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NXT Spoilers

From PW Insider
Dark Matches

- Garrett Dylan vs Fandango
Fandango won a flatliner.

- Alicia Fox vs Layla
Layla won with a roundhouse kick to the head.

Episode 1

- Michael McGillicutty vs Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro won after hitting the Very European Uppercut and the Neutralizer back to back.

- Axl Keegan vs Bo Dallas
Dallas won via Spear.
After the match, Dallas cut a promo about how he has had some ups and downs lately but is still proud of himself. He ended it by laying out an open challenge to any WWE superstar; not for a match, but for a fight.

- Corey Graves vs Yoshi Tatsu
Graves won the Fuller Lock.

- Gavin Reid vs Roman Reigns
Reigns won with a backdrop into an uranagi.
After the match, Saxton interviewed Reigns in the ring. Reigns just verbally ripped into Saxton before sending him away.

- Leo Kruger vs Tyson Kidd
Kidd won with the Dungeon Lock.
After the match Kassius Ohno jumped Kidd; Kruger soon joined in on the attack. While Ohno and Kruger were searching for weapons and had their backs turned, William Regal came down from the announce booth to pull Kidd to safety outside of the ring,

Episode 2

- Paige vs Sasha Banks
Paige won with the Paige Turner.

Backstage someone tried to interview Roman Reigns, but Reigns blew it off.

- Oliver Gray vs Rowan
Rowan won with a Sidewalk Slam.
Before the match, Bray Wyatt cut a promo about how war makes him strong. He then sat in a rocking chair on stage to watch. After the match, Wyatt introduced Rowan as the Second Son of the Wyatt Family.

Dusty Rhodes came out on stage to give a "State of the Union" address for NXT. He said that Vickie Guerrero has no jurisdiction here and that her bounty on Big E Langston was off. He ended his tirade on her by calling her a bitch; to which he quickly apologized and said "sometimes that old cowboy comes out in me". Camacho interrupted Rhodes to say that due to Hunico being “down in Mexico”, he needs the money from Langston’s bounty. Camacho said that either the bounty on Langston stays or he is going to put one out for Rhodes instead. Langston then came out, which led to Rhodes making a handicap match of Camacho and a partner vs Langston for the next episode.

Backstage, Big Show accepted Bo Dallas's challenge.

- NXT Championship Match: NXT Champion Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal
Rollins won with the standing shiranui.
Corey Graves was sitting in the crowd, at ringside. Graves got into Rollins face as he was exiting the ring.

Episode 3

- Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendez vs The Usos
The Usos won when Jimmy superkicked Primo and Jay followed up with a Superfly Splash.
After the match, Ascension appeared on screen telling The Usos that their war is far from over.

- Camacho and Aiden English vs Big E Langston
Langston quickly destroyed English and won with the Big End. Camacho never tagged in.
After the match, Langston did his standard post match Big End + five count repetition.

- Percy Watson vs Kassius Ohno
Ohno won with a neckbreaker transitioned into a rolling elbow.

JR interviewed Seth Rollins. Rollins said he is ready for any and all challengers. Graves ran out and attacked Rollins, quickly locking him in the Fuller Lock. Graves then made JR interview him instead. He spoke about how he would be the next NXT Champion.

- WWE Champion Big Show vs Bo Rotunda
Big Show won with the KO Punch.


The next taping will be Thursday, December 6. They didn’t announce who the WWE Superstar guest will be.

Michael McGillicutty seems like he is now a face now.

I am still unsure of what the official name for Paige’s new finisher is. However, before the tapings start they always air a recap video of the last taping. I think I heard JR call the move the “Paige Turner”. I’m going to use that for its name, unless I find out it is called something else.

There was a hilarious moment where Jinder Mahal's old music hit and he stared to make his way out. Then it stopped, he smiled and moon walked back behind the curtain. Then the 3MB music hit and he made his "proper" entrance.
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Re: NXT Spoilers

Yes! New member! Erick Rowan fits in the Wyatt Family well. Love the use of a rocking chair as well, can't WAIT to see this.

Langston getting those Ryback comparisons to increase by the day. Musclehead look? Check. Catchphrase? Check. Handicap squash match? Check.

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.

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Re: NXT Spoilers

Still too many main roster guys. I don't see what the point in putting so many on this show is with 50+ unused talents in developmental. Matches like Primo & Epico vs The Usos for example don't do much for anyone.

Originally Posted by wowjames View Post
x78 is a one note gimmick don't engage him.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: NXT Spoilers

Really unimpressed with Corey graves, Is it just me?

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Re: NXT Spoilers

Originally Posted by PlayaTaylor View Post
Really unimpressed with Corey graves, Is it just me?
I'd lick his tattoos like an overexcited terrier, but his wrestling is nothing really special.
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Re: NXT Spoilers

I was there last night..I gotta say I prefer Big E over Ryback any day.

Oh and Johnny Curtis's new gimmick is horrible. I was facepalming so hard. I don't know what they are doing with him. Last month he came out in leather pants and was thrusting and practically humping the ring post...at least that was hot...his new gimmick is just weird

I like Corey but I think there are other wrestlers who should get a title shot before him
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Re: NXT Spoilers

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
I'd lick his tattoos like an overexcited terrier, but his wrestling is nothing really special.
He is actually a solid talent, and his look is it's own right now for NXT. Even the name isn't that bad either. I actually think Corey Graves is one of the more solid names on the roster. He is a seasoned worker, and comes from a wrestling city. Pittsburgh has always loved Professional Wrestling, and I'm certain he remembers the Taker vs Foley HIAC match in which Taker threw Foley through the announcer's team table from over 20 feet high in the air. That all happened in Pittsburgh, and even if you weren't a wrestling fan you still heard about it on the local news because it was that big of a deal to see Foley just put his body on the line.

Graves has potential, and I think he will definitely make his name heard more often while in NXT. If the feud with Rollins is potentially there I would like to see it. Corey is a solid heel, and I think NXT needs a well rounded talent like him competing for the NXT title, and feuding with it's current champion. For now he needs to make a name for himself, and put himself out there for the fans to see. Creative needs to pitch something strong in terms of establishing his character. Perhaps beating the NXT champion with a steel chair?
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Re: NXT Spoilers

IMO Graves is awesome, and I think he could end up getting a good thing going for him in WWE, he hasn't gotten much time yet, but from what I remember once he gets going he's a pretty good talent.

He just needs some time developing his character, I think for most part he teamed with Jake Carter, and currently is his first singles run in NXT, not to mention only his second apperance or something.

Also has one of the most badass sounding names on NXT right now, I mean if they coulnd't call him Sterling James Keenan then Corey Graves is just as acceptable.

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Re: NXT Spoilers

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
Still too many main roster guys. I don't see what the point in putting so many on this show is with 50+ unused talents in developmental. Matches like Primo & Epico vs The Usos for example don't do much for anyone.
The main roster guys are there because we as fans know who they are and having them on the show is gonna draw much more attention than just having some of the guys on the NXT roster compete on the show. Some of the guys although signed for based on some judgement of potential are remarkably green and need alot of work so the show cant just revolve around these guys.

These guys are working shows off tv getting the experience they need whilst the main guys are ready or near ready (Ohno, Wyatt, Rollins and others) are getting showcased against guys who have been called up already.

Not only that, but the main roster guys are also helping the NXT guys buy competing with a higher calibre superstar and learning whatever they need to know in preparation for getting the call up.
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Re: NXT Spoilers

Graves has the face of the company look big time but we'll see how his future holds up

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