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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Butcher look. Creepy Undertaker mid-90's mask.

I love this guy even more.

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Even though I'm loving NXT right now and the talent coming out of it, i'm not gonna get excited yet. We've seen already triple h trying to build these guys and then once they get to tv vince fucks them in the ass! Sandow and Cesaro are perfect examples.

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Don't see how that affects NXT.

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

The respect Dawson has for Regal is awesome.

"I'm waffling a bit tonight Tony, you just jump in there whenever you want."
"Never, I never want to interrupt you."

These two are awesome. First match was Corbin vs Sandow. Corbin's first TV appearance. He's built like Lance Archer, tall and lean. He's got an interesting look and he has a theme with lyrics and a titantron which leads me to believe we will see more of him. The match was a standard affair. Mostly just grappling and a bunch of holds. Sandow wins with a new finisher, the Silencer which looks like a sitout Cobra Clutch slam. Challenges Big E right after.

Bayley vs Paige is next. Given that Bayley is another indy wrestler like Paige the match wasn't as plodding or clunky as Summer Rae's matches. Paige wins in decent time. Bayley hit a flying elbow and actually got a suplex in. Summer Rae attacks but leaves the ring pretty fast without laying out Paige. I like their rivalry, though hopefully we can get some segments between them this time around, because Paige does need to work on her mic skills to a degree.

Big E and Sandow have a segment backstage. Big E, like the last few times we've seen him, is showing off a more goofy side. It kinda works, because it's somewhat different and he plays it off okay. That said, he talks a little too quickly and has a rather annoying, gimmicky voice. When Sandow joins in and they do a math problem which leads inevitably to five it gets funny, especially when Sandow chastises the interviewer for not holding the mic properly.

Pierce vs Sakamoto was next. Short but rather nifty affair. Pierce did some of his brother's headstands during certain holds and locks which got a nice reaction from the crowd. O'Brian comes out to a decent pop. The crowd wasn't really into the match, they were chanting 'we want' someone. Dunno who it was. I thought it was Pierce at first but then it sounded like Rollins and then like Ryder. Guess when they see jobbers they think the Shield will come out and squash them or the man who is synonymous with jobbers at this point, Zack Ryder. O'Brian makes short work of the two. He's still impressive physically but he's rather basic in the ring. Kept it simple, stuck to clotheslines and flapjacks. Pierce and Sakamoto had an interview right after commercial break and they set up next weeks match. I'm excited for what comes after the match next week.

The Anti-Christ is out next. Kassius Ohno looks average as ever. Runs around and attacks the turnbuckle and ring post for no reason, the abusive bastard. His theme is good though, nice beat and the lyrics hit at just the right moment, not so late that you don't hear them but they let the tune play out first. He's facing Camacho, who we haven't seen since Big E ate him alive. Ohno does the usual holds but luckily Camacho uses his strength to neutralize that. Ohno hits a nice gamengiri after a leapfrog and the crowd is on his side. Hits an awkward front drop kick and then goes for a nasty looking Jawbreaker, though this time to the back of the head rather than to the jaw. Camacho gets some standard offence in but he looks okay. The announcers put over Ohno's fighting spirit and make note of his striking, which hopefully means he'll ditch the cravats soon enough and start elbowing and kicking more often. Rest holds by Camacho which typically gets the fans with Ohno who makes a comeback. He jumps off one turnbuckle and then runs and hits a flying elbow on Camacho on the opposite turnbuckle called the Flying Wing attack. He goes for the Discus Knee, the bastardized Cyclone Kill and he hits it, but it looks awkward and didn't look like it hurt. Maybe he should hit it to a bent over opponent instead. Wins with the armtrap cravat.

Decent match by both. Ohno was okay on the whole, Camacho was solid, if not unspectacular. Ohno delivers the typical 'lost man' promo, saying he doesn't know who he is anymore. He apologizes to Regal and you can hear a guy in the crowd mockingly go 'awww'. Wyatt comes out and instantly makes this segment worth seeing. Harper and Rowan pass Ohno by but attack him from behind when Wyatt distracts him. Hits Sister Abigail on the pavement. Hopefully that keeps Ohno off of TV for a while.

Neville and Dallas come out and the match is underway. Have to say, Neville's theme is pretty good, really suits him and Dallas' titantron works with his own theme. They came out separately by the way. Bo gets a good pop to start with but then the 'No more Bo' chants start. Neville gets a big pop when he tags in. Dallas brings back his awful spear towards the end. Neville hits British Airways pretty early, which kinda tells you how the match was going to go. It's decent overall. Dallas and Neville make a lot of swift tags to keep the bigger men down but Harper and Rowan eventually dominate. Dallas goes for the Bo-Dog but knocks over Neville when Rowan shoves him. Rowan hits a big boot and Harper hits the Discus Clothesline and pins Dallas and the Wyatt Family wins the titles. They celebrate as Regal puts over Neville and Dallas as the to bravest young men he knows. Bray Wyatt comes down the ramp and they hold their titles high.

This show is a must watch. We get two debuts, Sandow makes a challenge, a solid divas match with more story to it and the two backstage segments were pretty good, O'Brian is back with a new story, Ohno turns face and a title change. All the matches were pretty good as well.

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

I reviewed this week's NXT here:

Overall thoughts: I thought it was a good show as a whole. I liked the Ohno/Camacho match and the main was good at times. Nothing was really bad here and they fit a lot into one show. I'm not excited for the return of Conor O'Brian though.

Some shots from the show:

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Looks like the promised Bo heel turn segment wasn't aired

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

You guys are too hard on Bo Dallas. He's okay to good in the ring and the rest of his work is okay. When he surpasses that bland babyface phase he'll be one of the well respected guys.
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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Just finished watching the entire episode and it was really good. I watched the entire episode without skipping anything and I can't remember the last time I did that with Raw or Smackdown. There are quite a few guys who are extraordinary, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Adrian Neville I think they will all be big players when they get to the main roster. I really hope to see Adrian Neville against Evan Bourne at Wrestlemania one day, it would be a dream match.

The women's match was good too but I'm not feeling Paige's Rampaige finisher, I'd much rather she'd use that submission move as it makes her look more dangerous and vicious.

Great show from top to bottom, highly recommended once again, NXT is by far my favourite wrestling show at the moment. Looking forward to reading your reviews!

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

I liked the pre match bit between Bo and Neville, guys Bo is kinda starting to grow on me! lol The 80% thing was good, I think he's more self aware than we give him credit for, and I think if he hasn't already he'll realize soon he can make a great douchebag heel because he is so naturally hateable.

Liked the new finisher for Sandow, it looked a little awkward to apply, but then again so was Terminus, and that move, while being a cool move and having a sweet name, just didn't really look powerful enough to be a finisher. Wish we coulda seen slightly more from Corbin, it's impossible to tell if he's any good or not from such a short match.

Oh and Regal is just the best. Briley Pierce comes out, Tony says he's Ziggler's younger brother, Regal goes "well why is his last name pierce then?" lol I wish he would use that line next time McGillicutty is on and it's mentioned he's Hennig's son.

I liked the KO match well enough, the kassius klutch is pretty cool it's like the crippler crossface but he uses (of course) a cravat on the head. But I really hope they don't abandon the elbow/knockout stuff! I normally don't love roaring elbow type moves but his is just so good. Did you guys notice the modified cyclone kill too? used a knee strike instead of the boot, presumably bc it would be too similar to Sheamus' brogue kick idea looked a lil awkward but i'm sure i'll get used to it.

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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

So Ohno potentially turning face after his apology to Regal and the attack from Bray and The Family. I'm imagining that now The Family has the titles, they will be challenged by Ohno and Regal.

I'd love to see Ohno get called up as a face with Regal by his side. Not that Ohno needs him, but as a face, Regal by his side may just help the crowd take to Ohno more than they would without him. Plus it would be cool to see the feud between Regal and Ohno continue onto WWE TV. Ohno could turn on Regal somewhere down the line saying that he had used Regal to get the call up to the main roster and get some exposure.

But also it would be cool to see Ohno's feud with Bray and The Family continue onto WWE TV in the future with Cesaro teaming up with Kassius.  XG2oHoBg#um=1&hl=en&rlz=1C1ASUM_enGB511GB511&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=renee+paquette&oq=RENEE+PA&gs_l=img.3.0  .0l10.1242.4454.0.5580.,or.r_qf.&bv  m=bv.43287494,d.d2k&fp=34835050d63e4420&biw=1440&bih=839&imgrc=Cd5i41URFWEqTM%3A%3BwYtWuyrRUB_s_M%3B  D456523%3B600%3B400
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