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