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Heyman and NXT?

I realize that right now that may be far off from true. However, what if Heyman tells HHH that he came back to the WWE for only one real reason. Heyman tells HHH that even he fell for it. Paul tells HHH he was able to get HHH back in the ring, and then ultimately retire. Paul asks HHH if that PPV match between he, and Lesnar made him millions. HHH is unwilling to admit this, but he does. Heyman tells HHH that he wants to make money, and he knows HHH does to. Money keeps the business going, and Paul tells HHH that he wants WWE NXT, and guarantees HHH success with this non-televised program, and vows to get it on air.

How does it all go down. Simple. CM Punk vs Cena with extra added stipulation. Heyman leaves the WWE if Cena wins, and if CM Punk wins Heyman takes over NXT. That way the story is presented in a sense in which CM Punk wins then these young stars get real opportunities with a television slot, and if Cena wins they are stuck in the same position that they are now currently being viewed online. This creates a situation in which Cena winning may actually be a bad thing for these guys down in NXT. CM Punk winning is what they are now possibly relying on. This sets up Paul Heyman's new star Dean Ambrose to debut, but not as a WWE Superstar.

Ambrose costs Cena his match with Punk. However, we don't get Dean on our normal WWE shows. This creates a buzz to see the man. However, you only get to the hottest free agent on the market in Paul Heyman's NXT, and he explains why he did what did on NXT. Heyman introduces Ambrose at the beginning of the show explaining that he is the future of Professional Wrestling. Ambrose doesn't side with Paul, and he makes that clear right off the bat, by calling Paul "The Greatest Ass Kisser" of all time.

Ambrose rips in to Paul for "brown nosing", and says the real truth. He tells the world that he knew what he had to do since he knows that CM Punk was not going to beat John Cena. In fact he says that Punk isn't the reason why I am here, he explains that he is the reason he is here, and the only other thing he is responsible for is "allowing" Punk to retain "John Cena's" WWE title. Ambrose would always refer to the WWE title, as "John Cena's" title. Dean calls Punk a false leader, and a real dick. Ambrose says CM Punk has no balls because if he did he would have smashed that title in to pieces, and had a real one made.

Ambrose says that he doesn't drop pipe bombs because they make enough noise. Dean says he speaks the truth when no one has the guts to call it like it is, and he claims that he is proud to be part of a generation that doesn't include John Cena, or some tattooed hipster from Chicago. Paul would hate Dean, but realize he is the anchor of the show, and what better for the "Anchor" of the show to make a splash like that. Basically, if Dean doesn't interfere in the Cena vs Punk match Heyman doesn't take over, and push NXT to new heights. Any chance this works?
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Re: Heyman and NXT?

No to Heyman and no to Ambrose. It would never happen and it would never work.
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Re: Heyman and NXT?

Dean Ambrose - The Gary Stu Meme

I do have one question for anyone who might feel that Dwayne Johnson "owes" the business. Is it just him, or is it anyone who moved on to other things? Should Luna Vachon get heat for running a towing company instead of working on RAW? Should Maven be critiqued on his Home Shopping Network bits instead of wrestling?

Or is it only the ones who go on to highly visible careers in movies that owe something? Why do Johnson (who left after putting people over, doing the traditionally "right thing") and Lesnar (who did not; except for making Eddie a legitimate star) get called sell-outs who "forgot where they came from" when someone who retires to do some regular job get credit (as they should) for moving on and making it without falling into a sea of addiction?
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Re: Heyman and NXT?

So you want to mix the storyline of HHH and Paul Heyman feuding with the real life running of NXT?
Sorry but that's a lame idea. If you want to fantasy book go to the BTB section of the forum.



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