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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

Originally Posted by wkdsoul View Post
This is old news, they been searching blindly for an idea to get the guys into the main roster for fucking months, Foley would have done it if Ambrose hadnt pushed it to far, would have been an easy high profile in... but we'll see what creative can come up with now...
How did Ambrose take it too far?
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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

Originally Posted by xxQueenOfXtremexx View Post
How did Ambrose take it too far?
He tweeted something about Foley's children and Mick started bitching about it and allegedly pulled the plug on the whole angle.

Originally Posted by wowjames View Post
x78 is a one note gimmick don't engage him.
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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

In other words :

When WWE feels like they have something for them to debut, they'll debut.

Well no fucking kidding.
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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

gewdddd gewddddd

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WWE are definitely making the right move with Ambrose. He does have enough talent to get over on his own but he's only going to get better so why not wait & pull the trigger on something big?

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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

Can you even say that Dean Ambrose will be brought up? He isn't really on NXT right now, he hasn't been on it since it was FCW. Right now he is just in the limbo while WWE waits for the right time so it doesn't flop like Tensai or Brodus Clay.
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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

Call them all up.

Dean Ambrose = This guy can jump straight into a big storyline if they do it right.
Seth Rollins (Just call him Tyler Black)= He reminds me of a CM Punk in 2006.
The Ascention = We need a fresh new tag team and these are it.
Bray Wyatt = We need something like this on TV.
Big E Langston = The whole gimmick is good.
Derrick Bateman = As the USA gimmick.


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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

Well Ambrose does dark matches with the Raw brand already right? They know his abilities and his potential, so they're definitely playing it smart by being patient. Yeah I used to be a hardcore mark for him, but I've calmed down and I'm more patient for a debut. He shouldn't get thrown into a main event feud right away with someone or something stupid. They need to do it smart, HHH should be in charge of how Ambrose is used imo, cause Vince is senile. So, he isn't on NXT, but he's with the Raw brand on tour and shit so I mean it's not like he's not doing anything, he's very much in view of all the right people and the important people.

Rollins is the next Jeff Hardy, without the drugs(hopefully). He definitely will get over easily with the crowd, he is not terrible on the mic, he obviously needs some work on it, but he's not at a John Morrison or Jeff Hardy level, and he's good in the ring, so he's definitely a great asset for the future as well.

It'd be awesome seeing Rollins and Ambrose have a feud like a few years down the line, once they're established, that like incorporates some indy rivalry they've had since they were younger, and how one keeps trying to be better than the other, etc.

edit: And when they say soon, I really hope it means like, RR at the latest or something, not another 4 months.

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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

As others have said, I'll believe it when I see it. I hope to be pleasantly surprised though.

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Re: Big NXT Names Coming to RAW Soon

Originally Posted by Scavo View Post
Did someone compare Seth Rollins/Tyler Black to a jagoff like John Morrison? Smh.
I also don't get it, way different. He looks more badass while morrison was more flashy.

Seth Rollins > morrison

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