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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by THA_WRESTER View Post
where can i watch the new episode
It's up on Hulu.
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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
He reminds me a lot more of someone like Jeff Hardy.
Jeff Hardy had a more unique look with the cargo pants, the armbands, etc. Rollins in the other hand is a debuting CM Punk.
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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Just got done watching last weeks show. Every week I come in here and can't gush enough about how much I enjoyed it lol. Drew/Steamboat was a great match. Langston/English was fun. He's getting OVER is Lnagston. Ascension are impressive as always. I truly believe they can build the tag division around these guys. The Ohno/Steamboat feud is awesome and I look forward to what's going to happen next every week. I hope they eventually get a NODQ match or something along those lines because it would own if you ask me. Rollins/McGillicutty promo was simple but effective. I'm really looking forward to their match next week and to top it all off we got Punk making an appearance too. Looks like we're set for a cracking show. Once again NXT proves that it is the best WWE show out there atm.
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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by MoxleyMoxx View Post
Rollins is awful on the mic. It doesn't help that he sounds like a teenager.
Yeah, I really don't dig him as of yet. He's young though and has a decently high ceiling considering he's pretty athletic.
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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Great show this week! A very impressive main event and I thoroughly enjoyed the undercard. I also marked for the Rollins/Punk promo. What a great site to see.

I think the one hour is somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Less is more. I can sit down and watch NXT in its entirety without hesitation. RAW on the other hand...

Does anyone think NXT will become a bigger entity than even WWE might imagine? The way it's going now, it will be one of the most important backbones of the company.

I'd be flabbergasted if they dropped the show in the future. Hopefully we see it for generations to come.

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
It's up on Hulu.
for free??

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

New episode:

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

This episode was so wonderful!

I think I was excited about all matches.
Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis was nice, I like Dallas more and more.

And I was really hyped when I saw the Tag Team Match with Audrey/Paige vs. Kaitlyn/Foxx!
That was really awesome. Especially the crowd. It's so beautiful to see, how they going crazy about a Diva Match. ^^
And I gotta say, Audrey impressed me.
I really like Paige, but these "We want Paige" chants when Audrey started to fight, were a bit unnecessary.
And HURRAY for Audrey/Paige win!

Rollins/Punk Promo was nice.
Leo Kruger is awesome! I was laughing so hard when I saw that bush of hair on the ring!
Also, Regal was great. "I told you before, he's mental." xD
The only thing I don't like about Kruger is his accent. But I can live with that.

McGillicutty Promo was good. Finally someone who doesn't join this "IT'S ALL ABOUT RESPECT! I WANT RESPECT! YOU HAVE TO EARN RESPECT!" Club.

And I loved the Nxt titel match. Rollins and McGillicutty were both awesome, McGillicuttys flourishing in his role with his screams and his anger almost made me stand up and giving him standing ovations. xD

The only thing I didn't like: NO ASCENSIONS! ;( :B

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

I thought the best part of the show was Joe Hennig claiming that he was coming after the WWE title once he finishes off Seth Rollins. That is just fucking hilarious. I guess anything can still happen in the WWE.
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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

NXT 10/10/2012

Overall thoughts: Good show. The divas match was good, Leo Kruger was interesting and the main event was very good. The commentary was great and overall this was a nicely presented show. It's worth a look but nothing too must see.

I reviewed this in my blog in my signature with pics/quotes/gif's.

My new wrestling blog

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