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The Dragon's Revenge?

I know there aren't many Richie Steamboat fans on here, but I happen to think this kid may have something other than his father's name, and an arm drag. Granted his mic skills are average at best, but I think he is ready for a call up to the main roster. More specifically Smackdown. If we go back a couple of years we can recall a group called The Nexus which at the time were destroying whoever came in their path. Part of who they destroyed was Richie Steamboat's father, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. For those that don't remember I will leave a link for the youtube video.

Could the WWE have something already for Richie just based on that one night unfortunate night for his father? Basically his pro debut is based off of his revenge. We the viewer won't find that out until it's revealed, or some may catch on as the story progresses. However, I think his debut should be based around exacting revenge on the former members of The Nexus who beat his father badly, and sent him to the hospital in which he later had a real heart attack. He could start low on the totem pole. Beginning with Heath Slater, and Darren Darren Young.

Perhaps attack Slater, and leaving the Three Man Band as just two members. However, we wouldn't see from, or hear from Slater until he recovers, and is released from the hospital. This leaves 3MB in a bad situation, and hopefully shatters this band's dreams. Thus, causing them to all split. Leaving 3MB as a thing of the past. In turn Steamboat conquers his first quest.

Next, would be Darren Young. This is a good move because it gives the WWE an opportunity just to see what Young can do on his own. It seems to me that Titus has impressed a few with his overall skill on the mic, his charisma, and ok ring work. Young is put in a hospital as well, and now speculation begins to pick up based on the two events with two totally different stars that apparently have no connection to one another.

Next is David Otunga. Steamboat then makes him the next victim. A match is prepared for Otunga in which he doesn't come out. Then we are given backstage footage of him unconscious on the floor. Everyone is shocked, and is disbelief. It's rare that heels ever are the ones on the end of sneak attacks. Many of us can't stand Otunga anyhow, so getting him off our televisions will be nice to see for a change.

Finally, Wade Barrett. Before Wade is ready to face his next opponent the lights go out, and footage shows The Nexus beating on Richie's father. Wade looks confused as he stares at the screen with everyone else. Out comes a figure, and it's Richie Steamboat. He begins to walk towards the ring with a mic in his hand. Barrett is still confused. Cole explains to the fans that this man is apparently Ricky The Dragon Steamboat's son Richie Steamboat.

Richie stands in one corner, and then asks everyone give a round of applause for his father Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Fans pop for The Dragon, and he comes walking to the ring. Richie says to Wade that it is real simple. He wants Wade to apologize to his father, a legend for nearly having him killed in the ring by a bunch of brainwashed thugs that Barrett instructed his orders with.

Richie says that instead of putting Wade in the hospital like some of the others he is giving him a chance just like he gave all the others who accepted, and didn't except. Steamboat says everyone gets a chance in life, but if Wade chooses no to accept responsibility he will be forced to unleash the dragon on his ass. Wade laughs, and begins to slope over as he is laughing so hysterically.

Then the lights go out, and we see a sudden burst of fire spewing from Richie's mouth, and the light come back one with Wade screaming in agony, and Ricky Steamboat yelling at his son, asking him what in the hell is he thinking, his father is infuriated. Ricky starts calling for help from the back looking at his son as if he were some other man. Richie Steamboat realizes this went wrong, and he leaves the ring in humiliation. Barrett is screaming in pain.

Ricky would then be forced to make a public apology for himself, and officially debut. Turns out he also makes new friends with Team Hell No. I would have Kane come down since Steamboat likes fire, and tell him that he needs to hug it out with him. This pisses off Daniel so of course he comes to. He tells Richie that he loved his father growing up, and that he can hug it out with him because he is the tag team champions. This gets Richie on the map with fans.

The point of him attacking all those individuals is so that he will have reasons to matches with them once they are all healed. Take for example Heath Slater. Once Richie has finally revealed himself to Barrett whom he puts on the shelf for a week with minimal burns to the face. Perhaps Ricky pushes his son back as to not completely get Wade hit, and who knows maybe write it so that his father gets burned as well? Anyhow, Mahal, and Drew are going to want to have a piece of Richie, and so will Titus, and then obviously everyone else once they are healed.

This gives his future matches with them credibility, or reason. They aren't just random matches. By this point most will know why is in the ring with Titus Young, or Drew McIntyre. Forming a strong alliance with Team Hell No makes sense as well since he will have so many people to deal with. Having Kane, and then Bryan showing up to save him would be good for Richie's character. Fans will attach themselves to that association. His real feud begins with Wade Barrett.

By this point Wade Barrett is pissed, and comes back with the intent to make an example of Richie Steamboat. Which he does, and this is where Steamboats luck runs out. He does the job to Wade Barrett in their feud, and Barrett should place him in the hospital for some time. This way Richie comes back with a strong response from the crowd due to a return. Send him back down to NXT for a month, or more. Build up his return to the WWE, and he comes back a more recognized "face", without having to be a god on the mic.
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Re: The Dragon's Revenge?

Too late for this. It was 2 years ago and the majority of casual fans don't even remember it happened and even if WWE remnded them they wouldn't care.
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Re: The Dragon's Revenge?

Please no stories that revolve around how Little Richie loves armdrags & his daddy.

The feud with Ohno is going along like gangbusters. I didn't think Richie had any kind of an edgy-aggressive-face potential, but he does. It's really interesting to watch him respond to that rivalry.
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Re: The Dragon's Revenge?

Richie has no fans because he looks, acts and wrestles in a completely generic and bland way. Give him some uniqueness and we will see.
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Re: The Dragon's Revenge?

I like it OP, but unfourtunately yeah Vince doesn't remember what happened yesetrday, and we are now already onto Nexus 3.0... Nexus deserved a better ending, it was one of the best things WWE did in along time.
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