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Ohno/Steamboat Cage match?

I have been a fan of this feud since they decided to let these two men carry the ball. Kassius is easily one of my favorites, and although I never cared too much for Richie he is progressing well. This feud has allowed Steamboat to show "emotion", a sense of pride, and a better ability to "connect" with the crowd. There are some more things I think can be done to keep this feud going, and I'm certain over the next coming weeks we will see this. However, I hope this match ends in a first ever NXT "Cage Match". I just feel like a cage match between these two men would be the perfect way to end the "feud". I could see Richie's father slamming the door in his "face", and turning heel on his own son.

This allows for Ohno to win, and move on. This then gives Richie another story to work with. You have his father who explains on the show why he did such a thing. At one point during the "Cage Match" Richie actually has a moment where he can exit the cage, and win the match. However, pride takes over Richie, and he wants to do damage to Kassius. Perhaps Richie is getting back at Ohno for something prior to this match? Maybe Kassius attacks Ricky Steamboat weeks prior, sending him to be hospitalized?

I realize that Ricky Steamboat is a "face", but I think showing "tough love" to his son would be suitable for his character. Something like this may not even require Ricky to turn heel completely, but more or less trying to convince his son that "pride" takes you no where in this business. He tells his son to be his own "person". Have a few backstage segments with Ricky telling his son he could still keep up with him, and probably beat him with 20 arm drags, or so. Richie thinks his father is kidding, but realizes that he isn't. Richie laughs at his father, and says he thinks "pride" may have taken over him.

Eventually, have Ricky start to manage his son, and it really bothers Richie that his father is ringside. He feels as though it's more of a distraction than a confidence booster. Instead, Richie remains optimistic, and very respectful of his legendary father Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Ricky begins to sense that his son is a bit annoyed at him coming to ringside, and so he reminds his son of who he is. Ricky explains to his son that he had iconic matches with Flair, Macho Man, and countless others all over the world. He then asks Richie what has he done lately?

This infuriates Richie, and causes him to storm off. Ricky then realizes he has said the wrong thing. Dusty then gets involved, and tells Ricky that he wants him to consider having one last match, and Rhodes tells him he wants it to be against his own son. Ricky, and Dusty walk off. Richie hears of the news, and can't believe. He says that if this is what his father wants then he has no choice, but to pin him to the mat. Match is set. I would have both men in the ring ready to go with the bell ringing to start the match. However, Bray Wyatt debuts with the rest of his "family", and destroys both Steamboats in the middle of the ring. Starting a feud between Richie, and Wyatt.
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Re: Ohno/Steamboat Cage match?

I really hope they get to have a gimmick match together. Absolutely. The feud more than warrants it if you ask me and I think it would be an awesome match. When they blow this thing off, it NEEDS to be a gimmick match. A Cage match is a great idea.
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Re: Ohno/Steamboat Cage match?

That doesn't sound bad at all...

And a first cage match.. why not.

I could see Richie's father slamming the door in his "face", and turning heel on his own son.
That sounds so beautiful...

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Re: Ohno/Steamboat Cage match?

I only have the vaguest childhood memory of Ricky Sr., so I have no overwhelming attachment to him. But I think Richie needs a well defined character of his own before he goes down the son-of path. It took Cody Rhodes (speaking of Dusty) forever to get storylines that weren't defined by his second generation status. Ted DiBiase, Jr. has still not quite recovered from having no character besides Million Dollar Man's kid.

And that's a shame, because he's a talented wrestler. So is Steamboat the Younger.

I think this would be a good later feud for him, right before he's promoted up to the main roster - it would be the final test in the young man part of the hero's journey. Until then, he needs to tell us who he is apart from his father.
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Re: Ohno/Steamboat Cage match?

I was actually a bit bothered they didn't push this feud in this week's NXT episode. This is the only real feud that I know of for the show. You would think they would push this week to week. Not a promo from Steamboat, or Ohno. Little things like this make me shake my head at the WWE creative staff that covers NXT. I feel like Ohno should have started with the "You got in to the business because of your father" card. While Kassius adds that he worked his ass off in school gyms, and run down flea market malls. Kassius creates this "Us" vs "Them" vibe in NXT.

Ohno says that Richie just like Cody, Teddy DiBiase, McGuillicutty in the back, Bo Dallas in the back, and countless others that he can waste our time naming, but won't. He says that for years people like him, or close to his talent have been turned away because their father paved the road for this business. Kassius asks "what in the hell is The Million Dollar Man's kid doing?" Nothing. He bashes almost everything associated to being a 2nd, or 3rd generation star, and says you all get it handed to you on a silver platter.

What this essentially does is create a central plot for the whole show. We all know how many second, or third generation stars there are signed currently in the WWE. Many of them are in NXT, and the ones that aren't like Teddy DiBiase, Justin Gabriel, or even Cody Rhodes aren't to big for the show. Others like Bray Wyatt(who could be excluded), Bo Dallas, Joe Hennig, Richie Steamboat, Flair's Daughter, Jinder Mahal, The Usos, Roman Reigns, and countless others that I have probably missed. It creates quick matches, and more feuds.

I don't think it would require for the show to be split, but certain people would take exception on both sides. Meaning this may be an angle that receives attention from as many as the names listed, and then dwindle down to something between half a dozen stars like Ohno, Steamboat, McIntyre, Roman Reigns, Jinder Mahal, and Seth Rollins. I think it's something that could give the whole show something to go with that actually makes sense, and has the real to life feel based on the subject matter. After all Dusty Rhodes is the Commissioner of the show. Ohno could create all the conspiracies he wants just from that alone.
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