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The Miz, Kofi Kingston, and The Curse...

You may find this be an awkward title for a thread, but it will make sense further down the line. For starters I will say that I am more of a Miz fan than I am of Kofi, but I appreciate what they both offer in general. Right now other than the brutal kick that Kofi hit Miz with their feud has been rather mild. Nothing really is picking up, and I think the WWE made a casual mistake with The Miz, and his humiliating kick to the face. His character should take exception to humiliation, and react rather over the top when he feels humiliated.

If the WWE is about "entertainment" then make it that. Have The Miz put a curse on Kofi Kingston so that when he drops his Intercontinental title he'll never win another title again. Have Miz rip out a piece of Kofi's hair during a match, and keep it. Air vignettes of Miz going deep in to the deep jungles of Africa where he comes upon a shack made of straw, and clay. A voice tells him to enter, and it's Papa Shango. Shango asks Miz if he brought the dread lock hair of Kingston, and then performs a ritual similar to that of The Ultimate Warrior.

The Miz comes back to a live Raw the following week, and he looks like a new man. Different attire, new haircut, new color hair possibly pitch black, and a full beard. He says Kingston's fate is sealed, and only he(The Miz) break the curse that is forever over his soul. Miz tells Kingston that it is the most awesome curse of all time, and that he'll be begging him to undo the curse. Miz says that once he has Kofi in the palm of his hands he will break him in half, and end his career. Eventually Kofi loses his title, and things begin to get weird.

The WWE builds off a story, and it helps carry out a story line for both men, and eventually just Kofi. However, it is Miz that is the only one who can break Kofi's curse, and so that means Kofi will have to do something for The Miz. The only thing that comes to mind right now is helping him win the Royal Rumble. The Miz should win the Royal Rumble, and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Winning The Royal Rumble is a story that they can get away with for some time. It would take Kofi a three weeks, or so to realize that he is actually cursed. The Royal is 2 months away, and that's perfect for a story for 5 weeks to tell.

Be creative. The whole time Kofi is cursed many negative things happen to him, and others around him. Thus, making him less of a social person. Possibly throwing up ringside, and passing out in the ring. Dropping to his knees in agony while in the middle of a promo, or interview? Perhaps babbling, or confusing his words so severely it's noticeable. Anything to tell, or advance the story. Kofi finally submits to Miz's request, and we come to find out that it's to help him win the Royal Rumble, and that wouldn't be revealed until the Royal Rumble match itself.

However, since Miz is the heel he tells Kofi that he'll have to wait until he is ready to leave to see his Voodoo Doctor. Basically Miz terrorizes Kofi, and brags about how Kofi is soul less. He says that he The Miz is Kofi's shining Knight in Armor. Miz tells Kofi that he is his only hope, and so that mean Kofi will be in his debt for now. Miz tells him that he will humiliate Kofi just as much as he humiliated him. Eventually the Royal Rumble comes, and Miz is one of the final 5 in the ring.It would come down to John Cena vs Miz as the last two of the Royal Rumble. Kofi would come running out, and give John Cena trouble in Paradise. He would then help Miz win the Royal Rumble, and throw Cena over the top rope. Miz is going to Wrestlemania.

Kofi awaits ringside while The Miz celebrates for 10 minutes. That's when The Miz stops, and then asks Kofi Kingston to come inside. The lights go out, and Papa Shango's music hits, and Kofi is hit with a spotlight, and he is in a trance shaking uncontrollably. Shango does his thing for a few minutes, and then Kingston just pops out of it. As soon as Kingston pops out of it he hits Miz with a "Trouble in Paradise" busting him open again. Crowd erupts, and Kingston leaves. Shango leans over The Miz, and wipe his blood with his crow feathers. He then does what appears to be a curse of his own, and Miz is shouting no to him, and in fear. PPV ends.

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Re: The Miz, Kofi Kingston, and The Curse...

Meant to put this in the Raw forum. Just close thread, I will re-post in Raw forum.
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Vince gives me a comedy gimmick
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Re: The Miz, Kofi Kingston, and The Curse...

Ugh. Please no more "White people write about voodoo," and "Peculiar black characters with magic," gimmicks. DO NOT WANT.
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