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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Luke Harper should be tossed into the mix here. He could be a BEAST if booked correctly in the E.

On the topic of these three, well, it's all about timing. Hero(Ohno) is still pretty fresh. He'll be up whenever. No real hurry. We have Cesaro to keep us happy. Black (Rollins) is NXT champ. Lots as mentioned that and I'll say the same thing, he's running with that and it's a strong sign that the company seems potential in him. I know his mic skills won't OMG WOW most people, but I wouldn't say he's bad. He's managed to be convincing. Danielson recieved the same concerns while he was in development. Look at him now. He's found his confidence. Proving a lot of people wrong that he can deliver on the stick too. Moxley (Ambrose), well he's one that I'm really not sure of right now. He's no doubt got to be the next guy up. Question is when/how/why or flat out what in the heck is he going to do? I know the roster is plenty "thin" atm. That's only because of the less than desirable booking. So either he can be inserted into the mix and possibly thrive. Or he'll get tossed in and LOST. Which would be terrible considering his talent.

I'm not opposed to holding these guys off. Especially if it means they want them to turn into sucesses. Claudio got randomly chucked on tv and luckily it worked. Colt didn't find the same success. Danielson & Punk were debuted well and given time to develop (Punk much moreso). So we'll see what we get here. I'm confident that the WWE has high hopes for all three. That in term, combined with all of their talent, should be enough to show that they can succeed when finally put on the main roster.

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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Talking of Rollins, what an awesome pic:

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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Ohno needs to get in shape, Rollins needs mic work and who knows what they are doing with Ambrose.
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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Ambrose is the clearly further developed one of those 3 but I really can see Rollins become the next Jeff Hardy, he just has something about him that screams hardy for me. If they use Ambrose and Rollins correctly, along with Ryback and other guys on the roster they'll be fine.

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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Rollins is very good in the ring and is a decent babyface, but his mic work is HORRIBLE and he has very little charisma. Can see him being a upper-midcarder, like Morrison or something, but nothing more.

Ambrose is fucking brilliant and everyone knows it. Nothing else to say.

Ohno.... Well, he's a great worker but his promos in NXT/FCW have been quite bad and although I've never been a guy to judge on physique, but his is really bad. Can't see him getting called up until he gets into a lot better shape.

Originally Posted by JoseBxNYC View Post
Ohno needs to get in shape.

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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

I think Ohno and Rollins are right where they should be. Establishing the NXT brand and tightening up their work leading to an eventual move to the bigger shows.

Ambrose? Damn you WWE, gimme Ambrose!

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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Ohno needs to dress like Jwala in RKK, except with an outfit that would fit his character. Here's what he looked like in RKK:

Nothing special, but it gave his some unique mystique (coming from an non hindi speaking person, I was interested in him despite not understanding a word of what he said) and nobody ever mentioned a single word of him not beeing big or ripped enough. If WWE realized that not every wrestler needs to show off his pecs and abs and wear trunks to show their generally underdeveloped chickenlegs that most wrestlers are known (and ridiculded) for they could have many more interesting looks going on, and it would be easier for guys of all different sizes to be taken more seriously.
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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

Big fan of Ambrose and Ohno while lukewarm on Rollins. Love Ohno's look especially the promos with the glasses (not sure why but it makes him look like a predator in hiding waiting for his moment to attack and do dastardly things in and out of the ring). I do like Rollin's finisher though.
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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

The main calling up new wrestlers i think the WWE has too many dead weight on the main roster that need to let go or retire
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Re: Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno & Seth Rollins.

None of them will ever get anywhere in the WWE, so it doesn't really matter.
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